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  1. I stayed in 8313 on Liberty in June. I never heard any noise from Promenade.
  2. Thank you for your review. Your pictures are great! I love Liberty! Have sailed her 3 times, most recently this past June. I'm booked again for next June. I love your balcony. That would be an awesome cabin. Yes the 'give us a 10' speech gets old. Truth is, I rarely don't give a 10 because the service is always so great. I don't need to be asked. And yes, they have cut down doing the towel animals to about 3 times per cruise. Not sure why.
  3. I used what was on the ship one time...never again. I take my own travel size. Then just toss those when packing to leave ship.
  4. We are sailing on Liberty June 2nd...I've done this itinerary numerous times. I've always wanted to go to Rum Point in Gr. Cayman but have never made it. Can anyone offer suggestions of best ways to get there from the ship, be it excursions, private taxi, whatever? Looking for tips. Thank you!
  5. What is in the pirate ice tea? That looks yummy!
  6. Andre??He's still out there?? What ship is he on? He is our favorite bartender ever!
  7. lol I love it!! The good ol' days when you could sneak stuff aboard!
  8. That's an amazing savings for just moving 4 doors down! Wow! I would do that in a heartbeat. You are not in the room that much that it would make a difference. Good for you!
  9. I'm not asking to have them removed, just wanted clarification on how it works. I always pay extra in cash to my steward, dining staff and bartender at the end of the cruise, regardless if they are prepaid.
  10. Question? I should know this, but just want to confirm. When you book, are gratuities included in your final price? And they are only removed if you request them removed...correct?
  11. There are lots of sites online that have cruise tips, and dos and don'ts about what to pack, etc. There are also a lot of YouTube videos with that information that are fun to watch. Best tip I ever got about cruising...When You Are Ready To Walk Out The Door, STOP, Take Half Of The Clothes You Packed Out and Grab Twice As Much Money...then you ready to go. Enjoy your cruise!
  12. I have cruised 10 times. Every time a different RC ship, with the exception of the Liberty, which I will board for the 3rd time this June. I can't tell you what color the carpet is or what color the decor is. I can tell you I have wonderful memories with my family and friends, and new friends that I've made onboard. It's about the experience and the memories for me. That being said, I am always tired of ship food by the end of the week. But that just isn't a priority for me.
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