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  1. Awesome review! Glad to hear you had a great time 😄
  2. We were on NA December 7-14. Sorry...cant recall their names but neither my wife or myself cared for the two gentlemen. Music is subjective tho...so your experience may be different Warren
  3. "Blasting", as you call it, is subjective. What you may consider blasting, others may not.
  4. Thanks Dave!! We purchased ours in December on our NA cruise before the change, so it's good to know the older FCD's will be honored.
  5. What an amazing video!! Thank you for all your effort in producing it and sharing it with us. Very much enjoyed watching 😄
  6. We had slippers left the first night in our SS on the NA in December
  7. Basically they give you a store gift card with that amount instead of an OBC now. While I don't book with said big box store either...I can see before where it may have been advantageous...but now not really.
  8. I couldn't agree more. While for me main shows are nice but not necessary, if I want to be entertained I will go to BB Kings. I also very much enjoy not fighting through crowds of loud people participating in some activity on the pool deck. Give me a nice single malt and a book or some friends you can actually have a conversation with and not have to shout, I'm happy and relaxed! There are cruise lines out there for everyone, with as much or as little as you want to do, you just have to find the one that fits "you"
  9. It's interesting that the OP posted this today.... but yet a week ago she posted about it in another thread ... Sounds to me like just someone wanting attention because as she stated "someone who reviews travel" should have known to check fine print on offers before hand.
  10. There are a few of the ports you'll need to do that. You'll be notified onboard for those ports you need to carry your passport off the ship.
  11. We have a couple of FCD's booked under the old system, and like everyone else, are hoping they are honored as intended under contract. I agree they need a better system in place (appointment system) for doing all of this onboard. Oh, and as others have said, I got hard copies of ours delivered to the stateroom while still onboard.
  12. I don't believe there is anywhere pre-cruise you can see this. You can try contacting ship services to see if they can email you ahead of time. Once onboard, menu's for the next day are easier to find
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