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  1. And it’s cancelled. Ah well, that’s life. Hope at least the next person on the waitlist for our suite enjoys it for us.
  2. flights are short, itinerary is 10 days Athens to Athens, around the Greek islands, hotels are all organised, I also offered to get him the regent insurance to give him comfort. but I guess if he is not looking forward to it, that should be the deciding factor. as everyone also noted, we shouldnot pressurize him and I guess it’s okay to cancel and go on a family trip somewhere else (on land). Will leave cruising for another day...:0(
  3. I guess you are right. A holiday is something you should look forward to, not stress about. Perhaps we should look at another holiday option where he would be more comfortable.
  4. I think his concern maybe all of the above. Also at that age, any medical issue could crop up while cruising in the middle of the sea. the insurance company told us they will not cover anyone who is 74 and over. Though he is much healthier than me with no problems, I think it’s just a bit of apprehension. I booked the cruise a year ago and he has asked me to cancel. I have until May 17th to convince him otherwise.
  5. If that photo doesn’t convince him, nothing will! Thanks for that.
  6. We booked our first cruise to celebrate my mums birthday as it’s always been her dream. It’s a short 10 day Mediterranean cruise. It’s just that my dad is being so difficult to convince to join us. He is 74 yrs old and would rather stay home with the dogs. I don’t know if he is scared or worried if something may happen onboard. Any idea on how I can convince him to get on a regent cruise? I’m sure if we can get him aboard, he would be the one to enjoy it the most.
  7. Do suites near the elevators and atrium get a lot of noise?
  8. Thanks! Good advise...I agree we shouldn’t let it deter us. Yes the trip is booked in September but we shall bravely go forth on it.
  9. Plus the weather is getting more extreme...
  10. I read that the meltemi winds start around September in Greece, and the sea around Mykonos can be rough. I remember also reading last September 2018, greece was hit by freak waves. Its also scary after reading about that cruise that got stuck in rough seas in Norway. I realise weather is hard to predict but I imagine cruise ships use enough technology to know when to divert.
  11. Thanks that gives me a pretty good idea of the personalities ! On another trip we went(not regent) there were also some British, Israelis, German, Australian , Indian etc. Though the majority was a very big group of Chinese with their group translator. While they are very polite and always greeting you, there isn’t much communication because of the language barrier.
  12. Trying to get an idea of the current demographics of regent passengers- age, nationality, personalities...any observations? I understand it’s changed quite a bit over the years.
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