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  1. We were on the Crown for the 10-day So. Caribbean Medley earlier this month and saw many, many elderly persons with walkers and scooters on board. I think the idea that's been suggested for electric scooters is a good one to get around the ship, but know that the crew will make every effort to assist with off-boarding at non-tender ports. They will assist for tender access also, but its a little more precarious and I don't know if they can take electric scooters but I saw a woman with a walker who had no trouble at all. But if the waters are rough, may not be a good idea. I also watched (they can change the gangway from "stairs" to a "ramp") them assist a gentleman in a wheelchair off the ship - one attendant at the front and a second at the back VERY CAREFULLY moving him down to the dock. Also, there are excursions specifically designed for "wheelchair accessible" and perhaps a compromise between your mobility and their lack of mobility for an excursion or two so they can join you could be considered?
  2. We were on Granada on 10/13 (a Sunday) and pre-booked a Private Half Day Spicy Tour Experience with Tony of Vision Tours Grenada. It was excellent. Tony met us at the cruise dock terminal and escorted us to the parking area. Unfortunately he was experiencing car/van trouble but had already made arrangements to have Nigel take the 4 of us on our tour in a lovely, comfortable air-conditioned passenger van. Nigel was DELIGHTFUL and a wonderful tour guide - knowledgeable and enthusiastic (yes, we do believe he will one day be Prime Minister of Granada!). Before we took off we determined in what order we wanted to see the areas of our interest (from farthest away to closest since it was a very short port day) and we got to see everything we want to see under Nigel's watchful attention. Not sure how he did it, but we got to every tour stop BEFORE the cruise ship buses arrived so not only was the tour private, but the tours were too!
  3. We just returned from the 10/8-10/18 sailing of the Crown Princess and were on Curacao on Oct. 15 and HIGHLY recommend renting a car with Celistino /Advance Car Rental. He met us just outside the dock security area and escorted us across the street to the car - a very clean 4-door Nissan Sentra (I think). We handed him $75 and he handed us the car key and a cell phone with his contact number already entered and only asked that we give him a 1/2 hr. advance notice when we were returning the car so he could meet us promptly - which he did. The best part was he includes a Garman GPS pre-set with all of the areas of interest to guide you and (most importantly!) one to help you find your way back! Couldn't be easier. He also gives you a map with areas of interest (where to find the turtles, etc.) to help you navigate your way. There is a gas station a few blocks away to fill the tank before you return it - you hand the cash (US $) to the person at the attendant booth and they tell you which pump # to pull up to. If you have money left over, they return the balance. Note to those not familiar with "round-abouts" - very easy to use, just remember to yield to those already in the circle as they have right of way.
  4. Brenlaur, I apologize if I seemed to go off topic, but you mentioned “…or would we be just paying in cash for drinks as we go for every drink, even breakfast beverages?” and I wanted to address that to clarify that other than discretionary gratuities, you won’t be needing to carry cash to pay for beverages. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. Also, be aware that other than discretionary tipping for things like room service, bar service and wait staff at the specialty dining venues, there is no cash used on board for purchases. The bar charges automatically add an 18% gratuity so unless an “extra special” service is received you wish to acknowledge, additional tipping for bar service beverages is not expected. You may be able to write in a tip for room service on the delivery receipt, but as mentioned, it is unlikely that particular server will see the benefit of your generosity if you tip that way since it will go into a shared pool. Otherwise, everything will be charged to your on-board account via either your cruise card or medallion (depending on which ship you are on) for purchases in the ships shops, casino, specialty dining, non-complementary (is that a word?) beverages, ship-purchased excursions, etc.
  6. Sorry to be dense, but if someone could clarify: If I put $100 on a FCD (Oh, say while we're on the Crown on 10/8...) and book a cruise within 2 years, does that FCD cover ALL of the deposit of a future cruise (which otherwise would be a deposit of 10% of the total cruise fare) or do you apply the FCD and make up the difference in deposit out of pocket? If the future cruise booking is a non-refundable deposit and you have to cancel -- is the FCD $100 returned to your "account" to be used at another time (within the 2 years or reimbursed) and you've lost the remainder? Thanks.
  7. I am interested in learning what the differences are (if any) between the Princess Cay “Standard” Cabanas and the Adult Sanctuary Cabanas. I know that the Adult Sanctuary Cabanas are for "over 18" guests and situated in a more secluded location, but is there anything else “special” about them to justify the cost difference? Are the Adult Sanctuary Cabana's larger, do they offer upgraded amenities or level of service for ordering food and beverage, etc.? I don’t mean to start (yet, another) discussion whether anyone feels they are or are not worth the cost (that’s a personal choice to be respected, please). If this has been asked and answered, I apologize but would appreciate any insight.
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