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  1. If cruise ships are only sailing half full then supply is half. One reason Disney doesn’t feel the need to lower prices even though they are taking away some attractions/services and tourism demand has dropped is they are also lowering supply.
  2. Obviously this would have negative impact on profits. But sailing at 50% for a year is less likely to lead to insolvency than not sailing at all for a year. Also i am pretty sure suite passengers spend more on board pp than inside cabin passengers so once again you are looking at much less than 50% loss of revenue. Disney ceo said his parks will be able to cover operating expenses at 50% or he wouldn't be opening them. Restaurants which operate at much thinner margins than cruise lines are reopening at 50% rather than stay close.
  3. Not really. If you eliminate the inside cabins but have 100% occupancy on suites an overall occupancy rate of 50% is stil about 85% revenue or more. Sailings won't be as profitable but they will be more profitable than not sailing or they won't sail
  4. Cruises are likely going to be required to sail at 40 or 50% capacity. That will greatly shorten queues.
  5. Would not shock me if masks and g-strings are used interchangeably.
  6. So what. Nobody goes to a strip club to see the entertainers faces.
  7. Why would the crew attempt to take control from the captain because a passenger that refused to quarantine was restrained? I don’t recall of any reports of passengers rioting on Diamond or other ships over being confined to quarters. Most folks who test positive will understand why they can’t mingle with others. The rare ones that don’t will be physically restrained to their rooms. Most other passengers will be glad sick people are not free to roam about.
  8. Not necessary. If you are caught outside your room you will be brought back to your room and handcuffed to a post so you can’t leave a second time. That should be an ample deterrent.
  9. Tests, Tests, and more tests. With ample testing, contact tracing and isolation of infected people the disease can be controlled without a vaccine. But we need to significantly reduce the current number of cases and need to increase testing by several orders of magnitude.
  10. All of which will still be available. Only difference is a cruise employee will be holding the serving spoon. Maybe this change will upset some people. But folks didn’t stop flying because you are no longer allowed to bring a Cosco size bottle of shampoo on airplanes after 9.11 and this won’t be a big deal either.
  11. Not necessarily. I have found lines with manned stations often move quicker as there is less indecisiveness, picking thru the entire bowl, or issues of having problems operating salad tongs and holding a plate at the same time.
  12. Flaw in your logic, right there. If there is a high enough prevalence of covid that there is 5% chance that an individual muster drill lasting less than a half hour will result in the spread of covid than there is a a much larger chance that during the course of 7 days the virus will spread by passing someone in the hall, at the casino, from a handrail, in an elevator, at meals, etc. If the disease is prevalent enough to make muster drill unsafe, than ships shouldn’t be sailing.
  13. Not speaking for him but me. Even if money was no object, I would still prefer inside cabin. Nothing beats taking a nap at 2pm and having the room pitch dark. One thing I dislike about travel is hotels never have curtains that are as good as what I have at home. (other than inside cabin)
  14. Because their largest market has decided that it doesn’t matter how many people die as long as we can get our hair done.
  15. For all the complaints I hear about not being able to get the portion size one wants, I have never had this problem. If I ask for a quarter spoonful that is what I got. If I asked for more I always got.
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