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  1. The Encore is a physical manifestation of NCL corporate's greed. It's a garbage ship.
  2. It's not free, just like the "free drink package perk" isn't free.
  3. That's not even printed on the menu, like the upcharges for the other items. So it's not consistent with the dining package Terms & Conditions, and it's not written on the menu. Nothing says classy like a $2 upcharge for some asparagus. So tacky and gross.
  4. NCL hates Platinum cruisers. It's so obvious. Frank Del Rio wants his ships filled with selfie-taking millennial first-time cruisers who don't know any better. Enjoy your EMPTY SHIPS when the recession hits, Frank.
  5. retractable spikes on the furniture...you swipe your card and get 30 minutes for a set rate (for your convenience). You get a 60 second warning beep before your time runs out, then the spikes pop up.
  6. No, it's not optional. Wear a bathing suit.
  7. Is Google Voice the same feature as making domestic phone calls from your Gmail account? I've done that before on NCL WiFi without a problem, but it's been awhile.
  8. It's hilarious you consider not being able to eat cheese at 11pm a "situation"
  9. why is carbon footprint in quotes? Also we don't save plastic the way we save trees. Plastic is an entirely artificial man-made creation that doesn't exist in nature, and plastic plays no role in regulating the biosphere. Trees are a naturally occurring and critical part of our ecological health - so your comparison is confusing.
  10. Unfortunately I think a large percentage of pax on a cruise ship think global warming is a hoax.
  11. Of course the water from the bathroom sink is drinking water.
  12. And if you do send something back, make sure you don't get "the standby steak!"
  13. I wonder if there's a correlation between people who buy the water package and people who think the world is 6000 years old
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