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  1. This sounds amazing! What we think don't matter since it's your say. I bet you'll have a great time and you'll enjoy the whole experience! Good luck!
  2. I think you should consider allotting leeway time from disembarking the ship to your flight back home. An 11 AM flight when your ship will be docking at 7 AM is too tight. You have to consider possible delays during disembarkation and check-in procedures. It's better to give yourself more time instead of risking missing the flight and paying more to buy another ticket back home.
  3. Thank you for such a detailed review! This is very helpful to everyone doing the the Baltic Cruise 🙂
  4. I agree that a private tour with a smaller number, preferably less than 8 persons, is the best way to tour around St. Petersburg! We also did a small group tour with 8 persons using Anastasia Travel and we had the best time. They also customized our tour to include the places we wanted to visit, really catered to our group's needs and preferences. It was personalized, well-organized and definitely more fun when you tour with a smaller group. It gave us the flexibility to do the tour without the pressure of strictly following the time. We did the tour on our own pace and spontaneously chose where to eat lunch on the day of the tour. We'd love to go back again!
  5. Almost all establishments accept credit cards and for tipping, I found that they don't mind receiving USD or EUR. If you really want to have some local currency in case you want to buy souvenirs from small vendors, I suggest just withdraw from the ATM. Most ports have ATMs so it's very convenient and easy to get the local currency.
  6. Thank you for sharing your experience! St. Petersburg is truly a wonderful city and should be in everyone's bucket list. We also visited the same sights you visited and we loved everything about the tour! We used Anastasia Travel though but just the same, we had an amazing time too. Just goes to show that the tours arranged by these local tour companies are a hundred times better than the excursions arranged by the cruise line, and not to mention a whole lot cheaper too.
  7. When we were in St. Petersburg we were also very interested in visiting Moscow. We were already in Russia why not visit as much places as we could, right? We used Anastasia Travel for our St. Petersburg tour and also asked them to include Moscow. They were very helpful and were very much willing to arrange a day trip to Moscow for us but they suggested we just stay in St. Petersburg since we only had 2 days. They were kind enough to explain that we would just waste time and money if me push through with the Moscow trip. We would spend more time on the train instead of using the time to explore and enjoy the sights. They were actually correct and we ended up enjoying a wonderful 2-day tour in St. Petersburg. I guess we'll have to go back to see Moscow and make sure to stay longer!
  8. We also did a 3-day St. Petersburg tour last May but we used Anastasia Travel. We loved everything about tour! We did not only see the "must-see" sites but we were also able to customize the tour to add the sites that fit our needs and preferences. We requested for some free time to walk around to really experience the city and we also did a Matryoshka painting class that both kids and adults in our group enjoyed. We also had an amazing guide, Venus, who seemed like a walking google! She knew everything and shared so many information. She was so fun to be with and made the whole tour very engaging and interesting! I think all these local tour companies pretty much offer tours in the same price range and they cover all must-see sites as well. I just thought I share our wonderful experience with Anastasia Travel and how we were able to customize our tour. Good luck with planning your tour!
  9. Depends on the show, the theater and the seats you choose. Better check the official websites of the ballet theaters to purchase tickets.
  10. I agree! There is just so much to see in St. Petersburg that you need at least 3 days to fully enjoy and experience the city. You will be able to comfortably fit a visit to Catherine's Palace and the Peterhoff, which are an hour drive away from the city center, as well as seeing a world-class Russian Ballet show if you have 3 days in St Petersburg. There will be no rush and you'll appreciate the city better.
  11. There is no strict dress code for an evening ballet performance show. The audience will be mostly tourists as well who came from a whole day tour without any time to change clothes for the show. A casual and presentable clothing should be fine.
  12. Great video! Looks like you really had a great time plus the weather looked amazing! Thank you for sharing, can't wait to do a Baltic cruise again!
  13. I'm pretty sure you can do a customized tour with the local tour operators. We customized our tour with Anastasia Travel when we visited last May. We had specific places we wanted to visit and they were very helpful in creating an itinerary that fits our needs. We were a big group with children and older ones so our group's interest was really very varied. Good thing they were able to help us customize a tour that satisfied everyone's needs and desires. You might want to consider them and I'm sure they can help you arrange a tour based on your preference.
  14. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience! We too had an amazing time in St. Petersburg but with another company, Anastasia Travel. A customized private tour with a local tour company is really the way to go for shore excursions as they provide an exceptional customer service and a well-organized tour that is way cheaper that a ship's tour.
  15. Any local tour operator in St. Petersburg can take care of your visa-free disembarkation when you book a tour with them. We used Anastasia Travel during our trip last May and we had a wonderful time. I find shore excursions with local tour companies so much better and cheaper than a ship's tour. Don't listen to Princess and go ahead and book with any of the local tour operators mentioned here.
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