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  1. Most of the time stairs. But depends on several factors. Up or down, how many flights, how tired I am, if there is a line for the elevators, who I am with, if I have bags. 1st and last day stairs only except when I have bags. Returning from a long port day almost always the elevator.
  2. Store them in the shower, when the shower is needed temporarily put them on a bed. It really is less of a big deal then people make it.
  3. Plus you will ALWAYS be able to find two cabins for less than two cabins. There may be times when a two bedroom suite is less expensive than two suites. But you will never find a two bedroom suite for less than two inside cabins.
  4. You were the one using NEVER and ALWAYS
  5. Make more money charging per item than self service laundry.
  6. 99% of the time two cabins will be less expensive than a two bedroom suite. BTW I was ONCE offered a porthole room for less than an inside room. So by one posters logic anyone claiming inside rooms are the least expensive rooms on a cruiseship is spreading false and misleading information.
  7. Depend on the age. With older children you should give them advance notice. They may have plans to do stuff with friends, make arrangements with school etc. With younger kids determine how many times you are willing to be asked "how much longer before we go on the cruise?" Multiple that number by 5 minutes...that is how much notice to give a two year old.
  8. Trick i taught my nephew when his dad bought skim milk by accident. Mix with half and half to get desired "strength"
  9. A two bedroom suite is going to cost considerably more money than just getting two rooms. Although you also get considerably more room. Honestly, I don’t see much benefit to the extra cost or even a need for connecting rooms unless you are dealing with young children. With an adult child you can just plan to meet at some place and time.
  10. Actually I have taste tested in different wine glasses. I have also blind tasted $300 bottles vs $6 bottles. Reality is folks think the more expensive is better when it isn't.
  11. Wine tastes the same regardless of the glass.
  12. 3:2 or 6:5? IMHO most important rule.
  13. Dogs are also on the prohibited list. Bur ADA exceptions exist. Liquids are banned on airplanes ( for safety reasons) exceptions exist for baby formula and breast milk. It is possible that a cruise line would have a general ban on heating pads and then allow them on a case by case basis after determining the particular pad has appropriate safeguards.
  14. But I am not putting him at any disadvantage. He can convert it to dollars at the exact same rate as me. So in no situation is he better off with me doing the conversation and often he is better off if I don't.
  15. IIRC, most phones don’t use true GPS, but rather the locations of cell towers, on a ship the nearest cell tower moves.
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