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  1. I love to cruise and I love Celebrity. On my list - Equinox 12 night New Orleans & Mexico - February 2021 Bermuda Panama Canal Transatlantic South America and Antarctica as a B2B
  2. We are just off Infinity this morning (3/9/2020). 4 night out of Miami. Enjoyed the ship & cruise. Crew was wonderful. Food was excellent. My last cruises have been on Equinox and Eclipse. This trip reminded me of how much I enjoy the ships such as Infinity. One of many reasons that we like Celebrity is that their ships have always seemed cleaner than others with a much bigger staff presence. Purell stations have always been present and crew have been at the buffet restaurant entrances with Purell as well. No different on this cruise - same high level of Purell availability. This cruise the crew seemed to be washing the hand rails much more frequently. The hall around our cabin - deck 7 port forward - the cabin stewards were constantly washing down the hand rails with a disinfecting solution more so than I recall on past cruises. I recall on prior cruises that the rails would be wiped down. This was different in that they constantly had buckets of solution around and were using color coded cloths and getting the rails heavily coated with solution and letting it sit before wiping off. Our observation - We felt that the ship felt quiet and a bit empty even though we were told that the ship was full (I would not expect the crew to say anything different).
  3. We leave out of Miami on this cruise this Thursday (3/5). Heard this afternoon about our Move Up Bids ( detailed above). We did not get either bid. Totally ok with it as this was a last minute cruise and a heck of a deal with perks and price.
  4. We have a short cruise out of Miami in March. We will definitely be on it and will visit the Future Cruise desk to book more cruise trips!
  5. Have not done a cruise the actual week of Christmas. Did one the week of Thanksgiving and really enjoyed it. I do not recall any special events or activities but they(Celebrity) did have a turkey dinner on the menu for Thanksgiving day - it was delicious (more so because I did not have to prepare/cook/clean). Have done a few cruises between Thanksgiving and Christmas - one of my favorite times to cruise. The ship(s) are decorated for the holidays. There is a happy & festive vibe.
  6. We were on Eclipse for the Coastal California cruise back in November. Port intensive cruise so we opted for an inside guarantee. We were incredibly pleased with the cabin they assigned. We were on Deck 9 (so sorry I do not recall the exact cabin number). Loved the location. The cabin was large - larger than any inside cabin we have had before. We slept really well - cool & dark. We have been sailing in either Aqua or Concierge the last few cruises. We forgot how much we like an inside cabin. Going on a quick cruise in March on Infinity. Chose the inside guarantee. They have assigned us a cabin on Deck 7 - looks good to us. We made some bids with the move up program but we are perfectly happy with the inside cabin.
  7. We went on a tour through the cruise line when we were in Barbados. There seemed to be a good amount of private guides around the terminal. We enjoyed the tour of the George Washington House and then a bus tour around part of the island. The GW house was interesting.
  8. We ran into this problem on our last Equinox cruise. On that cruise we were in a Concierge cabin and we are Elite with Captain Club so I emailed several times (3 in total) about reservations for specialty dining. Never heard back from anyone until an email came through while we were on the ship. By this time we had made a visit to the dining room and were able to make a reservation for Tuscan. I mention this because we are taking a cruise on Infinity in March. Had the same issue with specialty dining - all that was available was 9pm. I emailed and this time I politely & diplomatically mentioned that I was disappointed with how my emails were handled on the prior cruise. Voila! I received a phone call within 48 hours and they had availability at Tuscan on the first night of the cruise at a decent time. Not sure if they block some times but it might be worth an email or call with your request(s).
  9. We did Le Petit Chef at Qsine last time we were on Infinity. It was fun/cute. I would consider it to be more gimmicky than romantic. Good points - about Tuscan and Le Petit Chef. We have had some great meals at Tuscan and some "so-so" meals at Tuscan.
  10. My first cruise was June 1994 on The Norway. Eastern Caribbean itinerary. It was a grand old ship. I loved it and have been hooked on cruising since. One thing I always remember about the cruise were the daily newspaper synopsis we would receive.It was a two sided piece of paper with very brief news stories. We were on the cruise the week Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found murdered. Each day there was a write up about - Oj Simpson's Ex Wife Found Murdered. Being out at sea and knowing nothing about was going on in "the real world" we did not understand why this was newsworthy day after day after - sure it was sad and sure OJ was a spots figure but everyday? Little did we know..... 1994 does not seem that long ago but the world has changed so much. Now when on a cruise you are not out of touch with the world - good and bad.
  11. Thank you - great to know! Nothing against the travel agent I use but sometimes it is nice to have options.
  12. Thank you for all of the helpful comments. Question - when booking on board I thought the new booking automatically was assigned to the travel agent who booked the current cruise. Appears this is not the case? Is it something you must mention to the future cruise representative?
  13. I am sure this topic is covered somewhere on this board. For whatever reason I have trouble searching on Cruise Critic - my searches just spin & spin. Looking for tips and practices on how to get the best deal on a cruise. If this is discussed elsewhere would someone be so kind as to point me in the right direction. If you would like to share here I am trying to get a handle on how best to book. Typically I book last minute and pay in full at time of booking because we are usually less than 90 days to sailing. I booked one time at the Future Cruise desk and had to cancel the cruise. Do you... - Book at Future Cruise desk for cruises far off? - How do you reprice the cruise? I know call Celebrity or TA but is it a whole new booking so you consider price and perks? - Do you look at cruise prices every day? - Celebrity pricing seems to be all over the place but is Celebrity predictable with their specials ( ie 4 perks included can be expected to show up _____) I am keeping my eye on a 12 night Equinox cruise February 2021 because it visits New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Found a pretty nice price online with my TA site. Wondering if I should wait until I am on Infinity in March to book b/c of the extra OBC or should I book now to hold a spot and see what happens with prices? Thanks!
  14. We were on the same cruise. I always enjoy having Key West on the itinerary but was less than thrilled with having to present to customs early in the morning. When it happened it made sense but it was not anything I had considered when booking the trip. I have made a note of this and now look to see where Key West falls during the trip. Next cruise is in March on Infinity out of Miami. First stop is Key West so there will be no need to present to customs since we will only have traveled from Miami to Key West.
  15. I always enjoy a day in Key West. It is a nice place to explore on your own. A few weeks ago we were on Equinox with a stop in Key West. Going again on Infinity in March. As a Floridian I love going to Key West but do not like the drive there so a port visit is a nice way to visit. For the OP question - I would pick the itinerary with Key West and Bahamas. I would pick Equinox over Infinity mainly because I prefer Ft Lauderdale over Miami but it is not a deal breaker.
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