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  1. Please do re-read your posts in this thread you have really had a lot to say. By the way I get my news of Seattle from KIRO 7, KING 5 and KOMO 4. I have trusted these outlets for 45+ years. You seem to have taken it upon yourself to chuck crap at just about everyone on this thread....Just sayin'
  2. Uncle Les...check, check, check DO NOT follow this instruction. The addition of caraway seed to anything will ruin it. Please do try the method I suggested by sauteing some bacon and onions in a pan and add your drained sauerkraut. No caraway seed it is evil
  3. I have a pack of frozen pies in my freezer, I saw them today. Although they are a well respected brand they are still lame. That being said maybe I'll do them tomorrow night.
  4. Best of luck planning your adventure. We are just in the process of cancelling our planned January 2021 down under adventure and moving it to 2022. I think with everything up in the air they are still trying to understand what the rules will be in July of 2021. You should be able to do your drinks package now, we always choose that as one of our perks with Celebrity. We had all our pre and post cruise accommodation booked as well as the direct flights so now cancellation will be so much fun. Start doing some research for your ports of call and then you will be prepared to book your personal adventure whether that be through the cruise line or on your own. There will no doubt be protocols brought forward in the coming months and they could be very fluid. There may also start to be "allowed country" lists developed similar to the existing EU list. I hope that the United States can begin to get a handle on the virus so that they will begin to be part of the accepted lists.
  5. Well we are just about to pule the trigger on the cancel 2021 cruise and book the 14 day in mid January 2022 cruise. Apparently there is a new promotion coming out Thursday so holding off to see what that is. As of now the 14 day is just over $1,000.00 more with 1 less perk. Covid sucks.
  6. I'm actually surprised that more people haven't blocked the fisherman. And please don't quote the guy then I have to see the ridiculous post, including the tragic pictures from Beirut, which have nothing to do with cruising. Many fishermen do troll Les😁
  7. No doubt, those who booked suites would be entitled to get a lot of free stuff I would suggest that many of the things suite guest get are not "free" they are "included in the fare"
  8. I put that particular individual on ignore within about 2 days of starting to frequent the down under board. I never could stand a w anchor
  9. Like Happy Cruiser 6143 mentioned Celebrity already has Eclipse and Millennium sailing out of Vancouver. I may be wrong but Vancouver is already a pretty busy port, and the Lions Gate Bridge does restrict the size of ships able to enter the port. Of course we don't know what the future brings, cruise lines will re-deploy their assets to those markets that are open. Right now Solstice is in south east Asia we have no idea where she might be next. Eclipse and Millennium are in San Diego, they should both be in Asia. Will there be an Alaska cruise season in 2021? I hope so, my town is a stop for many itineraries and we sure missed the ships this year (no matter how much the City Counsel complains about them).
  10. We are doing a little road trip in early September. We booked an ocean view king bed at $220.00 per night. We drive a Subaru Forester so excellent fuel economy but the meals could easily run $150.00 a day. The cruise we are about to book is about $625.00 per day
  11. Be safe Les. We are seeing about 50 new cases a day in BC but few of those (maybe 1 or 2 in 2 weeks) are on Vancouver Island. I think Dr. Henry is still getting good compliance with mitigation measure by her continued calm and encouraging delivery. Still there are the few, the clueless who don't even try. I haven't even contemplated being tested, and don't know if they would test me I have no symptoms. I do find myself wearing the mask more even though I don't like it, and it will never be second nature for me to wear it.
  12. Caves while fascinating are out for us, we are both claustrophobic. Phobias are a strange thing, I don't do heights but will ride up a mountain in a gondola or even on a ski lift. but ladders are a bit of a problem. This is why I'm a cabinet maker not a carpenter.
  13. So is 4 days enough to get from Sydney to Philip Island at a leisurely pace, being able to stop and see some things along the way?
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