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  1. Let's please try to keep the politics out of this. None of us know any of the logistics involved nor do we know the reasons behind the previous shortages of vaccine. And let's not even start about securing our border, that was impossible from the start. I do have to say that one day in jail for blatant disregard of public health orders is hardly a deterrent.
  2. Well again it is time for bed So I will pass this on to whoever wants to post a photo. The photo was taken from the Ilikai which was featured in the opening credits of both Hawaii 5-oh series. Good night everyone be well and perhaps farewell.
  3. The Lagoon is in the Hilton complex the building I was in is not. We watched the Hilton Luau show from our Lanai, it was on the roof of the adjacent building.
  4. Thanks Julie, but I'm rapidly losing interest. If your Government does not want cruise ships then grow a pair and close the ports like our Government did. Make a call and stick with it. We'll make other plans and think of what might have been. Even your own citizens can't plan a vacation farther than 100 kms without fear they may cross an imaginary line and have to quarantine somewhere.
  5. Thank you Leigh. What I mean is that perhaps during this time of extreme outbreak in India the "fortress" mentality is being suspended to bring in people from the worst outbreak in the world seems counter productive.
  6. Privilege? In that I had the good fortune to be born in Canada? Yes a fortunate circumstance. That I'm almost 62 years old and still plying my craft in a career that spans almost 40 years? I still have all my digits and I still work 45 hours a week and have a comfortable home. We are fortunate to be able to save money to travel to far of places every couple years. I guess it depends on your concept of privilege.
  7. It's close but not the "Rainbow Tower" this building features in the opening credits of 2 famous TV series.
  8. Really??? you saw my picture. I am a white Canadian and to Australians I have a strange accent. And if you want to use big words like xenophobia... It seems to me the mindset is if you aren't already in Oz don't bother, unless of course you are a star athlete or actor or celebrity then come on down. You are sending charter flights to India (largest hot spot in the world) next week apparently to bring Australians home, meanwhile many Australians have been waiting for months to get home and no such luck for them.
  9. Thanks Leigh, I'm really not sure I care anymore. Your government and many of your people have posted "closed for visitors" loud and clear as well as making it clear that it will be years perhaps never before anyone with a strange accent will be welcome there.
  10. I really don't want to get in a fight with you Julie or a back and forth for that matter. I have said many times I understand why the border is closed now and support it. Just as our border is closed to the US but it's a little harder to make that stick. I am talking about the thought process that says we'll lock our people up perhaps another year or 2 rather than make the virus less of a threat by using whatever we can to get our people vaccinated in a timely fashion. So far there have been 2.6 million doses of vaccine administered in all of Australia and we passed 2 million doses in our
  11. Looks like we may never get to Oz because I won't be re-scheduling. Each country to their own, sit around in your "fortress" while the rest of the world moves forward. Wait for the "miracle" and covid just goes away. Action is required and your "leader" is absent.
  12. Yes Katz is famous in New York and Schwartz in Montreal. We are considering an east coast Canada cruise after the down under adventure (If that happens), maybe we can try them both out assuming there isn't a 2 hour wait. I'm sorry no way I will stand in line for very long for any sandwich no matter how good. Now I guess we need a new photo Name the building we are in to have this view.
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