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  1. Thanks everyone... sorry about misspelling dining in the thread it won't let me update at this point. We are not to worried about it. If we end up at the late show it might work just fine. We don't want to rush as many of you mentioned. We will figure it out. It's a vacation after all! Just my wife doesn't like staying up until 11:30pm... neither do I for that matter especially after all the activity, food, and drinks. We like to be up early for B fast etc. Thanks again!
  2. Gotcha, That is what I figured. Does anytime dinning actually start earlier? I am seeing 5:30 some places and 6pm other places? Anyone ever have success moving from 6:15 to anytime once boarding? Not sure if that would help. Thanks everyone for any help!
  3. We have an upcoming cruise on the silhouette and are currently booked for 6:15pm dinner time. How long does dinner take? We typically don't stay up very late and are concerned that we will be falling asleep during the 9pm show lol. I know, I know. Is there any way to eat quickly and still make it to the 7pm show? It sounds like from reading this great forum many people take 1.5 hours to eat in the main dinning room? I know anytime dinning opens earlier at 5:30 however that option is completely booked. Maybe we can talk to someone on embarkation in the dinning room? Thanks for the help & advice!
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