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  1. Guess you are clear to book. 🤔
  2. Post #9? This came up alot when the Bears group would cruise Princess 800 strong and take over the aft pool. (Emerald Princess). We have been on a couple of cruises that they were on and believe me it does affect the experience when there are that many. On the Crown in Oct there was a very large wedding party that were able to take over (with the Ships blessing) Club Confusion on several nights as a private party until midnight or so. No others allowed in.
  3. The top of page Medallion thread/sticky are also for asking questions about the Medallion.
  4. Yeah it is awesome. Need to expand it!!
  5. I agree about cleaning the cache etc. Might be a typical Princess website glitch as usual.
  6. This has been going on for at least a couple of years. There is another long thread (every 6 months or so) here on CC about this in the last few months. Tried to find it but the CC search function is bunk. 🙄 We got rid of this card years ago for all the BS and hoops one has to go through to maintain it, the horrendous customer service just to take advantage of so called perks.
  7. Exactly, the same as hotels/airlines/trains/buses/theaters etc etc.
  8. On the Sky TA she was rocking and rolling for quite a few days. A ton of movement. Especially all the way forward. Walking was a challenge much of that time. I was aft in the 700's on Marina deck and it was a lot for me. Had friends forward on Sky deck near the pool. They had a terrible time.
  9. IMO, The same reason you see the same crowd lining up at traditional opening times as well. They already have a table and a time but they still want to be first into the DR. The Island is the only ship we saw between 5:30pm and 8:30pm ATD lines wrapped around the atrium every night of our month long cruise. I felt bad for the HW at the door. There were people screaming at him every night. I blame this directly on the refit, adding 300 plus people to dining venues not designed to handle that much of an increase.
  10. Yes it is still possible. It all depends on the ship. Each ship has their own interpretation.
  11. Although I don't think any of us know for sure. IMO........I think the Crown issues may be similar to CB's.
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