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  1. This maybe a silly question, but I used an OBC to book an excursion 3 months ago. Now that we got the upgrade, it looks like the OBC is gone. My cruise planner shows a balance due now. Is this something that happens if you win a bid? Should I pay the $100, so I don't lose my excursion?
  2. We are on the Allure with you on Sunday. Our bid was accepted today for an upgrade too. Our bid was in the fair range. We went from a loft suite to the owner panoramic 🤗. So we are Star Class now too.
  3. We are on the Allure sailing in 2 weeks and 4 days- in a Loft suite two adults and 2 children- we booked 2 months ago. We have not gotten a letter from Concierge yet. In the past, I thought I received the letter 30 days before. I’m worried we won’t get reservations after reading this thread. We never even had to make them in the past. I believe the problem is the royal up bidding. Now every suite is filled and they don’t have room for everyone in CK. I will be upset if I get turned away after paying full price for a loft suite.
  4. I received the offer to Royal Up bid on an upgrade for a cruise in 3 weeks on Oasis class ship. I am in a L2 Loft suite already but my options to bid are on a 2 bedroom suite aqua theater or Royal Loft suite. I called and ask why I couldn’t bid on an L1 Loft suite? (There are lots of them available on this sailing). First the Royal Caribbean agent told me the L1 is equivalent to L2. That would be an ocean view for me instead of overlooking the back of the ship. Then she told me to just call my travel agent to ask how much to upgrade ($1,700 per my travel agent). My in laws in a junior suite have the option to bid on the L1 for less than $1700. What?!? I think Royal Caribbean should offer every upgrade option to everyone to keep it fair. Is this how it works now? It’s just a calculation to squeeze the highest amount of their loyal cruisers? 😲
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