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  1. Sailing out of Galveston in November. What are the boarding time options? Will need to coordinate with several families. I’m also a nervous Nelli and tend to over think. I’m driving from an hour North of Houston.
  2. It has cooled down for fall in 50s this morning. I’m having to bundle up more. Jan glad your sister is okay. Falls are my greatest fear - I tend to break. Stopping actives that put me at risk. Ie skiing, bike riding (riding is okay it’s the getting off and on that tests my balance). Going to try kayaking and snorkeling,
  3. NCL- welcome your in the right place for motivation, encouragement and accountabilility. You will need to lose 7-8 lbs a month. That’s a lot. Jo your holding steady which is great with. Your holiday.
  4. Good morning Belle — I think maybe everyone is getting out more after a rough year of isolation. i hope everyone returns. Especially with the holidays just around the corner. The accountability alone is beneficial. The lbs have a way of creeping back. got 2.5 miles in this morning it’s about my limit.
  5. Thanks for the motivation. I’m maintaining. MTN good job - a lb a week is wonderful Tuesday talked with a kayak instructor and scheduled to get some lessons in a month (we both have scheduling issues). This was to prepare for seeing the manatees in Florida. WELL the stars all were aligned - booked an Uncruise for Baja in feb. I got a single cabin without a supplement — Saving abt 43%. —my first solo cruise- have a wonderful TA who will take care of everything. All this motivated me to get serious with my total gym— will work on upper body strengthening shoulders and abs.
  6. I agree it sounds expensive. You sound motivated, I’m sure you could did it yourself. Check on cost of just one sessions with a trainer to get a specific plan. GOOD LUCK
  7. Before and after pictures. Before was taken March of 2020, at Park the small black Schnauzer - crossed the rainbow bridge 2 weeks ago. the second photo was taken in July 2021, with friend in Montana
  8. Belle - great start for the week. Jo and Ombud. Good job. jan making pizza sounds like fun. im maintaining. Had f/u with plastic surg. All is good .Next appt in 3 months. ——suspect he is hoping I will want tummy tuck by them. Not going to happen resubmitting this was submitted around noon on thursday
  9. There are 3 in my family. I’ve checked Windstar website it is not addressed whether the sofa can be used as a bed. Would love to try Windstar but don’t want to book 2 cabins. Not willing to book owners.
  10. Saggy skin just cover it up with clothes OR wear it proudly. Surgery not an option for me. shopped for cruise needed 2 tops with 3/4 or full sleeves. Found them- had to go to store wasn’t sure of size. Went in thinking med Surprised the smalls fit without binding. - I’m shrinking. Few years ago realized I was 5’5”” not 5’6. — jus checked Im 5’ 3”
  11. Belle - I have the a new goal. Figure out the correct amt of calories to maintain my wt. It is very scary to get off the ride I’ve been on for over a year. (The saggy skin is still padded with fat so I’m ok)
  12. Here is what I know received kit. - big notice NOT to open until I instructed box instructs to download app register to the site — I got that far Next steps I’ll wait for my son to help. enter the test box bar code make an appointment ( from what I’ve read need to wait til closer to cruise) I assume during the appt verification of vaccination match with ID (will probably be drivers license or passport) then will be instructed about and witness taking test.
  13. Belle thanks for encouraging words Jan - great wt considering pizza party Jo - O.2 is maintaining Im maintaining. Down 1.6 for month. Harder part ahead - learning the right calorie count to keep wt steady. Jo and Jan seems were the same age. In December I’ll turn 72 - my sisters will be 73 - 74- 64. Jo I’m cruising Nov 8. Carnival accepts Abbott tele health tests. I purchased 3 for us . Figure will go to sons so he can walk me through the process. Will buy an extra kit closer to cruise - Just in case we need it. If we don’t need it son can use for his December cruise. I have an iPad / phone there is a problem with connecting posting on this site. If you don’t hear from me that is the reason
  14. 9/28 having problems posting. Write hit submit and it disappears Julie - great plan. You can accomplish your goal. Shortly after pandemic hit last year I took my health seriously. With the support from this site I have stayed focused and hit my goal of losing 100lbs. In process of bldg new wardrobe. Now the scary part — maintaining and not falling back to bad habits.
  15. Caught myself overdoing snacks last night. This morning I took my treat basket - everything in 100 calorie portions- took it to a extra bedroom, placed on high shelve in a zippered storage cube. The treat tasted so good. I’ll try do do without for a week. If that works I will take out one snack a day. Also going to punish myself with a big glass of water every time I think of cheating. weather is great. Going to walk the neighborhood i weekend mornings — too many bikers the park - lack of parking - most aren’t courteous or show proper etiquette to walkers. heres a chuckle for everyone — my iPhone somehow defaulted to a very lo brightness - I thought it was committing suicide so went to Verizon store. Somehow it worked great for them sent home with phone that was “working fine”. Got home again could barely see the screen— did find where to increase brightness (it was on only 10% so moved it 50) I dislike technology.
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