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  1. I would say the US. CDC is American and as the wording clearly said ships sailing in US controlled waters, also be aware of the wording referencing the input and approval of the "leader" of that country. So it could easily be rescinded at any time. Nowhere in the world is the response to Covid 19 more fluid. I dare not go further lest I be reminded about political criticism of some world "leaders"
  2. Yes we are lucky that it's not quite that strict here, I heard the news story that a Cabinet Minister in New Zealand offered his resignation because he took his family for a drive. Yikes that is harsh, but if that is the rule. If they get more strict here then we will be housebound although I am still working, construction is considered "essential" and you can't build a house without a kitchen. We have many choices for Take away and are thinking about Thai food for Saturday. We'll combine that with our drive.
  3. We will be at home, Lynn is recovering from surgery nicely. Making a small ham dinner on Sunday. Lynn has some strange Good Friday lunch with wieners on rye bread. She and her mom (She lives with us) can enjoy that, I'll have mine in a bun. We will probably go for a drive along the waterfront. We are not quite as locked down here as you are there. We just drive, no stops no getting out of the car except maybe to pick up take out. Definitely no walks on the crowded trails, we have an acre we can walk on. Going to do some colored eggs even just for us, no kids or grand kids to miss.
  4. I have read, the posts too and agree, Most people who have posted that were on the cruise are thankful to be home rather than sitting on Eclipse waiting for the virus to spread to them like Diamond Princess. Some are angry with what transpired, in that they weren't warned to use some common sense precautions. Some unfortunately were exposed to the virus and I hope they will have a complete recovery, but be aware you are home and able to access proper medical care as opposed to sitting on the ship. And for all the armchair quarterbacks who have commented on the situation...if you weren't there you can't say what anyone coulda, shoulda or woulda done. Being that passengers were released to travel home it would have probably been prudent to practice social distancing, and perhaps wear some PPE and gone directly home to self isolate for 14 days. Sometimes you have to take personal responsibility for your own actions IMO.
  5. January 2021 in Eclipse Auckland to Melbourne. We plan to go if...Celebrity lets my diabetic wife board and the good people of New Zealand and Australia let these Canadians set foot in their country. We have the Airfare booked as well as all the land based accommodation. All refundable.
  6. The article I read said "Strike Force Bast investigators were conducting inquiries aboard Ruby Princess" Les can you help this poor Canadian who are Strike force Bast?
  7. Geez more conspiracies from that guy. I'm guessing there are only a few laboratories able to extract the data from the "Black Box" and chain of evidence would log the unit in sealed wrappings throughout it's journey. Was there really a "Police storm the ship" headline? There wasn't enough melodrama already? Les, I suspect that this operation would be done by a police force not tied to the alleged "Criminal" activity that this investigation is meant to explore.
  8. To clarify my use of the word "Crown" Les pretty much has it right. Crown council in Canada would be like the Crown prosecutor or State Prosecutor in Australia. They would seek a court order from a judge to have the ship expelled and the Cruise company would be able to show cause why it shouldn't. If the court order is granted then the police serve and enforce the order. The police here couldn't just order a ship to leave without a court order. The State (or in our case Provincial)and Federal Governments make the laws. Courts interpret the laws and the police enforce the laws. Can the police just make up an order like that in Australia? Without seeking approval of the court.
  9. Indeed Bo but I prefer what you would call "Canadian" whiskey...Crown Royal or for a real treat Ron Zacapa rum, nectar of the gods.
  10. If she is heading in this direction the Dry dock is here in Victoria. If she shows up here I will be able to see the dry dock from the local beach. I will let you know.
  11. Les, I hope you don't think my recent comment was taking a run at NSW Police. I do think they could have handled this better. In my opinion the whole "ordering the ship to leave" was a bit much, shouldn't that order come from the Crown? With the police obliged to enforce it? What happened seemed like the commissioner acted unilaterally. Of course both our countries being part of the commonwealth the laws would be similar but different. So perhaps the Commissioner could make that blanket order. I did have a bit of a run at our own RCMP a few posts back, I can't understand how a couple of travelers who returned after the Quarantine Act was declared are blatantly refusing to comply with the self isolation requirement. Don't understand why they weren't arrested and charged. No use having a law in place if you don't enforce it.
  12. Pushka. I don't understand either; we are slowing the curve here. No new cases on the island in the last 24 hours, and the recovery rate is upwards of 70% so people here are trying and then we hear about this. Not cool🙄
  13. The Canadians came home this morning on a chartered plane, I'm not sure if they will be quarantined at a Canadian Forces Base like the Diamond Princess and Grand Princess groups were. The Canadians from Eclipse are at their homes to "self isolate", which is all well and good until someone refuses to comply. Story came out today that some couple here on Vancouver Island known to have returned from abroad (don't know where, or if it was a cruise, by air or by car) blatantly told the enforcement officer they were not going to comply. I'm not sure why the RCMP hasn't attended their home to arrest them for contravening the Quarantine Act. Grrrr🤔
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