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  1. Does Carnival ever have discounted/sale on their internet packages like they do with the spa services?
  2. I am looking for suggestions on what I need to put in my ship bag that I will carry on and keep with me on embarkment day until the rest of my luggage is delivered to my cabin. So far I have passport/Id, swimsuit and clothes/shoes for steakhouse dinner (just in case bags are late).
  3. I have my 1st cruise coming up in May 2020. I wasn't sure what was needed to cruise so I read everything on Carnivals site (about everything not just travel docs), I talked to my PVP to make sure I understood everything correctly, I researched with Google as well as read different posts on fb and cc. Why take chances with someone possible giving you wrong information, always check more than once and with more than one source. Even though I can take my trip with my DL and BC I will be getting a passport, mostly bc if something happens while on the cruise and also why do I want to carry 2 documents, 1 being just a piece of paper easily lost or destroyed when I get just take 1 thing, a passport. (I won't be driving). Plus a passport is good if you decide you want to go to Mexico or Canada, especially since I live in a border state.
  4. Tracey.kinney425


    Where's some good local places to eat?
  5. Tracey.kinney425

    Jet skis

    Is there any place to rent jet skis?
  6. Do you know what their prices are like?
  7. Thanks for asking this! I was wondering the same thing and 1 of my ports is Grand Turk along with Curacao, La Romana and Aruba.
  8. Love that most of these still work! Does anyone have any others?
  9. Thanks! I'm going to have to find that thread.
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