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  1. We are a family of 5 that have booked a cruise for special birthdays and anniversaries. I (probably naively) thought that when i booked the cruise and looked at the itinerary that we would be really close to the destinations (forgot about the fact that some are inland!). We don't want to spend a fortune doing all the excursions with Tui if we can easily do them ourselves. Has anyone been to the following cruise ports and can give us some information about getting about. We have spoken to people who have been on cruises who say it is so easy to just get off the boat and jump in a taxi but some of the destinations are quite far away and i suspect a taxi would be a small fortune. Marina di Carrara - for Florence and Pisa Saint Raphael - for St Tropez Salerno - for Pompeii and Herculaneum Any information you could give would be gratefully received. Thank you
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