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  1. Our staycation is a bit different going tomorrow. My husband, son and I are staying in a luxury lodge with hot tub on a small holding farm in Somerset. We could not be more socially distanced from people as only two lodges there. Booked in for a meal at the local pub five minutes walk away lots of outdoor seating areas. Off to Weymouth on Tuesday to see the ships. Wednesday off to Bristol for the SS Great Britain. Thursday off to Devon. Friday visiting Fleet Air Museum Then finishing off on Saturday at local vineyard on 10 miles away for some wine tasting. Just looking forward to getting away need a holiday as we have both worked through the dark days now need a bit of normality .
  2. Just received an email from P&O confirming that Oceana will be leaving their fleet this week. Bit gutted never got to go on her.
  3. We had a suite on Ventura at the back of the ship. The balcony was huge with dining table outside and sunbeds. The suite itself was ok but the walk in wardrobe you could not really get in because of the position of the door. Also we found that when the sofabed was made up it was almost touching our bed and quite awkward to get round. Apart from that it was nice and had all the perks of a suite. We also had a suite on Britannia at the back again, this was so spacious plenty of space including wardrobe space felt like two rooms.Bathroom excellent and wrap around balcony loved it. We have booked this suite again for August 2021. Also have booked suite for Oceana in September 2021 so cannot give feedback yet but would like to hear your feedback. We had booked a suite on Iona but have had this cancelled three times so hopefully we will eventually be able book and enjoy at some time.
  4. Yes cruises now cancelled until October 15th 2020 just received an email form P&O
  5. Maybe so I sympathise that you too have had to cancel your cruise. But none of us can predict what will happen so in the mean time I will continue with the belief that things will come good again. I will deal with insurance problems if they should arise and I will of course adhere to keep myself and family safe but no-one knows we have to take every day a day at a time. If P&O advises we cannot sail then so be it but again your views are your own and mine are mine so think this should be now be put to bed as it seems we will never agree . I cannot wait until I can cruise again and will only do this with my upmost safety for myself and family. I trust in P&O to make the right decision for their passengers. So I will bid you goodnight and hope you too will cruising again soon.
  6. Hi Zapp99 Very true but there will only be three of us as we are travelling hopefully on August 1st so we won't have Gary😟. Maybe do a Take That collaboration with the Captain 😁
  7. Majortom That is your opinion this post was what I was looking forward to and you have tried in everyway to keep knocking me down with my hopes and dreams. I have had to cancel three cruises this year because of this pandemic including Iona. And as I said it will not stop getting on Iona or the two other cruises I have booked for next year all which are suites as I work hard for my holidays as does my husband. So if senior management does not require my money I would like them to let me know not being given this information from third parties. I will continue to support P&O no matter how many times they cancel my cruises I am not worried about money being lost because this is what I would happily paid out for. So please no more negative comments as I said my comments were about how I felt and not to get political or negative. Please feel free to respond as you will only get positivity from me and in this current time this is what people need.
  8. Majortom This may be true . But let us have some kind of belief it will happen. Sometimes we don't want to need to know who said what and when. But would like to look forward.to our dreams even if they might not come true straight away.
  9. As I said when Iona is ready I will be get on as soon as I can. I understand people have their views as to when the ship will be ready. But sometimes it's nice to look forward to brighter times rather than give negatives on bleak times. Let's look forward to future cruising!
  10. So today my husband, son and I were going to travel to Southampton to see Iona's arrival into Southampton. Only being a hour and half away we thought we would make a day of it look at the ship a nice lunch and a couple of vinos. Getting excited that we would have cruised on her on the 23rd May 2020. Sadly the May cruise was cancelled so we rebooked for June 2020 again cancelled so we are trying again for August 1st 2020. Don't really expect this to happen but have everything crossed but if this is cancelled I will move this again. We are determined to get on Iona no matter how much I have to change the booking . It's going to happen and we cannot wait !
  11. Dear Cruiserjules If you have space in your luggage let me know !! Enjoy your evening
  12. Only booked yesterday so no itinerary booked yet . Yes we have booked Azura for April for two weeks. I apologise now if the plane struggles to get off the ground with all my luggage as found out I can take extra. Husband not to happy that we have to pay the excess but I said its compensation for all my cancelled cruises. See something always good comes out of a bad situation. Enjoy the sunshine
  13. Thank you all now booked x
  14. I pack far too much I know. A different outfit for every night this means different shoes and bags. Outfits for going ashore . Outfits for the ships. Extra outfits just in case. Various sandals and flip flops. Hairdryer,straightners ,make up cleaning products ,hair products basically whatever I can pack I will. Then bring most of it home unworn! Most embarrassing moment is when we did a back to back the second cruise only being a two day you should have seen people's faces when I had all my luggage on the trolley. Oh don't forget also luggage for my husband and son. If I can't take extra then they will have to take a carrier bag each then I will have their allowance . Don't think I will never change ! Have a great day x
  15. Thinking about doing a cruise from Malta next year. How easy are the transfers to and from the ship? Can I also arrange additional luggage I don't travel light through P&O. Many Thanks
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