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  1. jules815

    125% FCC

    Yes. And you can do this by logging onto your original reservation and canceling online. I did this last week with laundry and internet packages, and it went right back to my card.
  2. I took the 125% FCC. I received a confirmation email almost immediately. However, the number associated with that email isn't what you use at time of rebooking to get your credit. I rebooked this morning over the phone, and had to give a deposit, just like it's a brand new booking (which it is). Once I receive the certificate (says it could take up to 60 days), I'll be able to apply it to the new reservation. We were originally sailing in April, and now we've pushed it out to October.
  3. Not sure if any of you will know the answer to this question, but here's my situation. We have 2 cruises booked on Seaside for the now canceled sailing on 4/18. 2 different reservations, one is ours and the other belongs to my daughter and a friend. My husband and I will most likely re-book, but my daughter and friend may want to cancel. I paid the balance for both reservations right before the due date on my credit card. If they call to cancel their reservation, can she give them a different card number, or does it have to go back on my card? I've never canceled a cruise before!
  4. So is MSC. They're not sailing for 60 days. 100% refund or 125% FCC. Problem is, when I look forward to rebook, the price on the rooms in the YC has really gone up. I could cry.
  5. We live in the Chicago suburbs. My husband and both of our daughters (the girls live and work in the city) are on mandatory work from home starting today for the next two weeks. I own a pet sitting business, and have been getting texts and calls all morning from clients, same mandatory work from home. For my business, this isn't a good thing. I wish they'd let me still come and take their dogs for a walk. I've had several spring break vacation clients cancel, and I'm anticipating more to come. Our high school swing choir was scheduled to perform at Disney World, and many families were going. My husband and I are scheduled to sail on 4/18 on MSC Seaside in their Yacht Club. We have no plans to cancel, just taking it day by day and waiting to see what happens. We have up to 48 hours before sail date to re-book. Our flights are insured, so we can make changes. (Elderly parents in assisted living, so we never take chances when flying anywhere. Also, we can't visit them for 2 weeks now.)
  6. Sailing on Seaside April 18. No plans to cancel. We always take out the insurance and also, for the past 5 years, we always insure our flights as well. (We have parents in their 90's, so they're always a concern when we travel. They live in assisted living and are well cared for, but you just never know.)
  7. This worries me a little too. Also, our last time on MSC we waited outside for a while in the YC tent before they took us in thru security. Could being out in the heat for a period of time, or even just rushing around, (a hot flash??) cause my temperature to go up? Any medical professionals out there who could weigh in on this?
  8. Currently I'd say no, just because living in the Midwest, we always have to fly, or a several day road trip, to the port. If we were retired and living in Florida, I could very well see us doing a quick weekend getaway for a good price. Around here, people go up to Wisconsin for the weekend all the time. It'd be just like that, only better. 🙂
  9. Got a text from my neighbor last night asking "still planning on going on your cruise?" I told her yes, unless we're told otherwise, no plans to cancel.
  10. We're still cruising on Seaside, mid-April.
  11. Sailing on Seaside in April, again in the YC. My husband and I were just talking about breakfasts on board, and I don't think we ever had breakfast up at the pool. Do they make eggs cooked to order? How about an omelet? We usually have breakfast around 8am. Would I be able to get a bloody Mary or Mimosa up there that early?
  12. Oh yes...the risotto! I seem to remember a truffle risotto that was very good. I'm getting so excited. 🙂
  13. We've sailed on Seaside in YC once, and are going again in April. We've done suite class on X several times and loved it. I'd say the food in YC isn't quite as good as Luminae, but there were some things we liked very much and we certainly never went hungry. The YC pool and bar/grill area is wonderful, and you'll enjoy the YC lounge too. As far as smoking goes, not a smoker, but there were definitely smoking areas on one side of the pool deck, the shaded area with tables. There's also a smoking area outside at the front of the YC lounge. Half of that seating area is for smokers. Enjoy your cruise!
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