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  1. Again, thank you all for these. I have far more data to go by now. I think its safe to say Barcelona for start port. Regards TEdd
  2. @kerryincork Thanks for the heads-up on visas and choice of cruise lines, already looking now. Will revert with any further inquiries on some of the points you raised or anything confusing. Thanks again.
  3. @Essiesmom, Thanks for the tip about alternative languages on some cruise lines, I am already brushing my poco italiano but would stay off non-english cruises for now. Thanks again, TEdd
  4. Thanks JB, Have done some research and found that there aren't cruises out of West Africa so you are right about that. I wouldn't mind flying to another country to board. Closest locations are South Africa but most likely I would need to go further. I am looking at cruise lines now but there isn't much to judge them by except reviews and brochures. For the route, since I would like to get started sooner than later, you are again right Med is the likeliest especially one that docks at Venice. I may have to cruise solo, I need some alone time (am going through a family crisis). Again, thanks for reaching out. Bests
  5. Hello guys, I am a newbie cruiser (obviously) which I suppose comes with its own requirements to learn but I am also from and resident in West Africa which is another thing. I am planning to take my first cruise from July, 2019 as the first step towards re-discovering myself (going through a life changing event) and would appreciation recommendations - Cruise Lines, Destinations, Packages and such. I have a number of friends (mostly from my hiking and professional groups) who have expressed interest in cruising so after my first I hope to be able to help others achieve their dreams as well. For me, this is going to be a big part of my life here on out, there is not much else I would rather be doing. So would you help me?
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