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  1. Thank you for the info. Do you think it is worthwhile to contact the Mexican Embassy and/or Carnival to try and get a clarification? Also, do you think they would notify me prior to my cruise if I was for some reason denied boarding?
  2. Thanks for the info. To be clear, I'm certainly not on any registered sexual offender list, etc.
  3. Thanks for the responses. If anyone else can shed any light on the question, please do so. Thanks.
  4. Ok....I wouldn't think the misdemeanor thing would be a huge deal...I understand it is in Canada because they consider a DUI a felony....
  5. Who is RCI? I can call the Embassy but from reading other posts am under the impression I won't get an answer. Also, I wouldn't use a travel agent. I would just book online or directly through the cruise line...Carnival most likely.
  6. Ouch, so I'm getting conflicting reports here, also. It would be embarrassing to tell friends and family I"m going on a cruise to Mexico via Carnival Cruise Lines or whomever and then having to explain not being able to cruise....do they tell you right after you book or just 30 days before or do they wait until you are actually in Long Beach or do they not tell you at all, etc. Does anyone here know for sure...it would most likely be the three or four day cruise from Long Beach to Ensanada in December...via Carnival....thanks for your help...
  7. But I'd already be on the ship from Long Beach. I would think the only thing that could "possibly" happen is they don't let me get off at Ensanada or whatever Mexican city...I know Canada is different. I don't care about Canada. They can shove it. LOL.
  8. Thank you. That's what I was thinking but you read conflicting answers. It was a hard time in my life. No excuse. I guess the worse that could happen is they make me stay on the ship...
  9. I am thinking about a Mexican Riviera Cruise from Long Beach. I have two misdemeanors..one from 11 years ago for disorderly conduct...and one from 5 years ago which was a DUI...for that one I served unsupervised probation for three years... Will I have trouble getting off the cruise ship in Mexico? Thanks for any advice...
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