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  1. Yes I believe that is the case but thank you I will check that.
  2. Thank you so much for all the replies. We can't claim through our credit card as we dealt with a Travel Agent and that's classed as not dealing directly with the supplier and makes it inadmissable.
  3. We were booked on two cruises for 2020 and cancelled them in April having paid just the deposit. We were initially told 90 days for t he refund of our deposit. We are still waiting - is anyone else having these problems getting their refunds. We understood the situation at the time as obviously there was an unprecedented amount to be done. Now we are beginning to wonder if we will ever get our money back. Our travel agent keeps contacting Princess who keep extending the time and they now say middle of September. Would be very interested in what is happening to others. Thank you.
  4. Thank you so much for the great photos. Much appreciated.
  5. Thank you for your help. I should have said "has anyone stayed on the "REGAL" not the Grand. It's the differences between the aft corner suites on the different decks on Regal I am interested. A and C seem to be more of a strip but R, B and D are deeper - am I right? Hopefully someone out there may have had chance to see the differences. Thank you.
  6. We have been changed from Grand to Regal Princess next year. We had D736 on Grand and have been give A734 on Regal. It seems to be an upgrade but the balcony seems to be smaller on A deck than on D Deck on the Grand. Has anyone stayed on Grand Princess and could tell us if the balconies on the aft corners vary as my research seems to show a huge variance in sizes. Many thanks
  7. We are thinking of booking Vista suite A726 on Island Princess. We have a few questions we wondered if anyone could help with please. Firstly is there any noise issues as the "Camp Discovery Youth Center" is nearby and can anyone confirm that although on the side this cabin has a wrap around balcony to the aft. Any other information about this cabin or it's situation would be very welcome.
  8. We are looking at an aft suite on P & O Arcadia. We have not done P & O before only Princess and Celebrity. Has anyone been in an aft suite on P & O and also experienced Princess or Celebrity aft suites to give us an opinion on the differences. Also what suite enhancements there are with P & O - any different dining or free laundry perks? Also can anyone tell us if there is a difference between the sizes of the suites/balconies on the corner suites on Deck C and D which we are interested in. Any information on P & O that you think might be useful would be greatly appr
  9. Thanks everyone great help. Live not far from Southampton so don't need to walk around it - would rather enjoy the ship - that's why we cruise - the ship life is wonderful.
  10. I have read that in the USA you have to leave the ship and go through security again between the back to back cruises. Do you have to do this in Southampton or do the UK have different rules? We hoped just to use the ship and not leave in between cruises. We are changing cabins so obviously will not be in our cabins as we know they will need to clean etc but will find somewhere on board to hang out until our new cabin is ready. This is our first back to back and so are not sure what really happens - any tips will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
  11. We used the laundry service on Crown Princess on a transatlantic cruise and had no issues at all. Sent blouses, shirts, trousers etc and were back next day all pressed and ready to go - great extra for suite passengers - make the most of it.
  12. Thanks for all your help. We will make sure our cruises are linked.
  13. Thanks. Hoped that as we were on the same ship and it was back to back we might be able to carry it over.
  14. We are going on back to back cruises next summer on Crown Princess. We have on board spend for both cruises and wondered if anyone can tell me if our on board spend credit could be rolled over to the second cruise if we have any left. We have more credit for the first cruise but it's only a 7 day cruise and our second cruise is longer and so it would be useful to spread the credit over to the second one. Hope that all makes sense. Thanks for any help.
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