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  1. They have removed them for capacity control. There may e some ship changes due to dry dock schedules. Cruising to Europe is still on. We will see.
  2. Love going there on a ship with big red funnel. St Lucia, the jewel of the Caribbean.
  3. not ready to throw in the towel here either
  4. Their choice to scrap is based on the market, not their commitment to the line. There are home ports where they def "fit". Not my choice, but they worked, and worked well. The situation and the following business case decision by them will work also, maybe even better than they dreamed. They cannot be taken to the cleaners for the decision by both sides.
  5. They must know, but I would def do the southern route again if the had, say the Dream going out of SJ (or any conquest class ship).
  6. The ship is much more important to me, but destination sometimes takes over. To directly Answer your question, there is not enough shop there to make me take the Royal ships. My wife, who most def has a say would tell me to keep looking.
  7. While I would agree that the two ships are dramatically different, it appeared that Carnival did not have problems filling the ship, which goes to bolster their view that in this specific case, the cruise ship has little to do with the “ship”. I questioned some internal “friends” on this very topic a few years back and this was their response.
  8. Now to your other point I would argue there are some remakes that are very good, A Star is Born as example. Not trying to go off topic....
  9. Cannot argue your point. It gets further convoluted when cruise lines pick the same names for ships already named by other lines, Carnival Freedom and Freedom of the Seas, Disney Magic and Carnival Magic, etc..
  10. Sorry, thought you were somebody else. Stay safe as well
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