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  1. 298. This is a definite deja vu. I wont be happy if that bloody virus stops this one.
  2. I am loving your countdown. I really hope this cruise happens. 447 is a great countdown. With you all the way.
  3. 302 Got it booked at last. Celebrity came good with the cruise credits
  4. Having been in celebrity edge all I can say is, it was glorious and extremely luxurious. Even better was lack of pompous formal lovers. Sorry for generalisation there but I am on about the ones that seem to love the golf country club vibe. I can do without those sorts.
  5. Well just waiting for celebrity to get back to me with my cruise credits. When they arrive, as long as its available, it will be 363 days till next cruise. Seems like a year away.
  6. But I was ill for 8 days with a lot of the symptoms. And I lost my sense of taste and smell for an extra week. Only had mild cough though. Could have been flu of course but I had had the jab for that.
  7. It wasnt. But that's not my fault. This was march and the uk had no testing. Our leaders binned testing. So I might not have done
  8. The thing is people on here have confirmed that they are ok with people going back to work as it's an essential risk. But not to have any social life as that's not essential. But for those that work in the aviation and hospitality industries its essential for them to get back to work. It seems some think some peoples jobs are more worthy than others. Construction sites are mainly open in the uk now. I have difficulty in believing any of those sites are essential not that they can really practice social distancing. Many bus drivers in the uk have died of covid yet we have full bus services still.
  9. If this is allowed to continue people will only travel when there is a facility to take them. If aviation firms go bust and they are how ar people going to fly?
  10. Testing? Unless testing can be done and analysed immediately whas the point? You get a test on monday. You get the result on Wednesday. All clear. In between you contract the virus on the Tuesday. That worked well. And isnt there a 4-5 day period where symptoms dont show?
  11. If anyone has any interest in saving the aviation and hospitality industries they had been better get flights moving and resorts open soonish. Vaccine or no vaccine.
  12. You don't need to wear a mask outside as along as you are over a metre away from others. You certainly dont need to wear one whilst driving your car........makes me laugh out loud when i see people doing this. The masks used generally are to protect others from the mask wearer right? The other annoying thing for me is those that wear gloves all the time in supermarkets and will touch food etc. And packaging. The virus is more.likely to be on their gloves than any hand that got hand sanitised on the way in. So glove wearers are the most selfish.
  13. Yes I believe so. Would have been around a 40 day holiday. Even though I have already had the virus.
  14. I suspect trimming your bear was extremely dangerous. More dangerous than covid I would think.
  15. Oh believe me.you dont know the half of it. Confusion reigns in the uk
  16. Well I was going. Not now. See above. Rome to venice via a few italian stops plus Sicily Malta and Montenegro. Sp just awaiting my cruis credits to re book.
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