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  1. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1153/~/pixels-photo-gallery-and-dreams-studio We did a review of the Pixels package if you want to look into doing that. https://youtu.be/QPfH1CyHiDI
  2. Hello we did the Vista 7 Day Cruise last January....it was awesome. We did reviews of various restaurants, our room, the spa and the drink package if you would like to take a look https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiEUY5syMeu1_233dY7oZaWRrqs_o5Fta
  3. You get a little cover...but we didn't have an issue with too much sun at all. We sat one night and looked up at the stars.
  4. I am not a heavy drinker and my wife is an occasional drinker but we thought that shakes, coffee, and drinks would help us save. It was our first cruise so we went crazy on the shore excursions so being away from the boat for 5 hours a days takes away from your drink package. We ended up losing a little of $300 when it was all said and done. We did a review if you would like to take a gander.
  5. Hi we did the pixels package if you would like to check out our review. It's a toss up if we would do it again. You take A LOT of pictures and you can only choose 5 photos with the package. 😞
  6. We stayed in the Cloud 9 Spa on Carnival and loved it. We did a review if you would like to take a look.
  7. I have heard I should have looked more closely... I had made up my mind about surf and turf before I got on the boat so I didn't even look.... 😄
  8. Hi we did the steakhouse and have a review if you would like to take a look. Do not order the surf and turf if you are hungry...my two cents 🙂
  9. If you don't mind doing the decorations yourself you can grab some at the Dollar Tree
  10. Yes you can take pictures all over the place there is usually someone from the Pixels studio snapping photos. Just give them your room number and it will show up in your Carnival Hub App and room TV to cycle through and choose. We did a review if you would like to take a look.
  11. Hi we did the cheers package, my wife is not a heavy drinker and I am a light drinker we did a 7 day cruise and ended up wasting around $300 dollars. We did a review if you would like to take a look
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