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  1. Mine took 9 days from order to received.
  2. Has anyone stayed in room 2353? I'm looking for reviews on noise, view (obstructed, lifeboat above) overall experience with room etc. Pics and videos would be awesome.
  3. Has anyone used this? How does it work? Pros/Cons/Experience?
  4. well no, the store could not fine you that would actually be destruction of property maybe even vandalism so that's why they would definitely have to take you to court. now I'm not saying you're wrong in the fact that maybe Carnival can't "fine" you. But to me, it makes sense that they would be able to. I'm not sure in what situations a company can "fine" someone versus having to take them to court like you mentioned. I don't know, maybe there's something in the agreement that we agreed to when we chose to take the cruise that allows them to fine us verse take him to court? As far as what the 20K would be for, it would be for the fuel like you mentioned, the employees time to go rescue you, the use of lifeboat or boats, I don't know who gets charged from the coast guard if they get involved and I'm not sure that they were in this case.
  5. Deck right above lido. Not sure what deck that is on his ship on Horizon is deck 11.
  6. What I was told in fb group is that this guy was on his honeymoon, caught new bride cheating and jumped over, naked (not sure how soon after catching her he jumped) he's been fined 20k by carnival and banned from all cruise lines for life.
  7. On the horizon the Italian and Asian places, both free for lunch.
  8. My sailing is back, drop about 50.00 from when I was able to check it yesterday.
  9. Figure it'll be nice when I'm to old and senile to remember where I've traveled to ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚. Who knows maybe my daughter will be interested later. Honestly though I think I care because I remember seeing my 4th grade teachers passport when we were studying countries around the world, she had really traveled a lot, including Japan. We all got fake paper passport books and we all went to each groups area to visit and learn about said country and then get our stamp, at the end all our books were laminated. Needless to say it really made an impression on me.
  10. My blue card butt ๐Ÿ˜‰ will be on deck 11 for embarkment lunch and steakhouse for dinner and free bottle of wine, figure I will have plenty of other days to try the offerings on Lido when it won't be as busy because people will be eating at all different times.
  11. It's a glitch. I have a booked cruise date bookmarked for price drops, yesterday my sail date was no longer showing, earlier today it was at an increase of $200.00 for my room from Saturdays price check, just a few minutes ago no longer showing again.
  12. Can you do this at other ports to? Curaรงao, La Romana and Grand Turk specifically?
  13. Thanks for that, although if didn't mention rib chop I did learn that my favorite steak as a child a Delmonico is just another name for my favorite steak as an adult, ribeye. I always wondered why only the special butcher shops carried Delmonico steaks and the restaurant's didn't lol.
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