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  1. Ah thanks, long day - tried to include everything but obviously missed stuff. 🙂 Silhouette and arrives back on a Saturday. Once I'm at the airport I know I'll be fine as I am familiar with that airport, it's just getting there as I've never been to Southampton.
  2. Hi, This is my first cruise and am trying to plan getting from Southampton to Heathrow. I've done a few searches on getting to Heathrow times and disembarking from the ships. Is there a recommended safe time to book travel (taxi/shuttle) to Heathrow? Ship is supposed to dock at 6am, but from my searches looks like it can sometimes take a while before you can get off the ship. My flight, time keeps changing but it's in the afternoon, right now the most recent time is 2:05pm which means I should be at Heathrow for 11:05.
  3. haha thanks, yeah I've already been looking at options for the next cruise because they look so good ;)
  4. Thanks for posting this, I've just booked my first cruise and this is very informative and making me really excited for my trip :)
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