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  1. Hi Jazzbeau, you are very welcome and I enjoyed the opportunity. If anyone wonders if I read the Windstar Board, I do. Almost every day. And everyone at Windstar appreciates and cares about the honest feedback posted.
  2. Thanks for the many suggestions. We also survey our guests three times a year and run various options by them like an all-inclusive option and work hard to offer what we hear from the majority of our guests.
  3. Yes, this is a high priority for us and we’ve invested more than $500K in the last year on this and next year our bandwidth will triple offering much greater speed. Wind Surf has been the most challenging because the masts and rigging can interfere with the satellite signal so we added a second satellite receiver earlier this year to provide greater coverage. Thanks for the feedback; we’re also updating our wine selections and trying to add more local options.
  4. No plans for a river cruise product at this time but I agree our style of 180 Degrees from Ordinary cruising would do well on the rivers
  5. I work with a great team of dedicated colleagues in Seattle who are working very hard to improve the guest experience on and off our ships and I’m proud of the progress we’re making. I’m sorry your agent is having difficulty; if you ask her to contact her Regional Sales Manager and put her them in touch with me I’d like to learn more about what we could go better.
  6. Yes, and we’ve made a lot of progress on this front, especially in the United Kingdom where we sell now in GPB, and Australia. In both markets we’re also leveraging Virtuoso to help add new travel professional partners who can sell us. We’re a small cruise line, but working to expand our global guest support.
  7. As you probably know, we’ve added a lot of Southeast Asia the last couple years and have new options next year in Indonesia. We’re always looking for new itineraries and new ports so you can expect to see more new choices in 2021 and beyond.
  8. Thanks for your loyalty and glad to hear we’ve become your cruise line of choice! The crew really are amazing. Good question on the sailing ship engines. They actually already burn lower sulfur fuel and have forever, so no need or plans to change these engines. Plus, on average, we get about a 35% fuel efficiency from the sails helping us reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Enjoy your November cruise!
  9. Those are both terrific ports and two of my favorites. We keep checking in on them and so far their infrastructure hasn’t been repaired from the hurricanes a couple years ago. We will add them back when we can.
  10. We’ve been working on enhancements to our past guest loyalty program that will definitely offer richer rewards, especially with more cruise nights. Stay tuned – we should be announcing this before the end of the year.
  11. First of all, thank you for your loyalty! Twenty-five cruises is a lot! The sailing ships are indeed very special and we are always looking at options to grow, so stay tuned. What country are your friends from? They should be able to get answers. I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties getting information. We have great partners we work with in Australia and Europe and most travel agents in these countries can help. And we’re always working on improving things and have made a lot of progress in the three years I’ve been at Windstar. And we should be announcing a new loyalty program before the end of the year.
  12. We do offer sailings from time to time with a reduced or a waived single supplement. Keep checking as I expect we’ll have some this winter.
  13. We’re working on itineraries for early 2022 right now we do plan to add two new itineraries in South America. We should have them open and published by the end of the year. Thank you for the kind words. Our crew is the heart of Windstar and they do a fantastic job for us and I feel very fortunate to work alongside them! I’m glad you’re trying one of the ships post Star Plus and I think you’ll love all the enhancements. We are looking at some South America options in January of 2022.
  14. We’re working on our fall of 2021 itineraries right now and are looking at a Bermuda itinerary out of New York. Stay tuned!
  15. We are looking at upgrading our tequila menu with our Star Plus initiative, particularly with the new Cuadro 44 Tapas Restaurant and we’re even looking at adding some premium Mezcals. But honestly we won’t have them for next month.
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