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  1. Does anyone know if you can still call NCL and book shore excursions in advance without having to pay upfront like you could with the previous shorex perk?
  2. I just got my email tonight too! Within the 90 days from March 23rd so I wasn't panicking or frustrated yet, but glad to see progress is being made!
  3. For those of you who have received your refunds already, did you get the email from Norwegian saying that it was being processed (as some have said they did), or did it just show up to your payment method? I noticed that my FCC disappeared over the weekend but I have yet to receive that email or my refund...hopefully soon!
  4. One of the options under "Gifts and More" is for Perspectives Studio. I am recently engaged and think it would be cool to have some engagement-type photos taken on-location (we are cruising on the Bliss April 5th). Has anyone purchased this package before? If we only wanted an on-location shoot, and not a studio session, I'm assuming that we wouldn't get a refund if the on-location shoot were not doable due to weather or some other situation that may arise. Any advice would be welcome, thanks!
  5. Home Departure City - Richmond Arrival/Destination City - Newark/New York Airline(s) used - United, Delta Number of Connections - None, Direct flight Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 6:00 am/7:24 am (flying into EWR) Return Flight departure/arrival time - 12:35 pm/2:14 pm (flying from LGA) *Note, our return flight time was originally 9:59 pm/11:34 pm, but I called the number on the air confirmation and asked if there was any way that could be changed since we have a 3 hour drive from the airport. The representative looked into it, and came back saying he could change the flight for a fee. Since our original airfare was completely free, we jumped on it and still ended up paying less than 1 ticket would have cost us had we booked the airfare ourselves. Did You Pay for a Deviation (before or after cruise)? No # of Days Prior to Departure Flights Were Ticketed? 64, updated at 62 days
  6. For anyone who's curious, I was able to call the number listed in my original air confirmation this morning and I paid a small fee to have my return flights changed to a much better time. Considering the original flights were free, we still made out great on the deal.
  7. For those of you who have successfully called and gotten your free/reduced airfare flight(s) changed, what number and what time of day did you call? *Please do not tell me "you get what you paid for" - I know that we took a risk and will be ok if the flights cannot change, but it never hurts to ask!
  8. From NCL's FAQs: https://www.ncl.com/freestyle-cruise/guest-reservation-transfer-faq Q: I ALREADY MADE A RESERVATION WITH A TRAVEL AGENCY, BUT I WOULD LIKE TO TRANSFER THE RESERVATION TO A DIFFERENT AGENCY. CAN I MAKE THE REQUEST? A: No, the agency with which you have your reservation must authorize Norwegian Cruise Line to release it to the new agency. You will need to work with your current travel agent to submit the transfer request. So your current TA has to approve the request, or you have to cancel and rebook, to switch TAs.
  9. It is strange to me that other than the Haven, pricing for the 4/12 cruise is the same or a little higher than on the 4/5 one. That said, we'll be on the 4/5 cruise because it's my spring break as a teacher.
  10. I know that booking for specialty dining and theater shows opens up 120 days prior to sailing (not in a suite or the Haven). Does anyone know what time of day the bookings become available online? Is it right at midnight on Day 120 or sometime in the morning? Thanks!
  11. For those of you that have used GroundLink before, the price quoted on their site is per trip not per person right? If so, it'd be cheaper than the NCL transfer for us and definitely worth looking into. We aren't cruising until April 2020 so won't have our flight information for quite a while - does anyone know if GroundLink prices tend to increase as the sailing date approaches?
  12. It looks like it's part of a new promo where some sailings let you either take Free/Reduced Airfare or an extra $50 per port excursion credit.
  13. Thanks for all of the answers. We do have the Shore Excursion "perk" so it sounds like calling and reserving is definitely the way to go!
  14. Does anyone know when NCL stops adding shore excursions to itineraries? I'm booked on a cruise April 2020 and over the past few days the number of excursions has gone from 29 to 45, and I know there are more possibilities for each port when I browse excursions in general. I'd hate to book an excursion early and miss out on a potentially better one that gets added later (if that happens, can I cancel the booked one with no penalty and book the new one)? Thanks!
  15. I apologize, I was unaware - I'm very new to the forum. I will edit my post accordingly. I booked on July 3rd so I still have some time before the transfer window ends.
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