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  1. Are there any activities on the 3 non sailing ships - eg.. trivia, lectures, entertainment?
  2. I could not agree more. We took a 15 day cruise and the menu in Atlantide never changed once, except for one appetizer. There was never any poultry, pork or pasta offered. Of the 5 meat choices, 3 were steak! We have taken 8 previous Silversea cruises and loved them, but we cancelled our next one because of the lack of menu changes. Also, Atlantide is the only restaurant where you can join a table. One of the pleasures of Silversea in the past is making new friends.
  3. We are booking 2 grand suites on the Allure for Oct. 2020. Are there any areas to avoid because of noise?
  4. Eating with whomever you want has always been the policy of Silversea, Seabourn and Oceania. When you go to dinner, you can ask for a table for 2, 4, 6 or 8. At the beginning of cruises, when we were traveling alone, we often sled to join a table to meet new people. Other people felt differently and preferred to only eat with people they knew. The choice was up to you. Their old policy made everyone happy and “ If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  5. Sorry for posting this issue of lack of menu changes 3 times. We always loved Silversea and wanted to make sure SS gets the message. We called Silversea and they said they will be making this policy on all their ships. Many of the people on our cruise agreed with us on this issue.
  6. Just returned from a 15 day cruise on SS Spirit from London to New York. Great cruise, but one big negative. We love to meet people by joining tables - only allowed at Atlantide and they never changed their. Entree menu in 15 days. I am not a fish lover, so their meat choices were 3 steaks, one lamb chop and one veal chop. No poultry, no pork, no pasta. The food is wonderful but the lack of variety is a major problem.
  7. Just returned from London to New York on the Spirit. Great cruise - one big negative. They have several restaurants and never change the menu. Only one restaurant can you share tables to meet new people. Ther meat choices are 3 steaks, one lamb chop and one veal chop. We always loved Silversea and Seabourn, but this policy makes us downgrade Silversea,
  8. We just returned from the London to New York cruise on the Silver Spirit. It was a great cruise and up to Siversea’s usual standards. There was one very big negative in our opinion. We have taken 6 previous Silversea cruises and always loved the opportunity to meet new, interesting people by joining tables for dinner. That was no longer allowed on any restaurant except Atlantide on the Spirit. In 15 days, they never changed the menu, except for a couple of starters. I am not a fish lover, so there were 5 meat choices, 3 of which were steak, one lamb chop and one veal chop. La Terraza and Indochine had lovely menus, but they also never changed and you could not share tables. Many people on board felt the same way we did. The food is wonderful, but the lack of variety has caused us to rethink our future bookings for Silversea.
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