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  1. I recently had a problem at a hotel that had been booked using a large online travel agency. At the hotel, I tried to change the room and they wouldn't let me do it because the booking had been through the TA. I understand not doing direct changes prior to checking in, but was surprised that I couldn't change the bed configuration at check-in. So, I am concerned that there might be some loss of direct functionality using the large online TA. For example, Royal-up bidding for an upgrade. If I use the TA, would I still be eligible to bid? Would it be directly with Royal or through the TA? Thanks. Looking at Baltic June 2021 cruise. Already see Jewel, waiting for the rest of the itineraries.
  2. Seabourn can impose tighter restrictions than the countries on the itinerary. It's their playpen. Even if the intended countries don't require the 6 month requirement, Seabourn can. Haven't sailed Seabourn in a while, but I remember that they required passports on all cruises even if the cruise was closed-loop Caribbean; mass market lines still don't require passports for those cruises. One reason for the 6 month rule could be that ships and airplanes sometimes make un-intended stops in countries other than the stated itinerary ones. And getting a new passport a few months early isn't going to seriously harm anyone sailing Seabourn.
  3. Where can I find this information? I see Anthem and Jewel for 2021, but I can't find Adventure.
  4. On MSC, kids cruise free only on some cruises, not all. From website: "... kids 11 & under sail FREE* on select cruises visiting over 150 destinations worldwide (2 years old & under in the Caribbean)..."
  5. Just checking the 2021 schedules for sailings to St. Petersburg. They appear to be RT Amsterdam. In 2020 they are Copenhagen - Stockholm. Going back and forth to Amsterdam adds 2 sea days. Anyone know why this changed? I've been to Amsterdam and don't want the extra sea days. I can't go in 2020 and I don't like the 2021 sailings. Guess I'll look elsewhere.
  6. Generally, the longer a person has been cruising, the more negative their comments. The litany is consistent: quality of [fill-in the blank] has declined. I wonder if the quality of the cruiser has declined. πŸ˜‰
  7. There used to be a generally accepted definition of rude behavior. It has now been downgraded to I define society mores.
  8. thank you all for your replies. $100 penalty isn't too bad, but $1000 gets to be onerous. And 6-9 months prior, is tough to pay in full. I wonder if this will impact the cost of trip insurance, since there is more money at risk and for a longer period of time.
  9. I tried to look through Keith's excellent summary of everything to know about Crystal, but I failed in my task. I would appreciate a link to that section. Or an example. Thanks
  10. What is pickleball? I assume that it has nothing to do with pickles. πŸ˜‰
  11. One way to do this is to create an affinity group. This could be a church group, or any group with a common interest. For example, you could have your church sponsor a trip to some pilgrimage sites in Europe.
  12. Tauck does not generally charge any single supplement, that's 0%! for cabins in the lowest category. Excellent service and excellent reputation. Let me repeat that. 0% supplement.
  13. As a first suggestion, go to the Ports forum. Are you interested in music? opera,? museums? palaces? churches? horses? Google is your friend once you have identified your interests. I could spend all day listening to opera and concerts, so I get tickets to whatever will be playing and performing while I will be visiting. Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Strauss and many other composers made their home in Vienna. The Spanish Riding School is very interesting if you are interested in dressage. The Belvedere has many paintings by Klimt. So, first determine your interests, then just go. And don't forget the fantastic Viennese pastries. There's a lot more than just Sacher torte.
  14. OP here. Thanks for all the comments. The prices and the itineraries look good. I'll probably book something for 2020. Hope to see you all on board! 😊
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