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  1. Here in Wisconsin we have been seeing a rapid decline in case positivity, and yesterday, for the first time in many months we had no COVID related deaths in the State. On the other hand we are just coming out of a prolonged deep freeze and everyone was hunkered down for a good part of this month. Guess it will take a few more weeks to see if the downturn in cases will hold. Schools in our area are open, but a lot of parents are still keeping kids home due to fear. Most other businesses (restaurants, salons etc...) are open and have adapted with new processes & procedures to limit exposure. I'm still holding out hope for our 6/19 cruise on the Mardi-Gras, but I admit my hopes are rapidly dimming now that CCL has cancelled the month of May. I thought the vaccines would turn the tide, but their rollout is not happening as fast as I had thought earlier this year. Oh well, nothing I can do about it except re-book (for the 5th time).
  2. They wouldn't last that long without a govt bailout, and there is no political will for that at this time. You're talking about multi-billion dollar corporations who are collectively burning through over a billion dollars of cash per month with no revenue coming in. Carnival alone has a monthly cash burn of $550m. Most of them have already taken out loans and/or diluted their stock in order to raise cash. Some of the lines CEO's have put on a brave face stating they can go the rest of this year without sailing, but that optimism is just for consumption by the general public. Would you book a future cruise on a line that admitted they were in financial trouble? Behind closed doors it's whole different ball game. They are in survival mode. They need to start generating revenue soon, or bankruptcy looms for some of them. Personally, I believe this June or July will be the tipping point (IMHO).
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