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  1. We didn't care for the course by course room service meal. Tried it once. We only use room service if we're ill.
  2. Go on the cruise and then you'll have an informed opinion on whether or not you wasted your money. And that is the only definitive answer. All others are opinions and not relevant as to whether or not you wasted your money..
  3. Let's have a man from SS apply for a SB cabin attendant position. If SB won't hire him, they must be sexist. Let's do this undercover. Then we can have a class action against SB. 😉 OP: have you been harmed by any of SB's policies? Do you know of anyone who has been harmed by SB's policies? Are you searching for a cause? Are you looking for victims and can't find any?
  4. I always call Steve at trip insurance store.
  5. OP: "I would NEVER book a nonrefundable to begin with and we have been on numerous cruises! " "I am VERY familiar with refundable and nonrefundable. We are experienced cruisers! " Well, OP, apparently you are not VERY familiar with refundable and nonrefundable deposits contrary to your statements. Just another wa wa wa from someone who refuses to admit his error. Another reason to use a cruise TA. This would either not have happened with an experienced TA or you would have recourse against the TA's errors and omissions business insurance. RCCL did nothing wrong.
  6. I've sent luggage to the ship several times using companies such as Luggage Forward. Love traveling with only carry on and arriving at my cabin with the large suitcase already there. Google Shipping Luggage and you'll get many options. Never had a problem with Customs. Just follow the instructions from the company very carefully. The luggage forwarding company will handle customs. Just consider the shipping cost as part of the cruise, not an add on. Need long lead time so watch the calendar. Sent luggage to Europe but could not send ahead too India. Check with the company. BTW, I also had the bags sent back from the ship and continued with land holiday with just carry on bags.
  7. To the OP: NYC to London (about 7 hrs) is usually considered a short flight for frequent international/intercontinental flyers. Also, you mentioned flying to Anchorage & Vancouver for your cruise. Do you need to fly to NYC for a reason other than your cruise?
  8. Deposits are handled differently in the US and UK. As Texas Tillie said, there ain't no free lunch."
  9. Tauck does not charge a single supplement, or charges a reduced supplement, on their river cruises. For 2020 Blue Danube cruises: "Special Solo Traveler Savings – No Single Supplement in Category 1: On all departures, the single price in Category 1 is the same as the double price – no single supplement, which means savings of up to 50% for solo travelers! Solo Travelers also enjoy Savings of $1000 per cabin in Category 4 and 5 on the April 6 (east & west), July 6, August 3, October 26 (east & west) departures. Certain restrictions apply; ask at time of booking!" Highly recommend two cabins.
  10. Kosher-lite or kosher-style cuisine is when a person eats regular cruise food, but not meat or seafood. He mentally picks items that would be kosher if prepared in a kosher kitchen. Hence, vegetarian meals, fish, and dairy. No shrimp scampi or chicken parm. And definitely no meat. A truly observant Jewish person would not eat from dishes that were used to serve non-kosher food (including non-kosher meat, or used for both meat and dairy meals.)
  11. I have also shipped clothes home after cruise and before land vacation. Makes travelling easier. Swiss Post is very accommodating and had boxes for sale at their Zurich Airport location.
  12. Please please please don't encourage the OP in the ridiculous threads she starts. I'd like you thrown off the ship for your specious threads and annoying topics. if you look at her activity, you'll see that she starts threads of strange topics, and then never never adds useful comments to anyone else's threads. She just likes to poke the bear.
  13. Some topics from OP: 1. Could you buy toiletries and over the counter drugs on your last cruise ship? 2. Do you agree that the food quality in the buffet is tasteless and is poor quality? 3. Miserable Cruise: We seriously thought about bailing out of the cruise- would you? 4. Do you find cruise cabins noisy at night? 5. What will I notice when I cruise on the 5 Star and Expensive Cruiselines? 6. Any truly exotic and interesting cruise ports in the Caribbean?
  14. You are passive aggressive and trying to "force" your husband into doing something he doesn't want to do. This is not the same as forcing your children to try broccoli because they should. Your husband doesn't want to cruise. So why are you forcing the issue? You are making him the bad guy here - He's going to ruin my wonderful surprise trip. He'll stay home and I'll have to go with someone else. Why can't he just suck it up and do what I want to do? Get over it lady. If you really wanted to give a gift and a wonderful vacation to your husband, why not do something HE wants to do.
  15. Why isn't your "nephew" seeking to establish his legal and parental rights himself? You seem to be more interested than he. "The mother is unstable". "The mother lies". Well, it seems to me that the father is uninterested and irresponsible.
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