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  1. Thank you! I have thought more on the lines of Cozumel...her fear is not seeing land, being in water, she cant swim. So only reason i thought Bahamas was no sea day, even though I wanted her to see, it's really ok..you arent on a row boat...you will be fine. So...just trying to find a good medium for her. I want 1 sea day so she can relax and not feel a cruise seems like a rush-rush to ports each day. Bless her heart..we go to Outer Banks for 20+years and she can go in the water and loves the beach...but she knows land is right there.
  2. Good to know!! Thank you! Latest I have traveled is April 10th , so just wanted insight on May and June!
  3. Thank you! I think I will look at May sailing: )
  4. @Joebucks, I thought of that too, just want her to like it!
  5. Boarding out of Florida and She isnt much on spending all day in the sun, but my step dad loves it. We spend a week in the summertime at OBX every year as a family tradition for past 21 years...so we all love the beach. I'm not too concerned about port excursions, so to speak..I want her to feel comfortable on the (boat). I would like for her to see a port, incase it's her last cruise. 😕
  6. Hi everyone! I'm looking to book my mom and stepdad on their first cruise! I dont want it to be washout with Rain.( I hear its rains quite a bit those two months) I have never cruised in either of those months so idk. Her bday is June 20th but if It is a rainy month I would take them in May. I took my boys on their first one for XMas and they loved it, so if my mom does too, we are booking big family xmas cruise. So insight on weather for those two months and if it's best to do Western Caribbean or Bahamas ( weather reasons ). TIA
  7. I understand! Well Enjoy and I know you guys have a fantastic experience!
  8. @bburk00. OMG! How horrible! I hope You kept on them and contacted someone for compensation! See, I just feel when you offer the very low price Carnival gives, you get low crap like that on the ship. That is so sad for you and your family! I hope you have a fantastic time and please let me know how you like Royal! I'm sure your son will love it! My boys did! 😊
  9. We are aware of Spring break in March, not a concern to us, we have traveled during that time before. We are all COKE lovers, so Pepsi products are another X on the list. Ugh... Not that will deter from final decisions but when one of the drinks of choice is Jack and Coke...kinda hard to get same taste 😂. Anyway, your feedback has been amazing! We dont want "nickle and dime" situations. We thought the perks offered on NCL were great. But if you are paying more on cruise for activities kinda defeating purpose of perks and taking into Consideration cost of cruise for all inclusive ( besides drinks ).
  10. Yes @Wordell1, that is our concerns as well. I think we have eliminated Carnival, we just dont feel comfortable taking one of their ships...more negatives than positives, maybe that is why they can afford lower cost cruise deals, they know bad reputatreputation has gotten the best of them. They need to keep people coming somehow. Idk. Just thinking is not for us.
  11. Thank you everyone!! Girls and I still comparing. Food and relaxation are biggest points for us all. Looking to sail in March. We dont want a pricey ship line. So pen and paper are hitting comparison notes right now. Thank you for all your feedback! It has really helped us!
  12. I guess the fact Carnival cruise lines is always in the news for one thing or another more than any other and incidents on their ships, their management system worries me and the hear say of others that have been on there during Incidents and how they were handled and they just seem to care more for money than passengers safety and opinions. Their dumping of plastics in the ocean ( I am a ocean lover of sea animals ) and the fact of other "matter" being dumped in other locations. The probation period they have been on due to their falsifying audits just worries me alot. I am definately open to explore all options! I wont discount any of them...but I'm just Leary of Carnival, just thru news media,close friends opinions and some thru cruise critic. I guess I do need to find out for myself which cruise lines fit my taste.
  13. Wow! Thank you guys! Carnival does have the price point that is better and I guess I cant discount it. I haven't tried Celebrity or MSC either. I was always curious of NCL, but again heard food didnt live up to expectations and felt they wanted what they paid for. They felt cruise price was on higher end and food was so-so.
  14. Thank you @Heatherco! We are in much debate at the moment...lol We all love fun and sun, not full on day and night drinkers...just casual girl fun and relax! Trying to pinpoint best itinerary, food and price. 5 day is perfect for us. ( age group 45-50 )
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