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  1. https://www.ncl.com/press-releases/norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-announces-organizational-changes-ncl-brand
  2. Price could drop or all the cabins could be booked. Once everything equivalent is booked, there usually isn't any compensation offered, so you should probably do a mock booking to see how many cabins are actually available. If for example, it's only 1, then you would be lucky to get OBC for 1. If there are many, you take your chances that they remain available (upgrade bids, others in your same situation, still others opting to pay for an upgrade). So OBC in the hand today is better than nothing in my opinion.
  3. It might be 4 years old but not irrelevant, so using an old post is just as valid as creating a new post IMHO.
  4. To be honest, that's the price you pay for having your pick of the Haven cabins which is a benefit if you want a specific location. You can always re-book if prices go down before final payment - you would probably get to keep the cabin you initially chose, but no guarantee. After final payment, they owe you nothing, although they might give you OBC or FCC if there are still vacancies in the same category. No vacancies, no price comparison, no credits. Your other option is to book in a lower class and if prices drop, go for the upgrade. As to booking early, it all depends. I booked during the BlackFriday sale and not only is my upcoming cruise sold out, it never even came close to the price I paid, plus the airfare deal couldn't be beat. My upgrade bid was accepted when my cabin-class sold out shortly after final payment. Sometimes prices do go up.
  5. Off and on - continuously this time since August. They do drop it periodically. But no worries even if it's not running because as long as you are before final payment, you can always add a second one any time they are running the promo.
  6. For 2 days - until they extend it again (appears it has been running since August) https://www.ncl.com/popup/cruisenext_terms
  7. Not mine. Booked BF sale (20% + 30%), got 2x excursion credit and it's still $700 cheaper than now. Maybe the early (May) cruises are starting to drop. Might have to consider an early season cruise tho...
  8. Thanks for posting - one of my reservations also has the SHX50 code but it was added later when I made changes to a cruise originally booked with airfare instead. I'm assuming both do the same thing, but the per stateroom is important, since I've invited someone along on this cruise and was hoping to share the overage anytime I have an excursion that costs less than $100. My plan is to split the promo if they won't carry over any excess to #2.
  9. thinking of buying another 100 shares in a day or two if it keeps going down. Then I have 100 to keep and 100 to sell.
  10. thought I might but didn't print that page - so all I can tell you is that you should have code HEXTRSX2 in your NCL confirmation. Think I need to start printing out these pages when I book with weird promos. For what it is worth, promo T&Cs are https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions if that isn't where you are looking. I looked on the archive.org site mentioned, but it only shows an archive from July, 2019 and all that gave me was a blank page. If you ever want info on a previous cruise (mock booking or real) you can get to it at ncl.com/shorex/latitudes#/reservation#/vacation-summary Sometimes the links to your old edocs and other info might work from there - but not always. Direct link to edocs is ncl.com/oci/ship/latitudes#/reservation#/edocs Now for the excursions - not sure if this will work 100% - I just tried it and it seems to show all of the excursions (at least those I saw before I booked) but some don't have the prices. Anyway, if you do a mock booking for the cruise you are on and use the direct link to the vacaton-summary, you can then link to the explore and plan page for your cruise.
  11. That is what I would do - you can also mention it to your tour operator who will probably tell you what has happened in the past. Also post your concern on the roll call for your ship/sail date and ask what others are doing.
  12. Pretty sure the docking time listed on your itinerary would be local time. Most tour operators are fully aware of the use of ship time and would probably know what time the ship usually docks. Also if you read the comments, ship time is not generally used unless the ship is zig-zagging between time zones. If you are sailing straight from LA to Puerto Vallarta, you will probably be advised to change your clocks.
  13. Not true. It is up to the captain and they will tell you if they are changing time or not. Typically they won't change if it's a daily back and forth change and you will be on ship time.
  14. If they cancel your cruise, they will refund any money that you paid to them. But there are a number of other things they might do - and cancelling a cruise 4 months in advance is highly unlikely. They are more likely to change the itinerary and offer you some OBC or allow you to book a different cruise.
  15. Yes - I tried to ask some airfare questions via email and never received any response. Even sent an email asking if anybody was home - still no answer. But I have gotten a response at other times, so I don't know if it is the department or the questions. I kinda think that they don't respond if it's not something they can help you with.
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