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  1. exactly the same experience we had
  2. wow you stopped cruising with P&O because of a patriotic sail away.
  3. thought they were a Norwegian owned line
  4. hopefully you took the name of the dj and complained because it was obviously preplanned,than you told us on here how upset you were.
  5. Age as nothing to do with it just your dislike of them,but it’s not obligatory to go to them so my view is leave well alone.
  6. You know it never happened previously or was it just was not reported.
  7. The prices on p&o for drinks are reasonably priced so getting drunk would not depend on the drinks package.
  8. I don’t think a drinks package is the problem how does marella cope ?.
  9. I do not pretend it faultless every company as there problems, but when I joined this forum every comment from docco at that time was how terrible p&o was,as for changing the record I believe in balance the good as well as the bad should be told.
  10. Why it certainly does not upset me I find it good fun.
  11. i find it a bit depressing reading some of the comments on here first one regular poster seams to think it because of the drink package,another believes it to be because of the sail away party and the patriotic jingoism and told us a story of him being abused trust me it happens to the English as well,because P&O as lowered the prices and lesser class of people are now cruising etc. There was a tv program when cruises go bad showing fights in the bars even fights in the pool it happens get over it of course its not nice but it happens.
  12. There argument is that they paid for there holiday they dress how they wish,but it's really is Marella's fault by changing the rules.
  13. Most of the time it is those who have already done it got board with it and wish for it be changed they are the ones who kick up the most fuss,we really enjoy it but not the endless shopping trying to find that perfect dress.
  14. hi they move the car to the next terminal they did the same when we went on a 2 night cruise we walked off the ship and the car was less than 5 mins away.it was cps
  15. They should go down the American informal route,than those who have experienced formal nights will be happy those who haven’t tough luck.
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