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  1. To say that we are first time cruisers is a misnomer. We are a couple (not currently married - yet) with a blended family. I have an 18 YO son and 13 yo daughter; She has a 21 yo daughter and a 19 yo daughter. Of the six of us, I am the least experienced. I have been on two cruises, both with Carnival, with the last one being 20 years ago. Both my kids have been on four cruises with the last being this year. All of theirs have been on Carnival. Her and her daughters have been on around 5-7 cruises each, with the last being two years ago. All of theirs have been on Carnival as well. Well, we are taking our blended family on a cruise this year. A 7 day Carnival cruise out of Miami to the Caribbean. Thank you for reading so far, but this is just background. My question is going to be for us two, what is next? I would like to up our game next year to a more exclusive cruise. While we both love the kids, we want some 'OUR TIME.'. We would like to see what there is other than Carnival (again, a great line, but I know that there is more). This cruise here is about $6,000 for all of us. We would like for this next cruise to be in the Mediterranean next year (probably in the 12-14 days, or there abouts). A little more luxury for the two o us, but at the same time we are still very active. Whether it is excursions, or ship board activities. We are in our mid to late 40's. I had looked at other lines such as Regency. While there were certainly luxurious accommodations, some of the reviews had me concerned. Apparently in the last few years (from the reviews), there have been an influx of new workers in the various departments and areas of the cruise line. With the appearances that the company was replacing the more experienced individuals with cheaper, less experienced individuals. This is from multiple reviewers with the majority being repeat cruisers with Regency who stated that this has really affected their opinion of the cruise line. What I dont know is if these are verified reviewers, or individuals with less than stellar motives. So I came here. What cruise line should we be looking at that can give additional luxury and pamperedness (is that a word?), but at the same time provide for an active couple that likes the relaxation mixed with adventurous excursions, shipboard nightlife, and the options to just veg when we want to. While budget has not been set, it would probably start at what we are paying for this current cruise I mentioned ($6k), and could possibly go to $10k to $20k. Would love to hear your cruise lines that that fit this descriptions and specifically your favorite ship with your cruiseline.
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