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  1. I like to think so but it's definitely not the case LOL. It's just too vast and ever changing now to keep up on everything out there. I am focused in the area of Cyber Security now so less and less hands on, so your 'responsible hacker' insight is much appreciated. 🙂 👍
  2. LOL ... that is the model that I've just been reading up on. So the router becomes the sharing device and I will just use my tablet to be the window into this device to 'configure/make' the connection ... if I understand correctly. I might have confused what I said to imply I would try to share via my tablet. If it requires a laptop then it might be too much bother. Thanks again, I will definitely read lots and if I get one I will be sure to have it all figured out it long before travel usage. Sounds like something I should have had long ago even for hotel rooms. My thoughts on this would have been that places would have disabled any ability to connect a router.
  3. Thanks Jim, I will definitely be looking that up. I work in IT so with this direction I will have to try this ... IF I upgrade to streaming package. I don't bring a laptop, just my tablet, but assume the same can be done with that. Right now my next cruise is only the AI offered Surf WiFi but you have me intrigued, I've seen mention of streaming prior but never put much thought into it as I typically stay offline for my cruises.
  4. Silly question but do you then just network connect your Roku to your WiFi to stream material? Assuming yes, do you find any challenge with this speed wise? Or perhaps the Roku has download capability for later offline viewing? I've not used Roku, I have Amazon Fire Sticks so curious how you continue on from here to utilize the stick services. Loving your live reports BTW, you bring people right along with you and that is just awesome!
  5. I can't disagree with you on that. It shines the light bright.
  6. Setting aside this silly question that is looking to find flaw in something to be celebrated, how do you know seniority didn't play any role here AND that gender did? Perhaps other more 'qualified' senior persons are/were not interested in the move at this time; and why the leap from seniority to gender. And how can you say no judgement on Kate's abilities when what you write specifically calls it into play? This certainly isn't new, but it continues to be sad that Captain Kate is forever gender first and Captain second no matter what she accomplishes. As someone else pointed out, are there discussions out there calling this out for other Captains questioning their seniority rank when they get named to another ship? Congrats to Captain Kate, well earned and deserved! Edited to add that I was like others who could not tell you who the Captain was on my sailing, that was until I sailed with Captain Kate. Did it change my cruise, no, but she brought an energy and a presence that is not forgotten and that speaks volumes to what she brings to the industry. I now have more interest in this now, as silly as that might sound to many. To each their own 🙂
  7. It appears they must still be 'working' on all this. For the itinerary I was viewing, at this moment the Sunset Concierge no longer appears as an option and I can't imagine it is sold out that fast. Of the two Concierge still presented(base and Prime) they do not show the rooms that would be within the area I've booked on the cruise prior so there seem to be room gaps. My cabin is a C3 which I would expect to be the base Concierge but that selection only shows deck ten and my room is deck nine. Oh well, was not booking at this moment anyway but was interested in price if I decided to stay on and be in the same cabin for this following Alaska sailing. Guess I will have to give it time but for now I can have a rough idea ... and I'm not calling 🙂
  8. I see now what you are referring to, I didn't look at that in my future selection so didn't realize that category was also now broken down like that ... duh. When you said 'would' I thought you were making a guess that it would happen, not that it 'is' happening. All good if it makes for some sort of consistency and perhaps instant recognition across and within the categories.
  9. For Concierge, the hump cabins appear to be Prime. At least that is what I seen for the Eclipse sailing I was looking at. The 'base' Concierge was showing only deck 10 cabins all behind midship bump out (unless my recall is wrong). Perhaps Deluxe will go away and Prime will be the new label.
  10. Agree with less confusing once one realizes what they are and it does align with the Veranda labels.
  11. Anyone seeing the newly introduced room selections in Concierge 'Prime' and 'Sunset'? I was looking at the very new 2023 Alaska cruises (Eclipse 7 day) and I now see they have different selections in Concierge category, Prime and Sunset in addition to the prior just being Concierge. For the cruise I selected, the Prime Concierge cost was $50 pp more, the Sunset Concierge was $150 more. I am booked on this same ship just prior and it remains unchanged, still just Concierge, so it must be kicking off as new itineraries are posted. I am assuming that the only difference is room location as I definitely get different room offerings for each but it doesn't seem 100% clear so hoping that's the only difference. The detail write up on each is not 'exactly' the same but it's not different enough to clearly know if there is something added to the 'elevated' Prime and Sunset or if there is something taken away from base Concierge. Thinking it must be similar to the past 'pull apart' that has happened to the Veranda category and it is all just about location.
  12. You are limited to one drink at a time though they tend to allow bottled water like a Perrier and alcohol drink at once. So technically no to what you are asking.
  13. I do want to add one detail to this calculation though, as some have said elsewhere about the casino money you get in the Drinks & More ... $50 play (x 2 if both buying) and that would mean the $210 in theory is really $210 - $100 (play) = $110 ... IF one was going to play anything in the casino anyway? If I'm doing that right, it would seem shorter cruises fair better with this upgrade and you come out with more for less? Hmmmmm ..
  14. Celebrity allows one person to purchase a drink package, equally same for upgrades. They trust their passengers to be adults 😉 Where they require both is when you do initial cruise booking with Always Included options.
  15. EXACTLY ... whoop it up as they say and on NYE cruise no less! Champagne is waiting 🍾🥳
  16. And if that is the calculation don't forget the 20% they add to that for gratuity so the $175 becomes $210. The $120 for the Premium upgrade cost you are seeing includes the gratuity as it is $10 per day 'pre' gratuity.
  17. That Drinks & More cost looks like the full cost of that offering and not the difference. I find the planner online gets confused and doesn't recognize having the package so I would not rely on this being the cost. In your planner, are you seeing the Premium listed for you at $120, curious if that is also listing as the full cost too. Classic Drinks Package, $59 pp per day. Premium Drinks Package $69 pp per day. Drinks & More Package $85 pp per day. In the past I've had to call to have an upgrade done (or do onboard) some say they can do online closer to sail date as the cost shows up right by then. Online gremlins.
  18. I hope someone knows the answer to this as I've always wondered myself. I'm thinking they would be full price and not an upcharge since there is nothing really to upcharge from so likely $5 (or whatever current cost) for each?
  19. Way back when they offered Classic in the 123 promo, I have 'survived' on the Classic as I had never had any drink package before and I was thrilled and totally happy with this but my mind kept overthinking what drinks I could get vs those I might mistakenly get and not be covered. At that time if you had a drink over the price cap you got charged the entire cost and not just the difference over the cap ... this has changed of course and now it's just the cost difference so I would not be as concerned. All that said, since that first time, I have always upgraded to Premium. I do not really drink wine (think I might have had 1 glass in 10 cruises) but I like the Premium for larger beer selection and I also like that I have more freedom to consider any drink and not overthink. Oddly, more importantly to me is the larger non alcoholic offerings ... Evian, Perrier, San Pelligrino, Premium Juices (OJ at breakfast). Drinks are not cheap on the ship and yes I could abstain a bit in what I select but where's the fun in that. If I cruised often I might think different but it's lucky if i get to go more than once in a year (or even every year) so I just go for it. All a personal choice and I know I get my $$ out of it as I can drink a lot of water, Perrier and beer 😉 with a special drink here and there in the upper limit so I am happy with it. Even if I lost a little in the deal my enjoyment seems to be higher. On a 5 day cruise I might think different but I expect not. Not sure what ship you are on but this is worth a read about Celebrity drink packages with some drink menus; the menus are from the Edge but they should be pretty representative of others ships minus the Eden bar. Celebrity Drink Packages and Menus 2021/22 Have a wonderful cruise!
  20. I see someone saying they are supposed to charge more (in Murano) for extra entrée but is this the same for ordering more than one appetizer or dessert? I have never eaten there but planning to in the future but having to choose is sometimes painful.
  21. Yes they have shops with bottles you can buy which they store until you disembark as you cannot take it back to your room. As for ordering for your room, I cannot speak to this as I have never done it. From Celebrity site they even reference this in their onboard shopping... Onboard Shopping An array of boutiques on board offers everything you love to shop for on land. You'll discover a collection of luxury watches, fine jewelry, beauty products and fragrances, liquor, and our exclusive Celebrity Logo Collection. Best of all, shopping onboard is tax-free and duty-free. Be sure to check out the cruise shops on your next sea day when you'll have ample time to explore and pick up gifts for family, friends, and yourself.
  22. This applies only in the case of full complimentary with AI, what we are referring to is a discounted cruise which is different. A full fare cruise being discounted vs complimentary offer. I've had the complimentary offers that were fully identified as cabin only so I had no expectations of perks or AI and they didn't disappoint as I got nothing but the cabin LOL ... all good.
  23. Sorry, I didn't end up asking as I instead cancelled my reservation as it is just too soon for me mentally and with the added overhead of international traveling in the mix and it only being months away I just had to stop thinking only of what a 'deal' something is and really think things out better. Happy sailing.
  24. Of course you will, just me stupidly stating the obvious 🙂
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