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  1. According to cruise critic some river cruise companies are making some changes for safer cruising. ACL has not announced any changes. it wouldn’t be unrealistic for no more open seating Instead being assigned a table and eating with the same people all week. I am bored and have been making masks. For all the mask makers I have an idea. I will be bringing 6 extra masks (all the same fabric) for possible table mates. It would be fun if other mask makers would do the same. (if multiple masks are made for same table we could vote —- if that is the case we should bring 8 extra then we could offer another table the masks that are extra)I will also be bringing fabric markers so cruisers could label their masks. I’m praying my July 25; 2020 Puget Sound Cruise does not get cancelled.
  2. I have more anxiety about when will cruising resume rather than covid19. My April cruise was cancelled so I rebooked for July 25. Crossing my fingers. I live in Houston area. So it isn’t practical to book a cruise for August or September due to hurricane season. i have decided to keep busy making medical masks. Currently working on a batch that has a nautical theme. ( thought I would take on next cruise ). Maybe it would be fun to exchange (new/unused ) masks with others on my cruise. This is not a financial venture. I have been ordering sheets to use as fabric (bottom sheets have the added benefit of the elastic).
  3. My April 22; Puget sound postponed. My travel advisor isn’t recommending rescheduling for May or June. She suggests waiting. I am in Houston area and covid19 hasn’t peaked yet.
  4. Update I received call from ACL today. My cruise has been postponed. I was provided generous options of which I can think about before my decision. My travel advisor was correct. Her advise to wait until ACL calls.
  5. My cruise is April 22, Puget Sound. My travel advisor recommended to wait and let ACL , cancel. It is hard to just wait but that is all we can do. I’m in Texas and corona seems to be hitting it’s peak. Just stay healthy that’s all that is important at this time.
  6. Just found interesting info . Same for Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean. ( I’m sure others but only interested in those). New criteria for guests 70 and older must get a Dr, release that they are healthy enough to sail. Not sure if this is temporary.
  7. I am scheduled for April 22 for Puget Sound. I have not received an email from ACL or my travel advisor. I’m still fantasizing I will be able to make the cruise.
  8. Thanks for the info. My cruise is April 22. My feeling is to wait.
  9. I am getting excited for Puget Sound cruise on Constellation April 22. I am looking forward to a healthy cruise. I have confidence in the other cruisers and in ACL. I am traveling with my granddaughter, who is anticipating the cruise. She has been a frequent travel partner of mine. Happy and Healthy sailing to all.
  10. I differ with your interpretation. I understand that there are weather variables. I think it would be good business practice to keep the clients / passengers informed of changes. That means ahead of time.
  11. Beware. Don’t privately schedule extra excursions. The itinerary may change unannounced. I am scheduled for the Puget Sound Cruise April 22. i was studying the stops and shore excursions looking at possibly scheduling my own excursion. This is when I noticed ACL had changed the order of the itinerary. ( Friday was to be a cruising day and Saturday was to be the day for whale watching paid excursion —-website still shows this schedule BUT My account shows Whale watching to be on Friday which I paid for through ACL). I loved my first cruise but this sort of thing has taken the joy out of scheduling future cruises.
  12. I am taking this cruise in April 2020. I asked my TA for info about excursions. Prices are for 2019 Anacortes, WA FREE walking tour Deception Pass jet boat tour. $40. Premium SeaBear Salmon Tasting Tour. $45. Premium Whale Museum Tour. $20. Premium Whale Watching Tour. 2019. $99. 2020 $115. Signature Butchart Gardens. 2019. $145. 2020. $180. Signature Walking Tour of Port Angeles. $20. Premium Olympic National Park. Hurricane Ridge $50. Premium Lake Crescent of at Olympic National Park $ 50 Premium port townsend downtown walking tour. $15. Premium tour of fort Washington. $50. Premium poulsbo walking tour. $40. Premium Suquamish museum. $40 premium Does anyone know how many of the stops / ports do we have to use a tender?
  13. A consistent complaint on many reviews is poor to no WiFi connections. I dont think this acceptable. If carnival cruise line can offer WiFi in the Caribbean, ACL can certainly do better since they are always in view of land. The hotel manager on my last cruise implied that ACL just needed to update the system. If cruisers can get cell service WiFi can’t be that difficult. Cruisers are paying about (varies per cruise and category) $700 a night. A cruise without WiFi is not luxury. Poor wifi Cruisers can’t research up coming ports for independent site seeing opportunities can’t arrange own Uber transportation Check in flights May not be able to print boarding passes for flights home Hotel manager and staff have issues booking cruises Etc. etc. etc anyone have ideas on how we can get ACL into the 21st century? Mass emails, letters phone calls?
  14. I appreciated your post. I had a great cruise on the Pride on the Columbia River and booked another cruise for the spring w/ friend. So far no problems yet. BUT i also booked 2 solo cruises for 2021 (need to book early if want solo cabin) I am starting to have concerns with a 2021 cruise. It was for May 16 , 6 night. that specific cruise is no longer listed . It has been replaced with a different ship and different port and 7 nights . Specific itinerary not listed. My travel agent wasn’t even aware. She called ACL and they said changes will be confirmed by end of this week. (Really the change is already in computer) people beware ... ACL has in brochure. Itineraries, schedules , routes, ships and staterooms are always subject o change, without notice due to weather, availability of docks or locks, shoals, River condition, mechanical OR. ANY OTHER REASON Times and dates, depart and arrival are subject to changes.
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