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  1. All seems well on the My Viking Journey front. I got the 'Coming Soon' page and could select other bookings.
  2. The discussion for day 2 on the itinerary page for VIking's Alaska and the Inside Passage indicates we would navigate the Grenville Channel. Does this indicate Viking uses the more scenic route? The usual cruise line is missing from the itinerary map.
  3. I have multiple Viking bookings including a Mississippi cruise. All my bookings have been identified to My Viking Journey. I periodically select the Mississippi cruise to see if any support is provided yet for the Mississippi cruise. This time, I got a solid blue screen instead of the usual 'Coming Soon' page. All that appears on the page is the opportunity for a live chat. There is no way to change the cruise. Apparently the last cruise you looked at is stored on the My Viking Journey server because the issue appears on multiple devices and in multiple browsers so the last cruise data i
  4. My wife and I made our Viking Air flight reservations for our Aug 31 Viking Homelands tour. The KLM 787-10 is a 1-2-1 configuration and we were initially assigned a window and a seat across the aisle. We looked at some images of the business class cabin and decided seats in the center section suited us better. We stumbled on a site where you can access virtual tours of the KLM fleet. Seeing the seating configuration there convinced us we made the right choice. You can access the virtual tours here; https://www.businesstraveller.com/business-travel/2019/12/06/klm-now-offers-virtual-reality
  5. The My Viking Journey site accepts credit card and echeck information. I would be very surprised and disturbed if that capability would not be applied and sufficient to protect an invoice.
  6. I do not see my payments for air fare and cruise booking here. I am also looking for final payment due date which is not there either.
  7. Looking for the best method to suggest a change to the new version of My Viking Journey. I would like to suggest there be an option under my account to see/download the most recent invoice applicable to the cruise. I am particularly interested in cruise payment history and due date for final payment. Seems like this should be there under my account but it is not.
  8. I booked air with Viking Air and have Air Plus. Until recently, our flight reservations appeared in My Viking Journey. Yesterday, My VIking Journey reports flight details not available. They are still gone this morning. The reservations continue to show on the airline web sites. I had a very disappointing chat with a Viking representative this morning. They were clueless. Anyone else have there air details disappear?
  9. We have booked the Pristine Alaska post cruise in June of 2021. Looking at the return flights, it appears everything going to Seattle leaves Fairbanks around 12:30 am. Is this what people do or do you fly to Anchorage and then on from there? We live on the shore in Maryland. It will be a long time getting home.
  10. We are apparently still using the 'old version' of My Viking Journey. We are coming up on the time that the final payment is due. On the FAQ page in My Viking Journey there is a question about how to make a payment. The response says go to the Make a Payment page and there is a link provided. Clicking the link takes one to the My Account page where there does not appear to be any way I can post a payment with an echeck or otherwise. Any one know more? Thanks in advance.
  11. There is a very special offering from Viking.tv this morning. It is the choral version of the Traveler which was streamed live yesterday. It is very much worth your time to hear. Here is a link. https://www.viking.tv/episode/the-world-traveler
  12. A local TA certainly has far more experience dealing with the Viking Air Travel Desk than I do. The local agent could also potentially represent far more bookings to that desk than I as an individual would and derives some leverage as a result. The trick is to find and use a travel agent you can trust. There are on line articles that suggest what you should look for and how to look for a travel agent. Our agent has done very well by us. Another consideration is that it has been reported that Viking has brought in new people to deal with the extra loading on their resources. Your Viking a
  13. Viking logo apparel is online here. I suspect some of it shows up in the onboard stores as well. https://www.hellyhansen.com/en_us/shop/viking
  14. I am booked on a New Orleans to Saint Paul cruise on the Viking Mississippi. I have multiple cruise bookings in My Viking Journey. One of them is the Mississippi cruise. I can select the Mississippi cruise but all I get is a splash page saying coming soon. I have the 'old' format my viking journey. The core of my question is do the people who have booked a Viking Mississippi cruise and have the new format My Viking Journey see something more than coming soon. The underlying belief is that Viking has created the necessary function for the Mississippi bookings only in the new version of My
  15. This may be due to the transition to the newer format for My VIking Journey. I do not remember any discussion of lock for update in the days leading to the previous suspension of operations announcements. If you have multiple bookings, are all bookings locked or only those occurring in July?
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