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  1. Thanks...I'm trying to mentally prepare:-/
  2. TIA for any input. Our first cruise in years was this past July and we were fortunate enough to travel Star class through a RoyalUp bid. We have scheduled a cruise this April and are booked as Sky class in a crown loft suite. Because of spring break demand I doubt we will be fortunate enough to upgrade again. Our favorite part of Star class was our genie reserving spots for us at shows and being able to walk in right before showtime. Can someone explain to me how the Sky class seating for shows is handled? Do we need to make reservations? I think I read somewhere that we can arrive 15 minutes before the show and have reserved seating?? Thanks again for any input and I fully acknowledge that this falls under the category of first world problems!
  3. Thank you all for the information, it is very helpful
  4. My husband and I are planning an anniversary trip next summer and want a stress free high end experience. We cruised as Star class this summer on Allure of the Seas and loved the experience. Is NCL's Haven amenities comparable? Are there different levels of service depending on room type? Thanks in advance
  5. We are cruising on the Allure later this month. We have had the fortune of our Royal Up bid being accepted and will now be in the Star class. Our other family members are in a Grand suite and a 1BR aqua theater suite. Does anyone know if this will cause problems for us in regards to meals and shows? The other members have purchased the food and alcohol packages. Thanks for any input
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