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  1. Oh WOW. Thanks for sharing.. It looks nice enough to enjoy the pool... Still think they should have a retractable roof so you may enjoy the pool or hot tub in not so nice weather ....
  2. That's nice to know we're sailing August 30th, so we may have some warmth :)
  3. Okay well, I will pack a couple of swimsuits and see what the temperature is but I heard it does not get above 60 when doing an Alaska cruise..
  4. I will be sailing on the August 2020 Alaska sailing and I was wondering since it will be cooler on the Alaska cruise. Is there an indoor pool that I can enjoy????
  5. Thank you so much for this information. It was so helpful.......
  6. I Know of at least 3 beaches on Labadee besides the Private Beach for the Suite Holders. Out of these 3 which one is the Best. Can you rank them: Columbus Cove, Adrellane Beach, or Nellies Beach. Thanks for your input..
  7. If you bring your own on Board do it have to powder or can you bring liquid. The Cold Stone Sweet Cream is only in liquid?????? What do you put it in to bring on the ship???
  8. I was just going to ask this question because I wanted to go on the Victory but the time frame for the Sensation is more better. I know the Sensation is an older ship but how nice is it compared to the other older ships?
  9. foxcent

    Ruins in cozumel

    I was just asking a question since I have never been, I did not say I was going to actually DIY. Thank you...
  10. foxcent

    Ruins in cozumel

    Driving sounds fun, How much is it for car rental?????
  11. foxcent

    Ruins in cozumel

    Yeah I know. Thank you for the information and letting me know that they are a distance and may risk not getting back in time, although we are there until 7 if we leave early we should get back in time...
  12. foxcent

    Ruins in cozumel

    Ok Thank you I will keep Tours Plaza in mind...
  13. foxcent

    Ruins in cozumel

    Thank you taking a ferry sounds nice.. How much is the Ferry and how long do it take to get to Playa Del Carmen??
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