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  1. I am wondering if you have fire extinguishers installed above your toilet paper in your bathrooms? 🤣 Ridley Scott is doing a "Day In The Life 2020" documentary and You Tube has invited me to participate in it. They want you to film your day on July 25th and submit it. Thinking seriously about it. While my days are nothing Earth shattering or exciting, they might be a bit unique. Will give it some thought!
  2. Thank you all . . . I truly appreciate it and give you all a safe virtual hug. The thing that makes this all so weird for me is that I check daily the coronavirus Idaho site. It lists the total cases, number of cases in the previous day and the number of deaths. We had been holding at 93 for several days but when I saw it jump to 94, I knew that was Bob, the only death recorded in that period of one day. So often the people we love get "mixed into the statistics" along with others. Each and every one of those numbers was a special unique person in the lives of many others. I may not know who all of the ones that went before him were, but I send virtual hugs of comfort to all of those that were left behind to deal with that hole in their hearts. Friends . . . it is my hope that none of us has to lose any more, that we will be able to turn this all around and eventually stamp it all out. Stay safe, be strong and hold dear all that you have right now.
  3. Fire works displays were cancelled in our public health district here, so we bought some when the stands opened and did our own display in our driveway with the safe and sane ones, a medium display Friday night, a large display Saturday night and a small display Sunday night. We received some sad news. Our family was being hit hard with cancer deaths (one in May 2018, one in December 2019 and one in June 2020) but now we have lost our first family member to COVID yesterday. Keep safe and strong everyone.
  4. I also would not want to spend 90% of my waking time in a mask for seven or more days straight, so would simply not cruise if we had to wear masks. That said, I do wear them in public places where social distancing is not guaranteed, but those are short trips of less than two hours and certainly not every day but more like two weeks apart.
  5. My bones, muscles and joints are still recovering from the double memorial service up in the wilds of central Idaho that took several hours to get to at the south fork of the Salmon River where my father-in-law and brother-in-law ashes were placed along with two bouquets of flowers. No paved roads, some gravel, mostly dirt with pot holes and ruts, very narrow, sheer drop off on one side and no railing. Painful to the old body and scary, too! There was a pot luck in open air at the camp ground in Secesh Meadows afterwards. Warren is a town between the place where the memorial was held outside and Secesh Meadows. Here are some pictures of how rustic it all looks in Warren. Will share the others on another post later.
  6. 😨 Hopefully we do not have a militia near us in McCall, Idaho. We may have to think about moving if that happens. It was cold enough here to snow today for a couple of hours. I think Mother Nature has lost all sense of time.
  7. I have not been in Seattle since last year, but I fear when I do get to return, it will not be the same. 😪
  8. I understand they have six blocks of Seattle entirely blocked off to anyone else? What about people that work and/or live in there? They either cannot leave or cannot enter? I thought Antifa was bad in Portland, but Seattle seems to have it much worse. My sympathies. 😔
  9. I follow the Twitter Idaho coronavirus account. Oh, boy. Identified cases at a church in Twin Falls, a restaurant in Pocatello, and then in Boise we have six bars and a YMCA where they identified cases. Contact tracing begins. The numbers will soon be going up. 😬 The Governor had stated in his final phase reopening speech that we just barely made the grade for the phase tomorrow. Too many cases going to ICU from this set of new outbreaks and we could have to phase back into previous restrictions.
  10. Idaho completely opens up with protocols Saturday. Not changing what I do since the original declaration in March. Now been nine days since I have been to the store and probably will be a few more. Thank goodness for Sam's Club and a nice large property to walk around on. 😷😁 I will have to step outside of the isolation comfort zone on Saturday, June 27th. A double memorial up in the mountains for my father-in-law who passed December 1st and my brother-in-law who passed one week ago today (neither one virus related). Their wishes were to have their ashes spread on the south fork of the Salmon River. The pot luck afterwards will be no tables, mats for your lap as you sit in your camp chair; disposable plates, bowls, cups, silverware, so forth; having your food dished up for you from masked and gloved servers; outdoors; and distanced seating. I am bringing my own food and drink anyway, so not a problem for me (cannot eat just anything and everything). I am a bit nervous since many of our relatives come from areas of the Pacific Northwest where people are not free to travel yet and may not be able to make it. If they have non-refundable airplane tickets, not sure how we are going to handle that (may have to chip in and pay them back). I used to live in Multnomah County, Oregon. I feel for those guys as they are not even in their first phase of relaxing restrictions yet.
  11. That is too cute! Do you have a fish tank for that? 😆
  12. While I have been perfectly content to only go to the stores as needed and spend my outside time walking around on our large property, that has been squashed since yesterday thanks to Mother Nature and looks to be for several days at least. You kind of expect in the Spring there to be rain and cool days. Today it snowed and is still snowing. If ever I missed Alaska, all I have to do is look out the window and pretend I am there. ❄️
  13. This has been a year of upheavals. 😬 Got a news letter about cruising this weekend and mentioned in it was mask wearing for passengers as well as crew during any public interaction as a likelihood. That would be a deal breaker for me to not be able to be out on deck or my balcony without having to be masked. I am perfectly fine with washing hands and sanitizing everywhere, but not spending an entire day and evening in a mask when I am outside of my state room. Before this news letter, it had occurred to me about how you social distance during a muster drill? Have three or four of them before sail away? That would extend things quite a bit schedule-wise.
  14. We are about to receive our first out of county family member coming over to visit since the lock down began mid-March. I will try to social distance as much as I can as I have been known to stand in the kitchen door-way and talk to people on the living room couch since where I stand is only inches away from my computer where I spend most of my time anyway. No hugging. Sister-in-law will just have to understand. She lives in Ada County which has the highest case count in the state. 😁
  15. I go into isolation between grocery store visits. I am now two days past my last visit to get essentials and waiting to see if I get symptoms. I do not miss the getting out on a holiday weekend because we never really went anywhere except occasionally to my in-laws remote cabin in the mountains with other family members. Both of my in-laws have since passed away, so I am happy to just stay put.
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