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  1. Catch some of the latest headlines in the cruise industry in less than 5 minutes.
  2. Also I think they will start up then as according to there call center in order to board one of there ships you have to "show a negative cov. 19 test that seven days old put it in a database and you have to wear a mask all day long on freeport".
  3. Well I Made It Down To The Next Port!! The Terminal Photo. I though I Had o put This In The Blog. After Some Fun Onboard It Was Time To Head To The Top Of The Ship Near The Mini Golf And Look Down At Down Town.
  4. Yesterday Was A Awesome Day At Coco Cay. Sorry I Did Not Take A Lot Of Photos. Now Sadly Today Is Time To Leave The Mainer And Head Down To Miami To Board The Next Ship!
  5. Well We Are Now Docked In Nassau Today But Here Are Some Photos Form Our Relaxing Day In Coco Cay. Again Today On Our "Cruise" We Went To The Beach That Where The Former Tender Lagoon Was Located. The Kids From The Ship Were Playing With The Lizards Form The Island. Another Photo Of The Lizards. And Later That Night Look What Was On My Bed!
  6. Well yesterdays sail away was uneventful. How Ever on our way out of the channel we were able to get a close up look at some space x rocket parts. Anyway We Are Now Docked In Coco Cay Right Now. Today Is Just Going To Be A Lazy Day On The Island..
  7. Well When I Made It On Board!! Embarkation was super simple, and I was glad to see my Suite Genie ready to escort me onboard. After boarding Mariner the jammer was not opened up yet so I took this time to look at some very cool sights around the cruise port! It Looks Like Space X Is Getting Ready For There Next Launch! Now it is time to EAT!! Yummy!
  8. Whoop! Whoop! Today Is Cruise Day!!! Next Stop Port Canaveral!!! On The Way There They Were Working Hard On New Train Line That Will Run From Orlando To Miami. Cant Wait To Use It One Day! And Well Would You Look At That! We Are Now At PC! Our Next Stop Is The Terminal!! No Parking Shuttle This Time!!!
  9. That's right friends, it's time to (pretend to) cruise again and you're all invited! I truly can't believe my two (non-existent) cruise is finally here, and I am headed back on my two favorite ships, Mariner Of The Seas And Navigator Of The Seas!! On The first Leg it will be a four night cruise out of PC on Mainer of the seas to coco cay, Nassau, and back to coco cay! And then after the first leg it is time for a quicks drive down to navigator for a quick two night cruise to coco cay! On both legs We have a Jr Suite booked for the sailing. After all, nothing is too good (especially if it's all pretend). So I hope you will join me as we "Cruise" Again!
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