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  1. We took our first cruise ever last month. We did our own on foot tours of the Alaska ports. Did not buy alcoholic drinks or photo packages. We had $300 in on board credit which we used up in the seven days, only going over onto our credit card by $135. Occasionally we would purchase a specialty shake, soda, bottled water or something from one of the restaurants that was not included. I did pick up a couple of souvenirs in the Calypso Cove and hubby purchased some scenic prints, but over all, we were pretty much frugal while being able to enjoy ourselves and meet new people. That is just the way we are, outlining what we want to spend our money on and sticking pretty close to the budget. I guess we are not the norm either. 😉
  2. As for the porters, be sure to find ones in yellow vests as they are for Princess. The ones in orange are for Holland America.
  3. I am sure they will have to work that out. Interesting to see how this develops.
  4. We went on the inside passage Alaska about a month ago which was well into the measles concerns and were never asked for a certificate (though I do remember having had measles, mumps and rubella as a child and I am 62).
  5. Dissolvable edible plastics under production in Portland, Oregon:
  6. I was relieved to see that we did not incur any roaming while docked in Alaska with Verizon. Just thought I would let you know. This was talking and texting. We do not have internet on our flip-phone and I would have used my tablet for internet.
  7. I get my Verizon bill in the morning. I will have to let you know whether I let out a sigh or let out a scream as we also contacted family in the Alaskan ports. 😲
  8. I only have the one cruise we were on to go by, but our elite/suite lounge designation was Club Fusion. We were scheduled to disembark at 9:35 and we got there about 9:00. It was quite crowded but thinned out rather quickly. I was noting that they were getting each group off on time. By the time they got to our group, it was very quick and went smoothly.
  9. I wonder why it was so bad on the Royal. I did the inside Alaska last month on the Ruby and had no problems whatsoever.
  10. We adhere, only smoking in the smoking lounge, the designated area out on deck, or after we are off of the ship.
  11. Passenger services desk has a special section for elites and suites so that you do not have to wait. We needed more luggage tags for the Port Valet service for disembarkation and I was able to get them in under two minutes that way. Priority boarding. Priority disembarkation. Robes and slippers (I brought my slippers home and am wearing them as I type this). If you want to keep the robe, it will be a charge of $75 but free for unlimited wearing while on board. Jondfk and Jeromep did a great job covering the details but thought I would add those in.
  12. That is correct. We did not want to be disrespectful to those who wanted to look especially nice and we would have felt out of place I am sure. It was fine. One night we got stuff to bring back to our suite so we could watch a movie. The other night we went to the buffet and my dessert that night was getting something from Slice Coffee Cones. We did not feel like we missed out on anything really.
  13. We decided not to do any formal night dinners, so we stayed casual the whole cruise. We did see those who were formal and getting pictures taken, and good on those! They all looked fabulous.
  14. I guess I should have finished reading the entire thread. Here is what Google has wrong about Idaho. The stores here still supply plastic bags to consumers. I personally bring my own canvas/waxy paper reusables for shopping, and at least my area of Idaho still accepts plastic bags to recycling centers and have places near stores where you can drop them for recycling.
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