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  1. gnid, I absolutely love your photos. We did the Celebrity Xpedition cruise twice. There was a woman aboard who had done it numerous times. I want to say maybe 10 or 12 times. The ship wasn't full either time. We absolutely loved it.
  2. This scare reminds me of a t-shirt I saw aboard a snorkle tour boat. It said, "You could also die falling off your couch in your living room."
  3. We were docked at Antiqua. Earthquake was said to be about 5 miles away, so probably not Martinique. It was in April of 2018.
  4. This is a little vague, but we were tied up at the dock at a different island when there was an earthquake in Martinique. The ship did "wiggle" a little, barely enough to notice. The captain announced at dinner that there was a nearby earthquake.
  5. Those pictures make me so sad. We were supposed to stop in Greenland on two different cruises and missed it both times due to weather.
  6. The only observation we've had on these cruise ship based fishing expeditions is that the guides know it is very unlikely you'll ever fish with them again so they don't try very hard. We've had this happen in Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean. We are experienced salt water fishermen.
  7. I can think of a couple examples. It's been years ago but my brother had to cook and eat all the bacon he had in his RV before they would let him into Canada. When we arrived in Australia after being in New Zealand, we answered yes that we had been on a sheep farm in NZ. They made us step in a tray of some kind of chemicals. I thought that was funny since they had no idea if we were wearing the same shoes we had on at the farm. Watched a woman being taken away in NZ after denying she had fruit in her bag. A dog found it.
  8. Many years ago the fitness center had a scale that when the ship rocked, your weight would go up or down quite a few pounds. I thought that was really funny.
  9. Six hours away? By ship? By air? How fast is the ship moving? I can see all kinds of "gotchas" with that kind of statement.
  10. Weren't the patches taken off the market for a while? I seem to remember that but don't remember why. My husband has problems with being seasick and Bonine works well for him. But it does make him drowsy. I agree that these things are preventatives and not cures after you are already sick.
  11. We accompanied my husband's sister and BIL on their 50th anniversary cruise 10 years ago. It was fine. Today I can hardly stand to be in the same room with the BIL. He had a heart attack and a triple by-pass a few years ago and his personality changed drastically. He is now extremely impatient and is very vocal about getting his way NOW. Of course, he is 10 years older now but we noticed this change immediately after the heart attack.
  12. Two more come to mind: Saw a dead whale covered in sea birds floating alongside the ship. Saw a couple in bathrobes getting their portraits taken on formal night. They said they did that every cruise.
  13. I would think it would take extreme nerve to walk into an open cabin door and steal something.
  14. I take so much OTC medicines with me my husband calls it the "Pharmacy." I've been sick on so many cruises. I had to cancel half of our St. Petersburg two-day tour. That broke my heart. But my husband has only been sick once on our 70-something cruises. The big difference is that I simply cannot keep my hands away from my face and touch everything: hand rails, door handles, elevator buttons, etc. You'd think I'd learn.
  15. I've always wondered about the silverware in the dining rooms. You see your servers picking up used silverware and then laying down fresh with those same hands. Wouldn't that transfer the virus?
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