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  1. Agree wholeheartedly that the main reason to chose a policy is that it covers your particular needs. We usually have the standard insurance cover that comes with using certain credit cards, and as far as they go, they have worked OK.....though we are yet to make a claim so maybe speaking too soon....! On other occasions we have used other companies that insure for specific activities....high altitude climbing etc. I guess the reason I posted is because I haven't come across Insureandgo before, yet both here and in other places their name seems to come up quite often, so I'm a tad curious as to why, given there are other companies that include cruise packages and pre existing medical conditions with their policies? Thanks for the replies. Norm
  2. It appears Insureandgo have been used by quite a few people over other insurance companies.....just wondering why, as we're looking for a decent insurance policy for our Iceland-Greenland cruise in July. Thanks
  3. Hi Libby Yes, got the brochure thanks and had a good squiz this afternoon...! We have decided not to pre-book anything because, like you, we believe we can do most of the stuff ourselves, especially the hikes, without the need for guides. I'll do all the necessary research before we go and I'm sure we'll find all the information we'll need to make the most of the places we go to. Of course things may change once we're on our way and we may decide we would like to do something in particular when we get there, but we'll take that chance and see what happens. It's a risk we're prepared to take though. See you (relatively) soon...!
  4. We've just received the brochure and will be studying it over the weekend trying to decide what, if any of the excursions we may want to book.....providing of course they still have places. I know it can be a bit of a race against time with these things, but even if we do miss out I'm sure we'll find other things to do. Nice to see you've been proactive and booked your tour, and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. Getting a little closer now......! See you all soon. Norm
  5. I believe there is a Roll Call for CMV, though finding it isn't easy.....not sure if I could find it again, but that might just be my lack of knowledge of this site, which, as I understand it, has changed somewhat and perhaps not as user friendly as before. Any particular ship or cruise you looking for?
  6. Strangely comforting to hear this Libby.....I thought it was just me and the ever fading grey cells....! See you soon Norm
  7. I did look at the Roll Call thingy and agree it is a bit spartan at the moment. Whether that will change the nearer we get to sail day remains to be seen I guess. I hope so as it would be nice to share information before we go. As an aside, I do find navigating this site a tad confusing.....but that's just me. It's a waiting game for us all.....! As for pre-cruise tours Coco.....we'll be arriving from Sydney shortly before sail day but will be catching up with family prior to, and post cruise. Hopefully you'll have some interested parties looking to see the wonderful sights of good old Blighty and who will be only too keen to join you for a private tour. Norm
  8. Hi Libby Sounds like an interesting trip. Thanks for the information. We could be interested but would like to see how it comperes with the ships excursion too. Will keep in contact and see how things go nearer the time, if that's OK? Thanks Norm
  9. Hi Libby Would certainly be interested in any recommendations, so look forward to hearing from you. I'm sure that in small ports such as Scalloway it will be just as easy, and probably cheaper, to do it on your own. We've found this many times on bigger ships where it feels like you spend half the day just waiting to get off the ship in your allotted groups, whereas the independents are long gone...! Personally, we do like to explore at our own pace, seeing what we want to see, but sometimes its also a fools errand and there's so little to do and see that you miss out altogether...been there, done that...! Have a great day Norm
  10. I agree, it is a tad frustrating having to wait but as they say...."all good things come to those who wait"...at least that's what I'm hoping anyway. Still doing a bit of holiday research but that's all part of the adventure I think. Planning back ups just in case the excursions we may want to go on are full. May well see you aboard....especially given that she's not a big ship. Norm
  11. Thanks for the information Barbara. Much appreciated. You're probably right about certain excursions being taken up by the cruise ship, or ships, should there be others there at the same time, given they all seem to play follow the leader most of the time, so more research is required to see if there's any real 'must do's' among them. However, as mentioned in another, related thread, we have seen similar sights elsewhere, and whilst I accept they each have their own special 'wow' factor, it remains to be seen whether we feel the need to be 'wowed' again, or whether we'll be happy to 'go local' and see how the locals live.....and eat..? I know the weather can be a deciding factor in all these situations, and even the best laid plans of mice and men can often fall foul of mother nature....I guess its often a 'pays your money, takes your chance' thing. We've sadly had this experience a few times and know only too well how disappointed it can feel when you've set your heart on doing something special, only to be to told its not going to happen. Still we live in hope...! I'm sure Greenland will surpass our expectations and we'll doubtless enjoy whatever we do, or don't, as the case maybe. Happy travels
  12. We're booked to go to Iceland and Greenland on the Marco Polo in July and was wondering if anyone has any advice/suggestions with regards excursions, especially in Greenland as we have already been to Iceland a couple of times so know what to do there, and where to go. As with most cruises the excursions can be expensive, and in some cases not really worth the expense, you're better off "doing your own thing". We mainly like to explore locally but if there is anything that previous visitors to Greenland feel is perhaps a 'must do' item, we'd be interested to know, or if anyone thinks its just as well to explore ourselves we'd also appreciate your advice and/or suggestions for where to go and what to see......or alternatively, where not to go to save you the time and effort for no real reward. Thanks
  13. Update from our travel agent........and should anyone else be wondering: There is just one bus time when the bus (or buses) leave Victoria bus station for Tilbury, and that's at 11.00am.
  14. Thanks for the info. We were just wondering if there was a specific timetable the shuttle runs to so that we could book a particular time and schedule the rest of the day around that. We'll see what the travel agent says. Again, appreciate the information. Thanks
  15. Forgive me but I'm not quite sure of what you mean about just one departure time from Victoria station. Do you mean one, and only one departure all day? Basically I'm trying to find out at what time does the one, or more than one, bus depart from Victoria to Tilbury. As for the return? We won't be needing that as family will be picking us up. We arrive at Gatwick on the 20th July, stay the night there and travel up to Victoria on the 21st, hence would like to know what time to arrive at Victoria in order to connect with the shuttle to Tilbury? Thanks
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