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  1. Great double-funny day from mysty. Below is an item that a friend sent to us last night. I replied that I did not like her giving my wife such ideas affecting my health. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio
  2. Appreciate J.P.'s excellent background and detailed insights about masks, etc. Clearly, there is not one, easy, simple solution for this WHOLE virus situation. Good luck to those doing masks. My sewing skills are zero. Won't be trying to make ay of those items. In watching the news this morning, two jarring stories popped up. One was an interview with a New York City EMT about their incredible challenges dealing on the streets and in homes with whether they give attention to a heart-attack victim versus virus patients. Not good in NYC. Then, news updating on the mess with the two Holland American ships stuck with sick patients in a holding pattern off of the South Florida coast. No easy choices!!?? Hospital beds and medical personnel are limited in South Florida and will get more challenged during the upcoming days and weeks. Also saw a news headline from the World Health Organization that said: "WHO: Over 95% of coronavirus deaths in Europe were people over 60." For good news, below shows the current and upcoming weather here in Central Ohio. Sunshine always helps make things better and more enjoyable. Surviving at home is easier with improving and better weather outside. My wife just got back from doing a "seniors-only, early-shopping, stock-up experience" at Costco. Super busy!! But, Costco was fairly well stocked up with different items, etc. Limits on numbers of people allowed in the store, etc. Got some Clorox wipes, but they went out fast, etc. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Completed last summer Calgary, Jasper/Banff National Parks, Western Canada Rocky Mountaineer rail adventure, Vancouver, sailing up to Alaska, post-cruise excursion to Denali, etc. Many visuals and details from our first in these scenic areas! Live/blog at: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2682584-live-terryohio-silver-muse-alaska-canadarockies-pix’s/ From AccuWeather right now, here is the weather update for Columbus, Ohio. Nice to have sunshine and warming temperatures!! Saturday and Sunday will be in the lower 60'sF and mostly sunny.:
  3. YES! Know that feeling for waiting and waiting to get a credit made back to your card account by a cruise line. On March 11, we paid up in full for the Jan. 30, 2021, Silversea Silver Origin Galapagos Islands trip. Then, on March 12, as we saw the stock value of RCCL crashing down and weeks of cruises being scrubbed, we decided that we did not want to risk any financial mess risking that large of an amount from our payments in advance made for this early next year cruise. Sure, supposedly, our credit card and travel insurance protects us. BUT, when you press the credit card people for details on that certainty of protection, the words get a little vague and not exactly 100% sure and certain. On March 12, we made that request for a refund to Silversea. They told our travel agent it would take seven to ten business days to process. Our travel agent last week reached a top SS finance official and they said it had been process by them and sent on March 24 to CitiBank. But, yesterday, our bank says they have not yet received it. Remember the words of Carly Simon's "Anticipation" song with the words about "keepin' me waitin' "??? It is claimed that RCCL has a huge credit line and a large amount of cash. I will feel better and more confident when my money is properly credit back to my MasterCard. Any others having large payments made to SS and being concerned about their longer-range credit/cash situation? These questions are increased as it appears, maybe, that these three major cruise lines "based" in Florida but flagged overseas, will probably not be getting any Federal bail-outs as will go to the U.S. airlines, hotels, dining places, etc. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Norway Coast/Fjords/Arctic Circle cruise from Copenhagen, July 2010, to the top of Europe. Wonderful scenic visuals with key tips. Live/blog at 239,042 www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1227923
  4. YES!! Appreciate and agree on the need posted by Spins for "uplifting news" and sharing of some positive aspects of life during these challenging days. Below are three pictures from a little "walk around" yesterday afternoon to sample the early spring flowers at our home in its nice, wooded ravine setting. For the past couple of days we had some nice sunshine and decent 60'sF temperatures here in Central Ohio. Was able to be out on our screened porch, enjoying the songs from the birds, etc. Always wonderful to see the daily funnies from Mysty. Sorry about the hit to the wallet for Lois in doing the AC replacement. It has been nearly three weeks since we returned from New Zealand and the South Pacific. Plus, our flights through LAX. Still being and seeming to be healthy here. We got out of these areas and returned to home just before everything closed up and became super challenged. Tahiti and French Polynesia are truly amazing. Might share a few visuals here to verify why these locations should be on a "must see" list for the future when things return to "normal". THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Barcelona/Med: June 2011, with stops in Villefranche, ports near Pisa and Rome, Naples, Kotor, Venice and Dubrovnik. Great visuals with key highlights, tips, etc. Live/blog now at 251,017 views. www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1426474 Here are a couple of visual samples of the Spring flowers coming up as we shift from winter to the warmer periods of the year here in Central Ohio.: (Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!) As I walked around on the northside of our ravine property, there was a herd of about ten deer making their moves in searching to score green for their grazing. Here are three of these deer giving me a "look" as I was interrupting their dining efforts.:
  5. Amazing!! That's quite a picture you shared. From when we first hooked up in the South Pacific, it was "raining cats and dogs" as your ship arrived in Papeete. Then, you have been dealing with a cyclone. That's quite a twisted ride!!?? It's been eight days since we arrived back home in Central Ohio and feel very fortunate that our challenges were relatively small and manageable. Good luck with your safe and healthy return home. THANKS for your posting and excellent sharing! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Norway Coast/Fjords/Arctic Circle cruise from Copenhagen, July 2010, to the top of Europe. Wonderful scenic visuals with key tips. Live/blog at 238,884 www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1227923
  6. Super sorry to hear how these dramatic changes and how they are affecting you and the others who had these great plans for French Polynesia. As you know, we got off of the Oceania Regatta on March 5 and made it back home to Central Ohio on Saturday late afternoon. During our 18-day sailing from Auckland to Papeete, we keep wondering if we would "MAKE IT" all of the way to Tahiti. Plus, end up safely and timely back home. We did, but know the feelings, impacts and concerns!! Not a good situation. Also, concerned for the staff and how these uncertainties and changes will affect them. Keep us posted as to how it ALL works our for you, etc. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Sydney to NZ/Auckland Adventure, live/blog 2014 sampling/details with many exciting visuals and key highlights. On page 23, post #571, see a complete index for all of the pictures, postings. Now at 229,385 views. www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1974139
  7. Based on what we observed and the information from the General Manager during our 18-day sailing, I do not sense that the Regatta is going to "feel like a sailing infirmary". Things were "clean" during our sailing with no special problems happening regarding people, passengers and staff, being sick. The only new wrinkle, as I understand is that for people now entering French Polynesia is that they need a current doctor's statement within five days of entering this area to verify that they are "healthy". I assume that Oceania has communicated that requirement,/policy by the government of French Polynesia. Good luck!! Keep it coming with any and all questions. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Kotor/Montenegro: Exciting visual samples, tips, details, etc., for this scenic, historic location. Over 47,474 views. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1439193
  8. Now at LAX/Los Angeles airport on our way back to Central Ohio. Nearing the completion of our 2020 "adventure". So much to summarize, great sights, excellent food, nice people, fun experiences, etc. Plus, sunshine and warmth!! Many hundreds more visuals to review, check and fine-tune, etc. Then post, hopefully, only the "best of the best" for those various sights and activities. Below are just three quick photo highlights from our last day in Tahiti. We departed Papeete at 11:15 pm on Thursday night. Arrived in LA Friday am on Air Tahiti Nui. Was going to do the Getty Museum during this LA afternoon, but with all of the virus concerns, we decided to rest up and take things easy before our Saturday morning flight back, non-stop, to Columbus. Was surprised at LAX that there not more checking/monitoring of arriving passengers as to travels in China, etc., and/or doing some type of touch-less temperature checks as we did each time when returning to the Regatta after a port stop. Clearly, the cruise/travel industries are facing now some serious questions and challenges as this China/virus situation plays out, hopefully in a decent, fairly safe manner. As always, welcome any and all questions, comments, info needs/sharing, etc. Don't be shy!! Happy to learn/share more. Have many additional visuals to post of this ship and some changes after its September 2019 "make-over". Since we finished with four-straight, busy, intense days of activities, I am backed up with many dozens more pictures to post. Hope to complete those reviews in the next week or so. On our flight back to LAX was with our Oceania Regatta Cruise Direction Corry Powell. He has two months off in vacation time. My understanding is that he'll be headed to St. Louis near where he lives across the Mississippi River in southern Illinois. The ship's General Manager also rotated off of the ship a couple of days prior to our final docking. The Regatta was starting a series of four-in-a-row, ten-day cruises, Papeete to Papeete, around the different islands of French Polynesia. Then, in April, the Regatta will sail to Hawaii/San Francisco and then up to Alaska for the summer. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio AFRICA?!!?: Fun, interesting visuals, plus travel details from this early 2016 live/blog. At 48,912 views. Featuring Cape Town, South Africa’s coast, Mozambique, Victoria Falls/Zambia and Botswana's famed Okavango Delta. www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2310337 During our all-day tour with Dominic and Tracey of Unique Tahiti (www.uniquetahiti.com), we super enjoyed many various locations along the western coast of these two joined islands. Just two quick photographic highlights are below . . . waterfall and colorful flowers. Many more to follow later. For us, doing this tour to explore more than just the urban area Papeete was great to understand more on their history, culture and variety for this central "heart" of Tahiti and French Polynesia. This March 5 date in Tahiti was a holiday to celebrate when the first missionaries came to these islands to share Christianity.: (Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!) Here was THE final sunset from Tahiti. Our flight did not depart till late Thursday evening and their airport is limited/marginal in certain ways for sitting and waiting. After our all-day Tahiti tour, we enjoyed drinks with two other couples from our cruise at this waterfront bar/dining location that has great views over the waters. Like this visual with the sunset, boats, people celebrating the conclusion of the day, etc.? :
  9. Much appreciate the above kind comments. Yes, there will need to be later additions to these posting after we get home and I have time to complete updating, especially for the final four busy days of these schedule. Also, hope LAX and LA are kind to us as we pass through there later this week. Their virus situation has become so much more challenged there. Below are only four visuals from our amazing day while the ship was docked in Raiatea. Full reporting, hopefully, in the next week or so. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Amazon River-Caribbean 2015 adventure live/blog starting in Barbados. Many visuals from this amazing river and Caribbean Islands (Dutch ABC's, St. Barts, Dominica, Grenada, San Juan, etc.). Now at 65,837 views: www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2157696 Here was our official welcome as we departing the Regatta this morning when arriving in Raiatea.: (Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!) Yes, we were able to get close to some black-tipped sharks, plus my waterproof camera finally worked. Like the underwater pictures of sharks and in the famed "Coral Reef Garden" at Taha'a? Many more visuals from today to share in the next week or so.:
  10. Appreciate the nice Regatta picture and post from Silver Spectre about our two ships sharing Bora Bora yesterday. We had a great day with a rental car exploring this amazing island, PLUS spending most of the day at the six-star St. Regis Resort. Lots of super visuals to share, BUT, now getting ready for day 17 of our cruise at Raiatea, French Polynesia. Will be here, Wednesday,, March 4, 8 am-6 pm. We will be docked at Uturoa and this island is to be more Polynesian in style. More later, but we have a super busy schedule today, including visiting a pearl farm and vanilla growing area. Tomorrow is when we get off of the Regatta and spending a day exploring Tahiti before catching our late evening flights to LAX. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Venice: Loving It & Why??!! Is one of your future desires or past favorites? See these many visual samples for its great history and architecture. This posting is now at 86,878 views. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1278226 Below are just two quick images from yesterday as we relaxed at the St. Regis Resort. Second was the million-dollar view from our table as we enjoyed lunch overlooking the beach and perfect waters. The weather cooperated nicely for us yesterday. It was such a wonderful, cooling breeze that kept conditions perfect!!: (Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!)
  11. In Bora Bora now for our second day and now see the Silver Whisper sailing in for this famed location. We are all hoping for decent weather today. Good luck to those on board this Silversea World Cruise. : THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Sydney to NZ/Auckland Adventure, live/blog 2014 sampling/details with many exciting visuals and key highlights. On page 23, post #571, see a complete index for all of the pictures, postings. Now at 229,281 views. www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1974139 Here is an example of the welcoming musical group you should see as you depart your ship's tender at Bora Bora.: (Open your screen/viewer wider to see this visual larger/better!)
  12. We are watching the weather forecasts and hoping for the best. With more clouds, the good news yesterday in Bora Bora is that things were not as hot, hot as we had been expecting. Made things more pleasant than being up to 90F in temperature. : THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Sydney to NZ/Auckland Adventure, live/blog 2014 sampling/details with many exciting visuals and key highlights. On page 23, post #571, see a complete index for all of the pictures, postings. Now at 229,281 views. www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1974139 Below is the weather forecast from AccuWeather for the next few days for Papeete. Second is the weather radar for this region. Thursday is when we get off of the Regatta and have a full day for touring around Tahiti. Some bad weather stuff is hanging around, but hopefully it will avoid us at Bora Bora and tomorrow for Raiatea.: (Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!)
  13. Many discussions and questions as to how ALL of these serious virus situations will affect travel, where we can go, etc., etc. It is nearing sunrise for our second day in Bora Bora. Weather and clouds look a little challenged, but it was much worse and questionable yesterday. How did it turn out? Below are only a few visuals to verify that we super enjoyed a great first day in Bora Bora. The Silver Whisper is do to arrive here soon, but we have not seen the Silversea World Cruise ship, yet. Due to limited time in the next few days, my posts and pictures will be a little limited. Busy schedules with much to see and enjoy!! THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Norway Coast/Fjords/Arctic Circle cruise from Copenhagen, July 2010, to the top of Europe. Wonderful scenic visuals with key tips. Live/blog at 238,827 www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1227923 Here was our initial welcoming as we arrived in Bora Bora with great uncertainty as to if and how the weather/rain might treat us. Our luck or results. See more below!!: (Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!) Below is an early picture when Bora Bora's famed mountain was super green and highly visible. Patrick is guiding our boat as we headed to our first stop to get "up close and person" with some of the different sea creatures here in French Polynesia. The second picture shows us being with the Rays!! So much fun with them and their velvet-like skin! Despite threats and potentials for rain, all worked out well for the weather yesterday and being able to do so much with Patrick from Maohe Nui tours.: For just the nine of us, we had an incredible Polynesia feast at a drop-dead wonderful location around on the other side of Bora Bora's main/central island. Plus, Patrick doing some fire showmanship, then playing his musical instrument, etc. Were folks happy? See the final picture as proof positive!! Many more visuals later when we have additional time. Busy schedules today, tomorrow and Thursday.:
  14. Just arriving now in famed Bora Bora. Skies and weather looks better (but still challenged) after passing through heavy rains during our sailing last night from Papeete to Bora Bora. Will see how the morning weather here holds up??!! Appreciate the kind comments from bennybear. Yes, hope you can make it to French Polynesia this fall. Bora Bora/French Polynesia: We will have two full days, March 2-3, Monday-Tuesday, tendered in Bora Bora. Originally we were scheduled to be the only ship in port both days, but understand the Silver Whisper will be joining us tomorrow/Tuesday. This island is located about 140 miles northwest of Papeete. Yes, Bora Bora sounds exotic and has gained a reputation to match its special double naming. We have scheduled a private water exploring/snorkel/lunch with Maohe Nui. This 3/4 day program includes a polynesian show and this firm has gained great TripAdvisor reviews. We will travel much in an outrigger canoe. Our Polynesian Feast is prepared by two cooks in a traditional earth oven made with volcanic rocks covered by banana leaves. We will watch the opening of the oven and listen to the explanations of the guide. The table is set in the lagoon, with an umbrella to protect guests from the sun (and maybe the rain?). On the menu will be suckling pig, chicken with local spinach, manioc, plantain bananas, bread fruit, raw fish salad with coconut milk, and finally a traditional dessert made with bananas and vanilla, as well as fresh tropical fruits. The lunch comes with a good bottle of Moët and Chandon champagne, or red/white wine depen From various publications, they cite Bora Bora's turquoise lagoons, soft white sands, and sunsets in setting the scene for romance and beauty on "an island so nice they named it twice." We will mingle with tropical fish as you move around Coral Gardens or Tupitipiti Point. We will soak up the views of the once-volcanic Mount Otemanu. From Moon Handbook, they summarize that Bora Bora “is everyone’s idea of a South Pacific island.” From Lonely Planet: Ah, Bora Bora. The stuff of dreams. How not to be mesmerised by this stunning palette of sapphire, indigo and turquoise, all mixed together in modern-art abstractions? And these sand-edged motu (islets) and soaring rainforest-covered basaltic peaks? With such a dreamlike setting, Bora Bora is, unsurprisingly, a honeymooners’ choice. But there’s much more to do than clink glasses with your loved one in a luxurious hotel. The good thing is that you can mix slow-paced sun-and-sand holidays with action-packed adventures. Diving, snorkelling, lagoon tours, hiking and parasailing are readily available. What you shouldn’t expect, though, is a thriving nightlife. Bora Bora is a quiet island. From "Tales of the South Pacific", this book gives the reader a sense of being there during the Second World War in the Pacific theater. It is not a chronicle of the war itself or military history, but this James Michener book is full of military anecdotes. Among other info/background for Bora Bora: hotels are few and fancy, ranging from $400–$2,000 per night for the lowest standard rates. The average cost for a week-long holiday in Bora Bora could start at around $11,000 for two. The sharks in Bora Bora are not dangerous. They live under the green lagoons and are used to the presence of people. The most common type you'll see is Blacktip reef sharks. The major settlement, Vaitape, is on the western side of the main island, opposite the main channel into the lagoon. That is where we are preparing to drop anchor now. The deepest spot in the lagoon of Bora Bora is about 100-150 feet deep. Vast areas are no more than 5-10 feet deep. The ocean drops off very rapidly just off the barrier reefs of the Society Islands with 5,000 foot depths being vey common. The official currency of Bora Bora is the French Pacific franc (CFP). One U.S. dollar is equivalent to approximately 103 CFP. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Barcelona/Med: June 2011, with stops in Villefranche, ports near Pisa and Rome, Naples, Kotor, Venice and Dubrovnik. Great visuals with key highlights, tips, etc. Live/blog now at 250,727 views. www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1426474 Remember this famed book cover? We are here now!!.:
  15. Appreciate your picture posting of the Regatta (or R2) in the Papeete port today. Below is a picture I took in Tahiti of your ship being docked next door. When are you departing and to where? We next go to Bora Bora for two days there. Then to Raiatea on March 4. Return to Papeete on March 5 as depart and head back to LAX and then home to Central Ohio. Will our paths cross again? THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio Sydney to NZ/Auckland Adventure, live/blog 2014 sampling/details with many exciting visuals and key highlights. On page 23, post #571, see a complete index for all of the pictures, postings. Now at 229,281 views. www.boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1974139 From our Oceania Regatta earlier today, here is view of the Silversea Silver Whisper. Looking great on a rainy day!: (Open your screen/viewer wider to see this visual larger/better!)
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