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  1. I read that hateful little article and never have seen more concentrated sneering and condescension in one place. Most things he said were completely different from all of our experience over about 15 cruises and he had to be absolutely blind or willful in seeking out bad experiences. If you believed that article the cruise was a floating MAGA convention with a bunch of louts with IQs of 20. I'm sure my husband Rich and I have met plenty of conservatives on our cruises but the vast majority (of course with the rare exception) of cruisers know to avoid religion and politics and instead bond over our shared love of cruising, eating/drinking, casino gaming, or whatever. We've met lots of fascinating and fun people and have never felt excluded or unwelcome or alienated. Some people wrote wonderful responses to the Atlantic and his responses to a couple of them continued being snarky and neglected to address the accurate criticisms they'd made of that hit piece. Cruising seems to be one of the most polarizing of vacation choices, but we fell in love with it after our first cruise and will always sing its praises to any of our friends who might otherwise be misled by miserable articles like that.
  2. Sorry no, but I can ask if we chat later in the week
  3. Just got on YC on Seascape this morning, in restaurant now and Mauricio just came by to introduce himself. (Side note: daaaaaamn that man works out! 😯)
  4. And our Seascape cruise next week is scheduled there for Monday, so it'll be interesting to see what happens. I have no interest in getting off there anyways so it won't affect me, but as Jamie said for others' sake I hope it's fixed up soon.
  5. Hey @Ryan82 I ran across YouTube drone footage video of Seascape's departure on 27 January. Thought you might be interested. Maybe you can see yourself? πŸ™‚
  6. We'll be leaving Miami for 14 days onboard the Seascape on the 10th. Hope your health is fully back for your cruise and that we both have wonderful cruises. Enjoy!
  7. I had a problem in Chrome problem before and used Edge, then a week or so later noticed Chrome was working for me again. Just checked now and Chrome is still working fine. On a side note I noticed MSC had monkeyed with my arrival time and set it to 2:30 instead of 12:30. I was able to go in and re-select my original time again. (Not that I've ever had them care if I arrive early, but figured it's best to be safe.)
  8. We go to the lounge more often than the restaurant, and sometimes when going to the restaurant we like to stop at the lounge first anyways to chill and have a drink before heading up. We prefer the 16th floor because of that.
  9. January 2022 on Seashore was our last cruise on MSC so it’s been awhile. Happy to be correcting that very soon 😊
  10. Yes we can agree to disagree and move on. I hope you have a wonderful 2024 as well 😎
  11. That’s a good point to make, thanks. Not sure if that was true last time we cruised or not since we stick to beers, sodas or water in our room.
  12. Uh oh, we'll be in 16027 soon. I'll have to remember to bring some ear plugs just in case. Thanks for mentioning this!
  13. We love aft cabins too but would pick YC over them anytime. Other perks include priority embarkation and disembarkation, and a bottomless refrigerator full of drinks and snacks in your room. (The only thing you can't have more of without a charge is the Toblerone.) We like to show up at the terminal early when in YC because you get complimentary snacks and drinks while you wait, the priority embarkation keeps things streamlined and easy, and you'll be first on the ship and have more time to enjoy on embarkation day. Plus lunch in the YC restaurant is SO VERY MUCH better than wading through the crowds at the buffet. If the extra money might be a pain point then yeah only can determine that. YC is usually much cheaper than other lines' suite-exclusive areas, but even for YC that's a great deal.
  14. Not sure if you already know this or not, but a really nice feature of YC is that all the drinks in your room's refrigerator are included as well, and you can ask for your fave brands if they're available. It's incredibly handy when you're winding down for the night but want to have one last beer while lounging on your balcony watching the moonlight over the ocean waves.
  15. OP, thanks so much for taking some of your valuable cruise time to make these posts. We'll be on Seascape in less than two weeks and it's always fun to share a slice of someone else's cruise experience on the ship you'll be on soon. Hope the rest of your cruise goes well!
  16. Lots of good posts here, just to add our two cents: We make a point of trying out various lines (usually but not always in suite class) rather than sticking to one, but have ended up cruising on MSC the most because we really like it. We've been on 3 cruises in the past (Seaside, Meraviglia, and Seashore) with one on Seascape coming in just a couple weeks. (YAYYYY!) For suite level cruising, we think Yacht Club is the best bargain out there, and quality/amenities are usually better than other lines (including NCL, Celebrity, and Royal) despite the cheaper prices. Their ships are lovely (if a bit gaudy sometimes) and the crew is excellent. As an earlier poster said they're maybe not as immediately friendly as other lines but their service is usually excellent, and if they do get to know you can be just as friendly and fun to talk with as any other line. We think buffet and complimentary food is similar to other mainstream lines in quality, though they do have fewer complimentary food sources when compared to others. (We miss having a 24-7 eatery like the Local on NCL). In our experience their buffet has some great highs (the pizza and pasta) but also more prone to the occasional cold or flavorless food. Overall they're roughly equivalent to us. Their specialty restaurants are fine, but all of our fave specialty restaurants are on other lines. (Eden and Le Grand Bistro on Celebrity or Food Republic and Cagney's on NCL, or just about any of the specialty-level-but-included venues on Virgin). While there are no standouts for us, we still can enjoy going to them, but have never been wowed like on other lines. Entertainment overall is not as consistent as Royal or NCL, but we've still found plenty to enjoy. We're not too big on going to longer shows on ships anyways, but more typically MSC will have generic acrobatics/singing shows than broadway-style more story-oriented productions. Announcements being in multiple languages do make some of them drag on, but we don't mind that, and we've not had the same bad experiences with other MSC passengers that some have reported. Other than a more diverse mix of nationalities they seem roughly the same as NCL or Royal. Length and time-of-year of your cruise are more important than cruise line (when comparing the mainstream brands) in whether or not you will run into a more party-oriented or less frenetic atmosphere for your specific cruise. Overall we think MSC is worth a try. While we still like hopping from line to line to have some variety in our experiences, if we were forced to pick one line to stick with going forward it would be MSC.
  17. Interesting side note: it's not surprising MSC is inconsistent on this because they seem to be messing with the benefits over time. Back when we were on the MSC Seashore last year our *Premium* drinks package was not accepted in Hola! and we were very unhappy about that. I was hoping that wouldn't become widespread and they did reverse it at some point after that.
  18. I had trouble viewing my reservation on the website using Chrome but it worked on Edge
  19. We just checked in for our February cruise a little over a week ago and at the last step of the process gave us our arrival time. There was a dropdown and we could choose from a set of possible times. We picked the earliest listed, which for us was 12:30 pm. We used the app but have also done it on the website in the past. Our friends who'll be on the cruise with us checked in a few hours before we did but the earliest time shown for them was 1pm, so it seems to be a bit random, not just "first come first served". We'll probably show up about 45 minutes before our listed time because even if they make us wait outside it'll be better than sitting in the hotel lobby.
  20. So far ::: knock on wood ::: only had one problem with it: it didn't accept my username/password for logging in but I was able to successfully log in with booking #. Put in an order for our medallions so we should be all set for the green lane when the time comes. (Not until November so some patience is called for. At least we have a 14 day on MSC Seascape coming up in a little under 30 days.)
  21. Pretty typical weather right now: for the rest of this week highs are are in the -1 to -7 range (C) and next week it warms up to highs of 3 to 8 (C).
  22. We're doing 14 days on Seascape too, just starting one week later than you. We'll be on February 10-24 and last time I checked a couple days ago our two weeks were also very low on available rooms. It's a great time of year to sail for us: coldest part of the year in Boston, not yet spring break, and nice and warm without being too too hot in the Caribbean. I imagine lots of other people feel the same way. Under 30 days to go for us, and even less for you! Hope you have a great time. πŸ™‚
  23. It does usually arrive earlier, but even if it does they're not going to start letting people off until disembarkation officially starts. We've caught 11am-ish flights a few times without a problem, but I'd be nervous about 8:30 in case the ship arrives a little later than normal.
  24. We'll be in YC on Seascape in February so especially appreciate hearing the current state of things. Thanks so much and hope you have a great time on the rest of your cruise!
  25. It's happened to us twice out of 13 cruises. The first time was NCL chartering the Prima and we lost a wonderful aft-facing suite at a great price. (We booked as soon as it became available) They offered us 125% credit but the room was still significantly more on available cruises, so we just refunded. That led us to our first cruise with Celebrity on the Apex and we had an excellent time. The second time was on Virgin Voyages when they decided to delay the rollout of Resilient Lady. We had booked (and already fully paid for) a nice suite on that. They offered 200%(!!) credit for any money you'd already paid and that left us with so much credit we got their biggest suite on the Valiant Lady and had an amazing time. Each time we were initially very disappointed but they both turned into great experiences. Even if you just get a full refund I hope something similar happens for you too.
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