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  1. Yeah, final payment is only a few days away and the other casino offers I have either don't apply to that cruise or the benefits don't outweigh my current deal. Don't get me wrong, I love the deal I got even though the price dropped afterwards, the OBC more than makes up for it, I just got excited when some Spa Interiors became available and wanted to upgrade. I still find it weird that if "they call you" and make an upsell offer you get to keep your package but if "you call them" to try to upgrade you can't keep your package.
  2. Wasn't looking for an exemption, simply didn't realize upgrading your stateroom was handled as a re-booking...
  3. On my previous cruises I did receive "upsell" offers, so my assumption going in was that it would be the same simple process to pay a fee and upgrade my stateroom selection. I didn't realize that trying to upgrade your stateroom counted as re-booking. Today I learned that, and I thought it was an odd because it comes across as penalizing me for wanting to pay more. I would have booked the Spa Interior initially but they weren't available when I booked. Also, this was the first attempt, I never tried to re-book during the price drop because I knew I re-booking would lose the OBC, I just didn't realize the policy was the same for just changing the room.
  4. Back in April I booked a cruise (departing Sept.); was in a bit of a time crunch to get it booked before my casino offer with OBC expired. At the time the price of the cruise was fluctuating almost every day, and on the day I booked it was cheaper to reserve an Inside guarantee as opposed to picking a room. Flash forward several months later and the price of the cruise has dropped more than 50pp but unfortunately the offer I booked under expired. So to save like $120 I'd have to re-book and give up the $500 OBC, no thanks. Knowing that I couldn't cancel and re-book without losing my OBC, I decided to call today and see if I could pay to upgrade my room selection as some Spa Interiors just became available. Apparently upgrading my room also requires re-booking. Upgrading my room selection would once again have me losing out on the OBC, so I declined. Was a little shocked at this. I guess I'm back to crossing my fingers and hoping I get a good room assignment with the guarantee.
  5. My first cruise was the Key West, Freeport, Nassau itinerary out of Galveston. Absolutely loved it, got me hooked on cruising. Key West was a bit of a let down, but I did have fun chasing the chickens. In Freeport I did the brewery tour, this was a blast and the tour guide really made this a great experience. In Nassau I just did a day pass at a resort that came with alcohol and dining credit. It was some excellent relaxation time. I have a Progresso & Cozumel cruise booked for September out of Galveston, will be my first time on this itinerary. I do hate the Texas liquor law thing, no cheers or drinks on us the first night which is highly annoying. And Galveston cruises seem to be slightly more expensive for whatever reason, but if you live in Texas, you can't beat the convenience.
  6. I actually talked to my pvp about this, and the $500 is actual on board credit (not fun play). Now I'm a slot player, but I did confirm that if I charged my slot play to the room (sail and sign card), that the on board credit would cover this. I assume if you charge your table play the same, that it would work the same way?
  7. I second this. I always show up for the martini tasting. Also, some of the bars offer a Tiramisu drink, definitely that, it's delicious.
  8. I actually booked a hot streak offer (going in September) and talked to my pvp before hand. He indicated that the drinks on us card would only apply to me, and not my cabin mate. And I think someone asked, but the Hot Streak offer came with OBC.
  9. Right, I was a bit hesitant about putting my faith in potentially winning a drawing. I did talk to my pvp a bit, who indicated that the OBC offfer was the better one. Also mentioned that the drinks on us card for the Hot Streak only applied to me, while the premier applied to both me and a cabinmate, but I don't actually see anything in the fine print about that. I guess they can probably see more info on the offers than we can though. Makes me sad though. I'll probably end up going with the OBC offer, as the guest I'm bringing (no longer a solo cruise, yay) is not a gambler, so the premier perks really won't be attractive to them. If I was bringing another gambler though, I would definitely jump on the premier bandwagon even though the OBC is "technically" the better offer. I will take one of those premier getaways one of these days....
  10. Anyone have any insight on carnival getaway casino promotions?
  11. So I'm looking at booking a Carnival cruise and I currently have two very different casino offers. One is the premier getaway (4 or 5 day) with $100 casino cash and the other is a Hot Streak with $500 OBC + drinks on us card. At least two of the cruises I'm looking at are available for both offers. I'm trying to decide if the premier perks are worth losing out on the extra OBC. So, $400 OBC vs. priority checkin + gifts + welcome party + casino promotions. I am already aware of how busy the casino will be, having been on a 7 day that turned out to be a premier, so that's not an issue. I'm also curious what the odds are for the casino promotions, i.e. how often do they draw names vs. how many premiers (and guests) are on the ship. The price would be the same regardless of offer. Thoughts on which one is the best? Also, there's a good possibility this would be a solo cruise.
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