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  1. I requested that my FCD’s be returned as credit to my credit card. In total I had 6 FCD’s returned this way (3 cancelled cruises, 1 FCD per cruise for each myself and my husband). If FCD’s have been repurchased or returned to your Mariner account - just call Mariner Society and they will be able to get that process of credit back to your card. I am stilling holding onto FCD (one for myself, one for hubby) but do not feel the need to hang on to any more than that, at this point in time and uncertainty. Carol
  2. Bingo, you hit the nail on the head!
  3. This is from the first, or one of the first cancellations, Asia only itineraries (+ transpacific crossing Yokohama > Vancouver) on the Westerdam of this past March-April. Those cruises, Feb 28, March 14, March 28, April 11, and April 25 were cancelled in one swoop - on February 20th (email received from HAL). It only pertained to Asia sailings on the Westerdam. The provisions were 100% refund, and 25% FCC toward a future booking. At that time February 20, nothing more was known/decided regarding other sailings. The rampant spread of Covid-19 was only beginning to affect Europe. Decisions at that time affected only the remainder of the 2020 spring Asia sailing season - as that was the hot topic and area. Carol
  4. you can cash them in, to be refunded back to your credit card at ANY time by called the Mariner Society. They expire 4 years from date of purchase, and you will automatically be refunded your monies if you have not used them within that timeframe. I have just cancelled (June 12) an April 2021 cruise, which was being held with 2 FCD’s (one for myself, one for DH). I requested the FCD’s refunded to my credit card, as I still have another 2 attached to my Mariner account, for future use. I was refunded today, June 23, on my credit card with a posting date of June 18, which is when HAL processed/submitted the transaction. In a “normal” non-Covid 19 scenario that refund would have been within 1-2 days, I like to have a spare set on hand as $100 will meet deposit requirement per person for up to a 14 day cruise - and FCD provides some bonus OBC, depending on length of cruise AND stateroom category booked. It is your discretion to avail yourself of buying a FCD onboard. You can pick up the form(s) from the future cruise consultant area (on their display rack) and usually once per sailing a request form gets delivered to each stateroom. You can leave the form in the dropbox located near the future cruise consultant, They will use the same credit card number which is on file with HAL for that cruise, no need to wait in line to see the consultant in person. There is an option to either receive the confirmation by email OR paper copy delivered to your stateroom. FYI: When I cancelled 2 future cruises on April 22, my FCD’s holding those cruises were refunded on May 8 (16 days turnaround), My additional $400 credit card deposit payment (necessary as one cruise was 32 days, requiring more than $100 pp deposit) took considerably longer to be credited back). Carol
  5. Most of us on our roll call for the cancecelled April 11-25 sailing this year on the Westerdam received our refunds. I received full refund for cruise and one shore excursion on Feb 24 posted to my credit card. Recently one person on our roll call, who had been booked on private excursions that I was organizing, asked me this very same question. I advised him to contact HAL asap, and travel agent - also try the chat function on HAL website. Carol
  6. our 2013 HAL Zaandam Hawaii cruise was r/t San Diego with a port stop in Ensenada, Mexico before returning to SD. Carol
  7. just showed up on HAL website under travel advisories. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/news/coronavirus-travel-advisory.html
  8. There is a lot more at play besides wearing a mask - cruising will not be similar to what it has been in the past, for a while. There may be rules/practices in place, which affect one’s enjoyment of a vacation - besides the mask wearing (which I happen to think is the least of it!). Staggered or assigned dining, possible assigned times for activities, debarking, embarking, and shore activities everything will need to be choreographed well, and may impact the enjoyment of the cruise. At this point, my biggest concern is that we are quarantined to our room. Yes, if you get Noro you may spend 1-2 days in your room - you probably would not even feel like leaving your room if you are feeling ill. But if you are NOT sick, and quarantined due to high transmissibility, that is a different ballgame. Seems like most people believe it will be wear a mask, and everything as normal. I beg to differ. Carol
  9. That is a pretty poor excuse HAL is giving you. I don’t blame you for initiating a dispute, and what you were told lends even more credence to your dispute and not waiting any longer. Carol
  10. My refund was processed on May 27 (as per HAL chat agent). That was a Wednesday. Figure in the weekend, with no posting on accounts - today June 2 the credit appeared on my credit card with a date of May 28 (probably when received by card company). Carol
  11. and you are correct! Goes to show you can learn something new every day😏 I stand corrected... guess that puts a kibosh on the Atlantic Ocean road excursion in Kristiansand. Carol
  12. Kristansund - I believe you can get an excursion which takes you on the Atlantic Ocean road, possibly a small fishing village - we did this from either Olde or Molden, about 10 years ago - but I believe can also be done from Kristiansund port. Very scenic. Carol
  13. Update : This morning June 2, the deposit refund was credited back to my charge card, with a transaction date of May 28. HAL chat agent had advised yesterday June 1, that my refund had been processed by HAL on May 27. Carol
  14. Update : today June 2, I received the deposit refund posted to my credit card with transaction date of May 28. The HAL chat agent said it had been processed at their end May 27. So, not a canned response, the agent did indeed look up the booking and report on actual status. Carol
  15. This was for a deposit only....... The cruise was January 20, 2021..... At that time I also cancelled another cruise for November 2020..,Also a deposit only. Nov 2020 cruise had 2 future cruise deposits holding that reservation. The January 2021 had also 2 future cruise deposits holding it PLUS additional $400 from credit card, as it was a 32 day itinerary, I had cancelled 5 shorex previously on March 28, for the January sailing. the shorex excursions cancelled end of March were credited back May 8. (41 days) the future cruise deposits (4 of them) were credited back to my card - I requested that as I still have 2 on file still with Mariner account and do not want to stockpile - back on my account beginning May. ( The $400 due was credited May 27, according to HAL chat, this AM appearing on credit card with May 28 posting date. (35 days) These cruises were not cancelled by HAL, but we decided early on against them - no future cruise credits needed to be figured and set to our Mariner numbers, no other finagling - straightforward refund of deposits only and shorex. We had our April Japan Westerdam cancelled this year - but this was the first mass cancellation (Feb 20, and affected 4-5 sailings only for the remainder of Asia season. Those refunds were on my credit card within 2 days, My cancelled cruises may not have been in the same pile as those cancelled by HAL, requiring more figuring related to options for refund and/or future cruise credit. Just conjecture, My thoughts regarding long waiting times for refunds - possible causes 1- first, waiting for the raised capital from the Saudis to be in their pockets. 2- apprising how much they owe along with costs for ongoing fleet in waters. 3 - getting remote set up to work from home, and having to pass the work through higher ups for review and clearance before posting. 4- most importantly I think they may have put daily quotas on daily/weekly refund totals for release. - for instance “x” number of refunds below let’s say $2K, “y” number of refunds between $2k and maybe $5 or $10 K, then “z” number of refunds of higher value JMO, could be the paperwork for many refunds is completed, , but the review panel is controlling the release . It appears the HAL chat line is giving out more info regarding one’s particular refund - rather than the general, canned response received from calling into HAL. I was told the refund date along with the last 4 digits of my credit card - and indeed refund did show up a few days later, Good luck to everyone with their refunds, I know it is frustrating, especially those awaiting large amounts. Mine was considerably small peanuts, many have way more dollars at play. Carol
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