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  1. Actually, it sounds like you have more money invested than I do. All of my bookings are payable 6 months before, so most of mine are deposits. In one case (pre-covid), I paid 1/2 deposit. Interestingly, I paid cash (rather than use FCV) for my British Isles cruise March 22, 2021. I figure it has a good chance of being cancelled, so if it doesn't run, I'll get 125%.
  2. Totally agree. This has happened automatically for us as we had 3 cruises cancelled this year. Before Covid cancellations that began in March, we had 2 cruises booked for 2021. We rebooked all 3 cancelled cruises plus added another one. We have a total of 6 booked for 2021, 2022 and 2023.
  3. The cost difference between a standard and veranda stateroom varies depending on when you sail. We have a Rhine Getaway booked for November, 2022. The difference between the cheapest standard room and cheapest veranda room is $600 each. In September, that difference would be $1,500 each, plus a fare difference of $700 for a total of $2,200. Given the veranda room is 25% bigger, we’re going veranda for this cruise. All told, Viking River ship cabins are smaller than Viking Ocean ships. The cheapest river cabin Is about 1/2 the square footage of an ocean one. Hope this helps.
  4. Vslparis - I have done the 3 day hold in the past, but since using the same Viking agent, I don’t find it necessary. I can also get an extra day or 2 (maybe 3) if needed to make a credit card cycle. But I agree if you’re using your own TA, it’s best to request the 3 day hold. BTW, the error I referred to above was the final payment due date. That’s how I found out that just having another cruise booked doesn’t automatically set the date at 6 months - It has to be changed by the booking agent.
  5. I always pay the deposit over the phone with my Viking agent. Then he stays on the phone until I receive booking document. Once I did find an error - he was able to change it on the spot and email a new document.
  6. I don’t know how it works with your TA. I work directly with a Viking agent. If I have at least one upcoming cruise booked, then book another, I get a final payment date of 6 months before embarkation on the new cruise. Maybe you could book the April 2022 cruise, pay the deposit, then cancel the May 2021.
  7. To date, I have only booked the basic Viking air. The price is listed on the web, and that price has always been finalized at booking regardless of when I embark on the cruise. I assume it’s different if you use air plus, upgrade on your own, etc. - but that has never been my case for every cruise I’ve taken, had cancelled, or booked now for the future.
  8. I usually check the Viking website at the beginning of each month to see if there were any new sailings added, price changes, etc. I noticed all Iceland’s Majestic Landscapes cruises now show airfare from $1,299 - an increase of $300 as it was $999 last month and in August when I booked. I’ve seen fares change up and down, and once air reduced - but never an air increase. Glad I booked when I did.
  9. I have no interest in big mass market cruises - or attending anything about cruising until ships can sail again.
  10. We agree with Dave 100%. And I would add specifically we trust Viking’s decision to sail or not sail.
  11. all of mine are back there too. I did have a situation 2 weeks ago when one cruise was removed. I was waiting for my Viking rep to be available, so I checked just before I was going to call - and it was back and correct.
  12. I have 6 cruises booked, and none are available in MVJ right now. Could be system maintenance (commonly done Sundays). If it’s not there tomorrow, I suggest calling Viking or your agent.
  13. I also had a situation with a river cruise in November, 2017 that resulted in FCVs. The rules are not the same for all FCVs, and I’m surprised you were able to get the first extension. Only in very rare situations does Viking take the final payment after 6 months before embarkation. If your cruise is in May, that means you at best will get 8 more weeks to pay. I would just pay and look forward to the cruise. BTW, I met an old friend from high school on that 2017 cruise who suggested I use her Viking agent. Best advice I ever received.
  14. I use the same Viking agent for all my bookings so I don't know.
  15. That info is available in MVJ on the home page - click on the “Payments and Cart” box.
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