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  1. We got in on the "three for free" September 2018 for our cruise we took this May. I also liked the gratuities included, the room upgrade and the $100 per person OBC. Being it was an Alaskan cruise, we wanted an aft balcony suite. Neither one of us are drinkers either. This is probably the way we will go for the next cruise.
  2. I think this is great, but what happens if you have not emptied the bottle? Will it begin degrading when it is sitting in your refrigerator unfinished or on a store shelf if not sold within a certain time?
  3. Ruby did not have trash can liners in the rooms either. It was easy to see what was what that way as well for separation of items. I also drank the tap water. Hubby prefers the plastic bottles. That said, I am guilty of bringing a plastic bottle of sweetened tea back on board because I would pick one up at a store in ports.
  4. We have been advised that they incinerate what we recycle in plastic now already. Some plastics do not incinerate well and it would cost them too much to have it removed and taken elsewhere. They will now only take those marked "1" and "2". All else to be put in your garbage. As it is, they are getting ready to stop taking "1" and "2" if the vote goes that way.
  5. I would go to the I.C. a few times from morning to evening for my lattes. I would bring my drink cup and simply pour from the paper cup into that once I got it. It seemed like a waste having to do that. If they had a measured dispenser like vending machine in the days of yore, you could purchase the drink and put your own cup (from the D.R. or buffet, or your own like I have) under it and let it fill. That would eliminate the plastic lids. Of course, that would eliminate the jobs of the staff, so yes. A lot to think about.
  6. I am already planning to switch from plastic straws to silicone reusables. As it is, I wash my plastic ones in my drink cup five or six times and reuse before throwing them away. On that front, I will be okay, but . . . there are other plastics I will be bringing on that I consider somewhat of a necessity such as OTC bottles, zip loc bags to put my make-up remover wipes and other wipes in before throwing away, things of that nature. Not sure what I can do to alternate those. Not sure why paper sugar packets are a problem? Our recycling takes paper and cardboard without complaint. It gets melted down into pulp and made into new paper products.
  7. I have only been on one cruise, but a Vista Suite aft will be my choice for future ones for sure. Ruby Inside Alaska, D-737, loved the balcony and the suite! I have pictures in the "Princess Cabin Reviews" thread here on page 11 if you want to know more about it.
  8. For medical reasons, I cannot fly. We are very limited, too. We drive from central Idaho to Seattle and there is only one option for a Princess Cruise which is the inside passage Alaska. I suppose we could drive up to Vancouver, B.C., if it was a return trip. I need to research what we can do with Seattle being our only option. Driving to San Francisco would be a lot longer and harder on us due to the added distance.
  9. I know how you feel. There have been times our internet was out for days during the winter due to heavy storms knocking down the communications wires. We do not have a smart-phone, so that made me feel like we were isolated away from the entire world. I am 62 and I guess I am addicted as well. Glad things finally came back up for you! Hope you were able to find fun substitute activities on the cruise to fill in the void!
  10. Valley County, Idaho, DMV, told hubby in early May when he renewed his driver license to the star card, that this worked just like a passport card (we were on a cruise stopping in Canada), and he would be all set for everything required by the enhanced driver license requirement. They require just about as much information and documentation for the star card as they did to apply for the passport card. I do not drive nor can I fly (due to health problems), so I would have to get a star card just for state I.D.? I think I can just get into Government buildings with my valid passport card, or so I hope.
  11. I know . . . the late arrival time and short time in port put the nix to our being able to walk to Rogers Candies and stock up on some goodies we had enjoyed on land trips to Victoria in years past (the store closes about an hour before we get into port). We ended up not getting off the ship in Victoria. We got off at the Alaskan port stops, places I had never been before, but personally I did not feel cheated about Victoria because we had been there many times by car and probably will do it that way again.
  12. We could have done the suite embarkation thing, but just went ahead and boarded with the group of people boarding at the same time. Unless we had severe mobility issues, it would have been embarassing to be escorted on by a staff member. We only went to guest services once to get more disembarkation luggage tags and I did use the priority line for that. Disembarkation was at Club Fusion where we sat with bunches of other people waiting our turn. It was mostly cleared out by the time we were ready to leave (we had chosen a later time because son had an almost two hour trip to come pick us up from his house). When our group was called, there were maybe a handful disembarking with us and it went very quickly. We were there to enjoy the spaciousness of the suite and balcony, the itinerary, and the cruise itself. We had no interest in seeming like an upper class. Honestly, we did not take notice of anyone else as to what class they might have been. We met some great people and to this day, still do not know or care what their status was. We were just people with our unique arrangements for what fit our particular wants and needs.
  13. I have even become adept at pressing the buttons to send a text message. The interesting part is that you have to press the numbers a certain number of times to get the letters and punctuation. I believe it truly is an art form.
  14. I printed out our boarding passes and it seemed to be no problem at all showing it and getting through. Yes, they still make flip-phones. Ours is five years old and works fine for talk and text which is all we need it to do. I am a bit concerned, though, that once 5-G goes through everywhere that we will have to purchase a smart-phone.
  15. I basically use my tablet for keeping up with videos and pod-casts of people I follow. Nothing sensitive or personal about me even stored on my tablet. Pictures and video I take are on the camera. The worst device for me to lose would be our flip-phone with telephone numbers and names.
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