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  1. I think Andy is a bit of a wolf in sheep clothing his eyes are to close together actually they join in the middle
  2. They must be rich if they can afford a saucer
  3. Nothing wrong with us commoners admittedly I am currently picking my nose and scratching my butt
  4. We are waiting to see what the cruise line comes up before we make any decision for our cruise in November.
  5. Your might be right but if your caught doing that than you would theoretically debarred from being a director, but saying that Boris would more than likely make you a lord.
  6. i see what your saying but could they guarantee to get enough money in to pay the bills, or in my view you use the established line of credit and the money that comes in you put in the general funds or even ring fence them, because would you as a director take the chance of using customer funds than not being able to pay them back in 3+ months,nothing would kill a company faster than the stigma of fleecing your customers.
  7. Your making an assumption they will do that the feeling I get is that people are going for refunds
  8. Share holders I mean the large shareholders would not be taken in by that ploy, they just look at the bottom line and the projected income stream.
  9. You view is worst case scenario my view is if they cancel you ask for a refund simple as that,for us we would be looking at 2022 because we have cruises booked for next year, and by the look of things there mostly fully booked. The bottom line is you do what you think is right for yourself
  10. The comercial rate of interest is not that high to warrant the expense of taking in money than refunding it.
  11. Lucky you fully booked we’re we live all 3 close to us
  12. Trying to work out the benefit for the company to take money off you and a few months later pay you back, that thinking would only be of benefit if the company was intending to go bankrupt so not pay you back.
  13. Lucky you we have no chimneys was a modern house when we bought it, plus side we never had to buy the kids any Christmas presents no chimney for Santa to come down.
  14. True Andy someone will have to pay but looking on the bright side nooooo there is no bright side.
  15. Your lucky you cast a reflection every time I look 👀 into the mirror someone else is looking back at me.
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