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  1. To be completly honest, I would happily take 100$ obc instead of Ocean Cay. The island look pretty unfinished, the YC area isn't ready at all... and the price list for things to do there is egregious. We'll see !
  2. I'm on the Seaside supposedly stopping at OceanCay on Nov. 15, so far no news have been given regarding cancellation.
  3. Thanks for the info Todd, did you guys talked about the champagne situation ?
  4. MSC does not promise anything regarding what drinks and extra are included in the YC, except for the vague langage on the website regarding drinks. It is a safe bet that most drinks will be included similar to the premium package. For little extras, such as Champagne, gelato, crepes and what not, my attitude is to wait and see. Since none of it is in writing, they are free to alter what is actually included up to your sailing date, and previous experiences might not reflect the practices you'll find onboard.
  5. Does anyone know if you get the upgrade email if you booked with non-usa (french in this case) MSC ? Is there anyone to talk to in port or once onboard (we are YC inside, looking to either split to 2 cabins or upgrade to outside) if no email is received ?
  6. That's good to know, thank you ! Maybe to replicate the lack of shade some have complained about in their reviews of the YC pool deck ? 😂
  7. I have a november cruise on seaside (will be there shortly after Beamafar) and My Reservation is showing "Yacht club Cabanas" for 450 euros, with "water and fruit skewers and 4 beach mats". Sounds like an horrible deal. They are also offering beverage packages and food packages, I was under the impression that this would have been included. Will report after visiting !
  8. Hello, We just booked on the Seaside in november in YC and I found this forum looking for info. I find it a bit irritating that MSC is so obscure on this subject There's just nothing on this anywhere on their website. I have read trough pretty much this whole thread and I'm still faily confused. Here are a few questions : - Is Champagne still included in the TSL ? Some have reported yes (Nicolas Feuillante), some have said they had to argue for it because they were grandfathered (from some older package which I guess that doesn't apply to me). - I gather from this thread that drinks under 14$ are included elsewhere in the ship. From the menu posted, what happens with drinks from the "connaisseur" menu that are under this price ? - When getting drinks outside the YC, how does it work ? Is it up to the waiter to inform you which drinks are included ? Do you have to ask each time if a drink is included ? Do you just give your card and hope for the best for when the bill arrives ? - MSC says YC gets "free room-service", but the language is ambiguous as wether that includes just food that is already free on the room service menu (say, the continetal breakfast) or all food from the room service menu ? Sorry for the newbee questions, thanks for your help !
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