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  1. There are rumors that Carnival is planning on building roller coasters and a full amusement park on HMC.
  2. I wonder if there is any way that they could turn up the amplifiers more than they do, that way you could hear them in your staterooms and would not have to go to the show.
  3. Don't you think roller coasters would add to the total Carnival experience, along with side show activities with games and prizes.
  4. Why would you want to worry about pre paying for tips? Just have them put it on your credit card and pay it off on the next bill, no interest, no worry.....
  5. I guess this is not the time to think about the star system up to 6,7, or 8 star voyagers. As it stands a passenger could attain 5 star status in one year with stays in suites and the usual purchases on board. It is a long way between Presidents club and 5 star status.
  6. Will we have binoculars provided in our balcony room on the the Amsterdam, or should we bring our own?
  7. I don't recommend them for the men......
  8. With all the new additional charges should we consider more for the corp to increase revenue. I have noticed that vegan passengers complain about the meals, perhaps a $20-30 uncharge for those who eat meat. Another source of income would be use of the pools which are costly to maintain, we have a pool at home and never use the ones on the ship, maybe $50 surcharge for pool privileges. Perhaps the attendance of the entertainment for those who don't go maybe a savings of $100. There are so many additions for the pay as you go patrons that could result in increased revenue. What do you think?
  9. With the relaxation of dress codes, I am at a loss for Gala dress. Is it proper to have the bill of your baseball cap pointing forward or backwards at the dining table?
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