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  1. We went on a Baltic Cruise last May and just like your group, we had a mix of children, adults and seniors in the group. We had varying interests but we were able to find activities and sites to visit that cater to our diverse group. Everyone enjoyed the cruise as well as the different shore excursions we did. There's something for everyone and I think your group will enjoy cruising and touring the Baltic as well.
  2. I know most tour companies offer better discounts if you book in advance. We used Anastasia Travel and they gave us an early bird rate of 50% off the tour. I suggest you take advantage of the discounts they offer for a private tour. You can probably book a tour with any of the local tour companies even 2 weeks before your arrival but there would be a huge price difference. So better plan and book early! Good luck!
  3. Yes, Celebrity will do the same. However, they would probably use the services of a local tour operator too and charge a higher rate. You are better off contacting the local tour operators directly to get better rates. You'll get a tour that will give you so much flexibility and that will be done in your own pace. You'll enjoy a private tour or a small group tour compared to a ship's tour with a bus full of people. Good luck!
  4. You can probably bring 1 cardigan or light sweater just in case the night gets a little chilly. Most of the time indoor spaces tend to be cooler to compensate for the hot weather outside.
  5. I agree with choosing a cruise that stays at St. Petersburg for 2 or 3 days. It's really worth visiting and exploring, you would want to have as much time touring around St. Petersburg as possible. You can also add a day tour in Moscow if you have 3 days in St. Petersburg. Good luck in choosing!
  6. These items are all available in Spain. I suggest you just by them when you arrive in Barcelona, you'll have plenty of time to shop around since you have 6 nights there before your cruise.
  7. Thank you so much for sharing! Great videos! Watching them made me miss the tour we had earlier this year. This is very helpful to everyone especially for those with mobility issues. This would help them plan their trip better and give them an idea on how much walking they need to do or how accessible the tourist sights are. Thanks again!
  8. We did a Baltic Cruise last May and we enjoyed it! It wasn't crowded and we were able to appreciate all the places we visited during the shore excursions. I'd say May is a great time to visit. You'll get a cheaper rate during May plus you get to visit without the huge crowd.
  9. Wow, thanks for sharing your experience as well as some photos from your trip! Very helpful and informative. Thanks again!
  10. Prevention is a whole lot better than cure so if it was suggested by your doctor then it would be best if you just follow it. Or if you are not too convinced, you can ask another doctor for a second opinion.
  11. Maybe you should do a vacation that involves a lot of activities that really interest you. You seem like the type who likes to be always on the go and would not enjoy a chill and relaxing vacation. Doing a jam-packed excursion the whole day would definitely get your tired and you would not have time to get bored as soon as you get back. But even though you say you are a workaholic, I hope you find some time to slow down and enjoy a relaxing and chill vacation once in a while. Good luck!
  12. As what others have already said, Baltic weather is really unpredictable. It would be best to check the weather forecast a week before your arrival to ensure that you bring the right clothes. I would say June is still a good time to do a Baltic Cruise.
  13. Wear layered clothing since the weather can be a little unpredictable. It can be somewhat warm in the morning then suddenly chilly in the evening. Have fun!
  14. Hard sided suitcase Pros: Packing is more organized since you can use both sides to pack your stuff Water-resistant Lightweight Durable Better security Easier to clean Cons: Can crack or break Not too flexible or expandable Need to open the whole bag to access items inside
  15. I believe you can book a 1-day tour of St. Petersburg with any local tour company. We used Anastasia Travel when we visited last May and I believe they offer different tour programs which you can customize. If you want to do a canal tour only, I think they can arrange that for you since you are free to customize the tour. Good luck!
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