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  1. Actually I think it is possible on a small ship line. CDC quotes lots of junk, they appear to be lost is space. Their posting on crew repatriation With “color” coding the repatriation was pretty disappointing, of they spent 3 months “perfecting” their plan, they do not have a clue. The point is putting stock into anything they throw out (which have changed on almost a weekly basis) might be better attuned to throwing a dart at a ballon wall filled with their answers to problems.
  2. At least one country steps up to the plate. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/carnival-thanks-dubrovnik-gateway-repatriate-3000-crew
  3. The saga continues, those poor souls stuck on the ships. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/urgent-plea-eu-countries-ensure-seafarers-can-transit
  4. I am not positive, but pretty sure they are accepting policies, although they now may additional riders of coverage and exclusions.
  5. It is one of the classic signs, they will have no choice but to deny boarding,
  6. That’s the world in which we live now. The other option is they let people who might be sick get on and infect the ship. To your point, if they refused boarding, I would be surprised if they would not offer a credit. Another possibility is insurance which would cover that in any event.
  7. I agree, we have been to Cozumel 13 times on a cruise ship. There is only one town, but the island offers many wonders, a truly great island.
  8. Interesting thread and echo the congrats. I will give a little different view point. In 45+ cruises, we have missed one port of call. That said, in these times, you just never know. Our one time was after we sailed, sometimes it happens that way. Like another post here, there was a group doing a wedding...at that port. It was interesting watch (we friended a couple the first day (one of the great things about cruising) and they kept us up on what occurred. It was surprising, while not what planned they adapted well, and it looked from the outside, that it happened as planned.
  9. If by human nature you meant greed I would agree. The ONLY winners in a class action suit are the suits, period.
  10. There efforts and particularly in regards to timing, is horrible. If I did my job like that I would have been fired. Total lack of respect for the people stuck on the ships. This took 3 months?
  11. You were a big Lido for dinner guy, as I recall. 😉
  12. Huh, it asked me about cookies but let me in
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