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  1. No we are staying in San Francisco, our holiday continues for a while afterwards 😁 We won’t be using our phones in America as we are from the uk and the charges will be crazy so it’s either taxi or private transfer
  2. Thank you for your replies, downtown might be our plan B if we get the taxi early enough!
  3. Thank you for your replies, apologies I should have said we are from England so we won’t have cellular coverage. I received this quote from shuttle express so figured using the port valet and a taxi would be a lot cheaper. I wasn’t sure of the wait time for a taxi though - considering the amount of people on 1/2 cruise ships at the port! the Exclusive Van price would be $170.70, and the SUV, $123.50. Any idea on the best time to disembark so we arrive at the airport with enough time for security etc.. we are flying to San Francisco.
  4. Hi, We will be on the Ovation of the seas early August and would like some advice on the best options for us when disembarking , hope you can help 😁 There will be 5 of us travelling to seatac for a flight at 1.30pm, we are planning on using the port valet service - would this be best or take our luggage off ourselves? If we use port valet can you take things like toiletries in your hand luggage on the flight or are there restrictions like an international flight? As there are 5 of us I’m wondering on the best and easiest transport to the airport. We won’t have Wi-fi so I don’t think Uber/Lyft will be an option - how big does the taxi queue get? Are we best booking a private transfer? What time do you advise disembarking the ship? With the number of people leaving and if another ship is in port, I’m concerned about the amount of people trying to get to the same place! Thank you
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