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  1. That's a good idea. We may find something to do, but honestly, the cruise is the thing.
  2. OP here. So yeah, it actually leaves at 11:59 PM. Midnight. Weird, right? But the first port is a slow 7 hours away (just around the corner) so I can see why they leave so late. I've been on a few cruises and I do like the getting there early, but I'll be with two septuagenarians and a handful of kids. I want the option of getting to the rooms as soon as possible once we're there. Also, the scooter for my mother will be in the room waiting for her--and she'll be a lot more comfortable if she doesn't have to walk too much (even the boarding is going to take a toll on her). As I mentioned in the original post, boarding times are 11:30am - 5:00pm. I wonder if NCL could tell me directly?
  3. Our cruise departs at midnight. My choices for arrival times are from 11:30am to 5:00pm. On my last cruise (different cruise line) I knew what time our rooms opened up and picked an arrival time to match. How can I find out what time our rooms open up on this cruise so I can pick a good arrival time?
  4. ...and when we went about 8 years ago, there were fireworks galore on shore as we sailed away and I believe a ship behind us launching fireworks from its deck. Thought it was pretty cool stuff, and we're not American. Great times!
  5. Thanks. No, I realize that some are like this on the Joy... but I also know that some are the other way around. But thanks for posting a real pic!
  6. Did the refurb of the Joy eliminate karaoke booths? (As I believe they had in Asia.) Is there "public" karaoke on the ship?
  7. How can you know from the deck plan? From what I can tell, all the rooms show the same thing.
  8. So, OP's back! LOL Yes to the Joy. I thought I mentioned that, but I had to write the original post twice and must have missed it the second time. Regarding rooms, they're on Sail Away so we don't know room assignment yet. However, I have my room number but no matter what I do, I can't see the layout anywhere of an actual room by number. Everything on NCL's site is generic from what I can tell (that is, the only layout they show in the plan view drawing is couch by window) but I know from online vids that there are two configurations. My room is 13128--how could I check, definitively, if my room has couch near balcony or near door? Not sure how hammock with pullman down/couch up would work. They are counting on a queen size for my parents (maybe I didn't make it clear that it's not just my mom, but both my mom and dad in the room) and using the couch as a couch (although my son will be staying with them, he's little and the couch will most likely work as a bed for him without pulling it out). Here's the only floor plan link I can find: https://www.ncl.com/ca/en/cruise-ship/joy/staterooms/Balcony#JOY_Balcony_BD_BF-staterooms-gallery and in fact, the photo shows couch by door but the plan view shows couch by balcony!
  9. My mom will be renting a scooter for our cruise in October. They are in a standard balcony room. I've seen that some balcony rooms have the bed close to the balcony and the couch nearer the entrance door--that would be idea for bringing in and parking the scooter. I also see, on NCL's website, that the floorplan is couch near the balcony and bed near the door--not as ideal. Does anyone have any experience with this? Where were the couch/bed on your cruise? For that matter, any comments on her getting around by scooter? NCL assures me it's no problem.
  10. Has anyone sailed the remodelled Joy and played craps in the casino? Do you remember if it was a $5, $10, $15 or + table?
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